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On September 24, 2018
Above: Lakers Hall of Fame center Donald J. Trump It’s a real wonder this nation is falling apart. A photoshopped picture depicting Trump rescuing people during Hurricane Florence has been shared 275,000 times on Facebook. The original is from Texas flooding in 2015. pic.twitter.com/woWuPuqSSy — Kevin Roose (@kevinroose) September 24, 2018 Imagine if Facebook head […]
Some colleagues suggested my earlier blialogue with my husband about the socio-political implications of Facebook’s ever-changing architecture would be more entertaining in video format. Also, I was further galvanized to speak out about the perils of MarkZism when I learned on Saturday that someone I love has apparently committed a Facebook suicide. So, I played […]
Dan Yoder is leaving Facebook, and implores us to “join him.” He has almost a dozen reasons why. Some of them are even good reasons. He’s not alone. And more and more of us, disenchanted, disenfranchised Facebookers know it. But here’s the rub, Dan. A lot of us can’t just decide to “leave” without having […]
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