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History’s Greatest Monsters


The Poorman offers an astute list of Hollywood’s worst directors. Definitely a fine collection of choices. My few additions/quibbles:

1)I think his initial instincts were the best. I actually liked Requiem for a Dream, and while Stone is a godawful writer he’s a competent enough director. (Although I’m certainly not going to complain much about the auteur of Natural Born Killers being on any worst of anything list.)

2)I’d replace Van Peebles with Simon West. I haven’t seen Badass yet, but I’d watch New Jack City a thousand times before I saw Con Air again once.

3)I’m not sure if Richard Linklater literally belongs in the top 10, but if “pretension-to-achievement ratio” is part of the criteria, he’d be pushing Smith himself.

4)My first instinct upon seeing Singleton is to remember that Boyz in the Hood was OK despite the Stone-calibre misogyny. But then I remember that I saw Higher Learning in the theatres, which makes me wonder why he doesn’t have a higher rank.

5)While seeing a preview for Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, a co-blogger said “at least, after this nobody will defend Kevin Smith.” Were that the universe was that rational…

6)I propose a Lawyers, Guns and Money Lifetime Non-Achievement Award to Arthur Hiller.

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