Author: Scott Lemieux

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Another lame gimmick, another bellyflop: James O’Keefe is a celebrated right-wing pseudo-journalist whose job consists largely of attempting to prove various conservative conspiracy theories but, instead, accidentally disproving them. O’Keefe’s most recent fail is an attempt to help alleged child molester Roy Moore by tarnishing the Washington Post. O’Keefe recruited a fake source, who attempted […]
According to Duncan, Obama will be remembered by historians as a bad president: Obama Was Bad Second term Obama was better. Once upon a time I was on various left wing conspiracy email lists (I am not on any of them now. None. In part because I unsubscribed and in part because this sucky blog […]

Fire Joe Morgan

On November 24, 2017

Joe Morgan, now vice-chairman of the Hall of Fame’s Board of Directors, is the latest to make the assertion that different standards should be applied to players from the 90s than players from a

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