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Trump: Jews who vote for Democrats are disloyal


President Trump on Tuesday suggested that Jewish people who vote for Democrats are either ignorant or disloyal as he railed against two congresswomen who have been critical of the U.S.-Israel alliance.

“I think Jewish people that vote for a Democrat — I think it shows either a total lack of knowledge or great disloyalty,” Trump told reporters during an Oval Office meeting with the president of Romania.

Even here, our worthless media can’t do accurate reporting: Trump didn’t “suggest” this, he said this. “Suggest” suggests some sort of ambiguity or nuance in his statement. Trump said Jews who vote for Democrats are disloyal. Is it so hard to write that sentence?

UPDATE: Check this out: Commenter MIJ wrote to The Hill’s editor, (see MIJ’s comment in the thread) asking the publication not to use weasel words about completely unambiguous statements, and the editor replied that they were changing “suggest” to “said.”

Yay LGM!

And disloyal to who, readers might reasonably ask? Will anyone in a position to do so ask him?

Just imagine if Obama . . . forget it Jake.

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