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On Fish and CSAs

In General
On May 6, 2012
A couple of interesting Grist pieces on food, both worth commenting so I’ll just combine them. First, as we decimate the world’s large fish stocks in order to satisfy our unquenchable desire for fish, we often hear that eating smaller fish is an answer. But this is pretty unlikely in reality. First, Julia Whitty over […]
I don’t agree with all of James McWilliams’ attack on localized agriculture, but it is useful correction to the fawning deification of Michael Pollan, backyard chickens, grass-fed beef, etc. All of those things have their very important qualities, but if we are really serious about creating more environmentally-sustainable food without cutting back on meat consumption […]
Every election cycle brings back the fetishizing of the increasingly non-existent family farm. When combined with the Republican ardor for bombing brown people who could potentially have weapons of mass destruction, I think it is a public service to remind ourselves of how our family farmers can protect themselves from nuclear attack. From 1965. Share


On January 15, 2012

California ranchers are unhappy that the federal government wants to replace branding cattle with electronic chips placed in cattle’s ears. The chips make a lot of sense on many levels. It’

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