Another interesting post by Cass Sunstein, guest-blogging at Volokh. I think his insight is correct and very useful. It becomes particularly clear if you look at a constitutional system like Britain, where there are unwritten norms with clear constitutional force, such as the non-confidence vote. The Basic Laws of Israel are another good example of what […]
Reluctant as I am to disagree with both Atrios and my co-bloggers, I think Yglesias is pretty clearly right here: …as I’ve been discovering, Washington insiders not on the AFL-CIO payroll don’t like Gephardt either. He’s the congressional leader who congressmen don’t like; the labor ally who union members don’t like; the insider who insiders don’t […]

Cope India

In Robert Farley
On June 23, 2004
Interesting report flew by on the New York Times: The success of the Indian air force against American fighter planes in a recent exercise suggests other countries may soon be able to threaten U.S. military dominance of the skies, a top Air Force general said Wednesday. “We may not be as far ahead of the rest […]
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