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Ever wonder what it’s like to run for the Senate as a Democrat in Oklahoma? According to Brad Carson, there’s a downside. For one thing, you get invited to Churches to address the question, “How Would Jesus Vote?” And if you have the temerity to accept the offer, here’s how you’re treated:

As I arrived at the church, my wife and I were given the church bulletin, which outlined the weekly selection of hymns and Bible readings. On the back of the bulletin, atop the blank space reserved for copious note-taking during the sermon, was the heading: “wwjv? pro-life or pro-death?” (I favored the partial-birth abortion ban but opposed overturning Roe v. Wade.) In the sanctuary, a 20-by-20-foot depiction of a fetus looked down upon the assembled throng from a projection screen. Superimposed upon the unsettling image–which morphed to show the fetus in various stages of gestation–was fact after fact about abortions in America.

After the morning rituals, the pastor called me to the stage, and we engaged in a lengthy discussion about abortion, homosexuality, “liberal judges,” and other controversial matters. After leaving the stage, I rejoined the congregation, and the pastor launched into an attack on the “pro-choice terrorists,” who were, to his mind, far more dangerous than Al Qaeda.

Read the whole thing, it gets worse. We owe Brad Carson a debt of gratitude for his efforts, even though they weren’t successful.

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