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Thank God


Let me just say that ever since I said to leave Kerry alone and not worry about the VP pick, I’ve slowly become less and less confident I was right to suggest we trust him. I fully expected the words “It’s Gephardt” to appear on my computer as I booted up, and I wasn’t looking forward to it. Good job Kerry on making a sound choice–perhaps, from how I see it, the best choice.

And I’m now even more convinced than I was before that the whole personal comfort level angle was so much SCLM spin.

Now: Let’s hope the VP bounce, followed by the Convention bounce, scare the Bush people so much they push the panic button and do something stupid.

Kos links to this story in the Moonie Times. I suspect Dowd is trying to plant the seeds for some bad press for the Democrats, by creating unreasonable expectations–a 15 point bounce in the polls seems pretty unlikely to me, even if a) the story is right that this is average challenger VP bounce since 1976 (I have not particular reason to believe it’s wrong, except that this is the Moonie Times, and they’re rather allergic to accuracy), and b) Edwards is a stronger-than-average VP candidate. Why? Simple: The number of undecided voters is much, much lower this year than it is in most presidential elections.

UPDATE II: Edwards has one major weakness–a lack of foreign policy gravitas. I think his strengths more than make up for this, but I’d still like to see Wes Clark or someone similar working closely with the campaign as part of a de facto shadow cabinet, along the lines of what Kos suggested a while back.

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