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Worst opening ever?


At some point in my life, I was mildly amused by some scenes in a National Lampoon movie, the one with Chevy Chase. I can’t speak for most of their releases, except to say that they look pretty bad. Still, the previews for the new one make Van Wilder look like Citizen Kane, except better. Anyway, this film’s opening looks like it might be one of the worst performances for a national release in a while. In addition to failing to get a single positive review (including Joel Seigel and the bowtie dude!), it opened on over a thousand screens and generated….400 dollars per screen. To put that in perspective,Garfield: The Movie is in its 15th week of national release. It got 500 dollars per screen this weekend.

Anyway, this got me wondering what the records for worst box office for wide release films are, and if that information is available somewhere. My computer is just to slow to do a lot of exploratory googling.

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