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Because They Can.

In Charli Carpenter
On February 4, 2010
Why do repressive regimes sign the Torture Convention when they don’t plan to comply with it? At the Monkey Cage, Erik Voeten has a round-up of some conventional answers and calls attention to a novel explanation just out as a working paper from NYU. [cross-posted at Duck of Minerva] Share
American neoconservatives tend to get hostile when you make the point that every country has its neocons. The response typically runs something like this: How can you possibly compare me with those Russians/Chinese/Iranians? Don’t you understand that I cloak my hawkish right wing nationalism behind a thin veneer of concern for human rights!?!? Neocons also […]

Plebiscitarianism run amok

On November 3, 2009

In the process of voting, I find myself pondering “King County Charter Amendment #1: Repeal of Section 350.20.30 and Portions of Article 9 – Transitory Provisions” Here’s the t

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