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Outstanding Achievement In the Field Of Grifting


This story about Nomiki Konst, who drifted through several quasi-jobs before landing at Seth Rich Troofer But From The Left Really Central to play an EXTREMELY online Bernie fanatic (more of the “Neera Tanden put GPS trackers in my teeth” than “I admire Bernie’s lonstanding committement to take on Wall Street” variety) is amazing. Here’s an instructive part of the story:

Konst says that it was while touting the Accountability Project on TV that she gained steam as a talking head. By 2015, she was making frequent appearances on CBS and Fox News as a Democratic political strategist and expert on national politics, particularly on fighting within the Democratic Party during the 2016 presidential primary. For the most part, the television appearances were unpaid, she told POLITICO.

At various points along the way, Konst said she also campaigned to draft Joe Biden for president and joined the Truman Center, which advocates for “tough, smart national security solutions,” according to its website.

Ridiculous as it is, the alleged lefties making the Paul to Paul to Webb to Bernie transition can at least do some hand-waving about OUTSIDERS or BLOWING IT UP or something. Smoothly transitioning from Biden’s #1 fan to BERN IT DOWN is another thing entirely. But, hey, you take your grift to where the action is:

Much of the rest of her life remains occluded by imprecision.

Konst says she attended the University of Arizona but declined to say if she graduated. Inquiries to the university were not returned.

She was also briefly an actor and says she was an Obama organizer. In news articles and television appearances over the past decade, she has been described using more than 30 different titles, from “former blogger” to “film industry activist” to “pro-Sanders journalist.”

She founded Alliance Hollywood, an organization whose mission was, according to an archived version of its website, to act as “the voice of entertainment on Capitol Hill.” Konst’s LinkedIn page says she founded it in 2007. In an interview, Konst said “2009, I believe.” The organization no longer exists.

“I’m really bad with dates,” she said Tuesday.

By 2011, the organization was describing itself as “a DC non-profit corporation.” POLITICO has been unable to find evidence that the organization registered as a nonprofit. Konst’s campaign declined to provide any documentation either. Nor would she say where the group’s funding came from. Neither did she say what it did, aside from the handful of events documented on its Flickr page.Though Konst has touted her role as a “partner” at the organization in her Young Turks profile and her Huffington Post bio, on Tuesday she said that her role there, as well as her membership in the New Leaders Council, were meaningless.


Partners at the Center write their own online profiles, according to Truman Center spokesperson Graham West, and Konst’s said she was also the group’s West Coast Managing Director of Partnerships. That bio has since been deleted.

“We don’t have any records of [that job] ever existing,” said another Truman Center spokesperson Ryan Cahill, though his colleague West noted that, “Nomiki’s involvement at Truman essentially predates the employment of everyone currently on staff given organizational turnover.” Her membership, Cahill added, has lapsed.

“That was literally something that was killed in like three days,” Konst said, referring to the West Coast Managing Director of Partnerships position.

“It literally means nothing,” she said Tuesday. “If there’s any way for me to explain it to you, these organizations are nothing. They just basically go around the country and try to get young people involved and come to their conferences.”

She says she worked in Libya after the fall of Muammar Gaddafi, but one day after POLITICO asked her for details on that particular claim, she had yet to provide any.

And now, the punchline:

She describes herself on her campaign website as an “award-winning investigative journalist.” Asked to specify, her campaign said she participated in a Citizens Union panel entitled, “Recognizing New York Journalists Who Make Democracy Work,” after which she and other panelists were awarded glass apples with their names on them.

Let me be clear that if you’re reading this, you’re ALL winners. Make sure to put that in your cv right away.

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