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The Stench of Desperation


Via Josh Marshall, the Illinois GOP is apparently considering a drastic option to counter the Obama juggernaut in the Senatorial campaign. That’s right, you guessed it: Alan Keyes. Pure electoral gold, right there.

I can’t really take this seriously. I’ve heard a few people suggest the GOP is in worse shape than usual in this solidly blue state, what with their surfeit if politicians named Ryan hell-bent on humiliating the party. But if they think a little corruption and sexual, um, adventurousness are embarrassing, they don’t know Alan Keyes.

Keyes on tax policy:

The income tax is a slave tax – inherently incompatible with freedom. Abolishing it is therefore not just economically feasible, it is a moral imperative if we are to meet our obligation to bequeath liberty to future generations.

Which might lead one to think he’s a Badnarik style libertarian. Think again. Keyes on Free Speech:

“But it is worth remembering that when serious and sustained attempts to undermine public opinion on a matter genuinely essential to national life cannot be resisted by other means, governmental action may be necessary. For governmental action is also the action of a free people. Such was the case, despite all the continuing petulant complaints of superficial ‘civil libertarians,’ when President Lincoln was obliged to suppress rebellion in some northern citizens (some of whom happened to be newspaper editors), so that the rebellion of many more southern citizens could be effectively ended, and our great Civil War to maintain the Union brought to a victorious conclusion.”

What seditious speech drives Keyes to such extremes? An anti-war comic strip by Ted Rall.

Somehow, I don’t think a tax cut jihadist and aspiring theocrat is what the fine people of Illinois are looking for. Seriously, the Illinois GOP would be much smarter to let Obama run unopposed and put their resources into winnable races.

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