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On August 2, 1995, California agents raided an apartment complex in El Monte, California, freeing 72 Thai immigrants forced to work in an illegal sweatshop. This case demonstrated the labor trafficking that still goes on in the United States, even today, and also the fact that while we may think of American sweatshops as a […]
Five years after Rana Plaza, basically nothing has changed for south and southeast Asian sweatshop workers. American consumers effectively don’t care. The left doesn’t actually take trade policy seriously except for knee-jerk rejections of trade agreements. I oppose most of those agreements too, but to reform this system, the left has to have actual, concrete […]
At least one person investigating labor conditions at the Chinese sweatshops for the Ivanka Trump brand has been detained by the state. A labor activist who had been working undercover at a Chinese factory that makes shoes for Ivanka Trump and other brands has been detained by the police, as concerns rise over a crackdown […]

Sue the Sweatshops

On May 30, 2017

Canada slightly improves in my esteem after its ketchup-related crimes by moving in a very positive direction on holding its corporations accountable for sweatshop labor overseas. Many countries do no

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