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This is the grave of Herbert Hoover. As the semester ends, I am overloaded with grading, so I don’t have time to provide a full biography of Hoover. It’s easy enough to look up. But a few general points to spur conversation: 1) Two things I will always cherish about Hoover’s early years. First, he’s […]
On May 17, 1933, Rep. Robert Houghton, a North Carolina Democrat, introduced H.R. 5755 into the House. This would become the National Industrial Recovery Act, the first comprehensive attempt to fix the economy of the Great Depression through national planning. While deeply flawed, the NIRA not only was a critical early response to the Depression, […]
I really object to this analysis that calls Sullivan’s Travels “reactionary” toward the poor and poverty. Evidently the writer actually wanted to see “Oh Brother Where Art Thou” or that film Sullivan shows at the movie’s beginning about capital and labor fighting and dying on the train. What Preston Sturges did was make the depiction […]

The Left Front

On February 15, 2015

Last weekend I was in New York for the Jason Isbell show (which I did not think was all that good. As much as I like his songs, playing 8 straight quiet acoustic songs in a big theater does not make f

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