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Goddamn Furriners


Via Kos, a must-read survey of foreign opinion on Bush-Kerry:

Canada: Kerry 60, Bush 20
France: Kerry 72, Bush 16
UK: Kerry 50, Bush 22
Spain: Kerry 58, Bush 13
Russia: Bush 52, Kerry 48
Japan: Kerry 51, Bush 30
Australia: Kerry 54, Bush 28
Mexico: Kerry 55, Bush 20
Israel: Bush 50, Kerry 24
South Korea: Kerry 68, Bush 18

Check out the rest of the survey. Odd that an administration which talks so much about freedom and democracy manages to inspire such hatred from free and democratic countries around the world. Also odd that the biggest support (outside of Israel, which I’ll grant a pass) for Bush is in Russia, which is currently skipping towards dictatorship. I guess that the Russians think Bush and Putin have a lot in common.

There is no way to spin this for the right; the only answer is to bitterly resent foreigners.

UPDATE: The data on “US role as a world leader” are particularly interesting; everybody but France, Russia, and Spain has large majorities supporting a US leadership role. I understand Russia and France; why Spain?

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