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Some notes from yesterday: As noted in several places, French fighter aircraft appear to have taken the lead in attacking Libyan armor approaching Benghazi. This apparently happened before the air defense suppression attacks launched by the United States.  Gutsy. US enforcement of the no fly zone appears to be of the maximalist variant.  Libyan air […]

On Libya

On March 19, 2011

Posted these basic thoughts on twitter a few hours ago, but they deserve a little development. I really hope that things go super awesome in the new war in Libya. I hope that the rebels win, and I rea

Libya Updates

In Robert Farley
On March 7, 2011
It’s a day old and so probably outdated in some respects, but see this good update from Juan Cole on the civil war in Libya. See also this report that the United States may have asked the Saudis to airlift weapons to the Libyan rebels in Benghazi, and that the US may be lending some […]
There’s a lot of interesting stuff out on the utility of a no fly zone over Libya; I’d recommend Spencer, David Axe, Adam Elkus, and Magnus to start. The operational details are actually pretty important, because the political impact of any effort to enforce a no fly zone depends on decisions to pre-emptively suppress the […]
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