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Even my dreams are square


This little item from Kos is interesting, and gives me an excuse to relate a dream I recently. In the dream, I was lazing about the house one morning, and turned on CNN. So far, the dream is dogme-95 realism–it went down as it actually does, many days, except I’d probably watch FNC, not CNN. Anyway, they cut to a live joint press conference being held by Chafee, Olympia Snowe, Susan Collins, and John McCain. They announced (politely taking turns reading different sections of their prepared remarks) that because of Bush’s reckless incompetence and the parties rightward dominance, they were leaving the GOP and joining Jeffords as Independents who causus with the Democrats. The talking heads immediately started going on about how much this hurts Bush, how this changes the electoral situation in Arizona, and how this signals a coming civil war in the GOP, and which Democrats were going to get what committee chairs. It was all completely realistic (usually I know I’m dreaming, and in this case I had no idea) and I was both relieved and delighted.

Then I woke up.

Of the four, Chafee’s the most likely defector. I can’t fathom what he thinks he’s waiting for.

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