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Yeah, but he’s only the President


Mark Kleiman is the first person I’ve seen to make this rather crucial point:

Wouldn’t it be astonishing if a major news organization turned out to have been as foolishly credulous about documents “proving” what some people in it wanted to believe about George W. Bush’s National Guard record as the Bush Administration was about documents “proving” Iraqi uranium purchases?

In my view, any organization that acts so foolishly needs a complete change of leadership.

Unfortunately, I don’t get to vote for the President of CBS News.

Hmm, yes, it is strange that being snookered by forged documents for a newsmagazine story is worthy of dozens of posts about “Rathergate,” but we should support an Administration that was snookered by documents in the context of advocating a war. Personally, I’m more worried about competence in the White House than at 60 Minutes II…

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