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In a shocking turn of events, Andrew Sullivan sides with the MAGAts.

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Speaking of over-rated men: Andrew Sullivan reminds everyone that he’s a terrible bigot who tries to use lots of words to mask his bigotry as deep intellectual thinking. Everyone else knows that he’s just a verbose version of the sort of meth and steroids-fueled mugshot model who shouts slurs at anyone he believes is insufficiently white.

The first plate is the force of demography. In most Western countries, the pace of immigration from the fast-growing and ever-younger global South, and the higher birth rates of immigrants, is shifting us to a whole new model of nationhood: culturally and ethnically far more diverse, with no single historical or traditional national narrative.

Because in the beginning it was all just Christian Europeans and they got along just fine.

At the same time, the inhabitants of those countries — still largely white — are increasingly troubled by the pace of change, panicked about the fast-shifting identity of their country and angry at the elites who created this swift ethnic transformation.

No you’re not imagining things. He really did end his second paragraph with the canard that helped fuel the Tree of Life massacre.

As usually he goes on for a while before he gets to his main point which is, we have to appease justifiably upset whites with bigoted walls and bigoted immigration policies.

What Kaufmann recommends is some kind of reassurance to the worried whites. I think that may be the only way forward — and it’s the only reason I favor Trump’s wall. Merely as a symbol of border control, it could calm people down, curtail some of the hysteria, and dampen the appeal of the far right.

Sullivan is a mendacious piece of crap so I’ll give this much credit: I assume he knows there are already walls along parts of the US/Mexico border, and that building a nearly 2,000 mile long solid barrier along that border would require a lot of time, money and feats of engineering. He’s pulling a classic bigot sleight of word: Predicate a reduction in white violence on something that is impossible or extremely unlikely.

But it’s also why I favor limiting immigration, and reminding people that this kind of ethnic shift (if not quite on this scale) has happened in the past and America didn’t cease to exist.

Lots of Americans ceased to exist thanks to the influx of Europeans. But they don’t count to Sullivan because they couldn’t have achieved whiteness. Whiteness is a prize that real white people will award to non-white immigrants if they’re good. And it absolutely cannot ever be revoked or downgraded for example if the real whites get frisky and need more punching bags. Honest.

It’s a moment to remind ourselves how integrative and expansive and inclusive idea of “whiteness” has been in America, as new immigrant groups, with each subsequent wave, claim it as their own.

Don’t worry, Sullivan assures his fans, there will always be black and overly brown people beat up on!

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