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Poe’s Law Watch: Brett Kavanaugh Edition


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In the Wall Street Journal, because of course, Allysia Finley, compares an über-privileged appellate judge to a fictional African-American victim of Jim Crow, and everything is terrible.

If you read Harper Lee’s “To Kill a Mockingbird” in high school, you probably recall it as a parable of racial injustice in the Jim Crow South. It was more than that. The novel chronicles the persecution of an innocent man by a bigoted and bloody-minded town. Amid the left’s crucible of Judge Brett Kavanaugh, Lee’s enduring lessons about due process merit reflection.

I mean, you can read the whole thing. Or you can just watch an episode of Tucker Carlson’s Hour of White Power, because the effect is about the same.

Sure, be gobsmacked and horrified. But this is a pretty good window into the Republican base. I participated in a Facebook argument yesterday where, beyond being called a lot of names, I learned that: Christine Blasey Ford is definitely being paid… by someone; her specialization in quantitative psychology means that she is an expert in—and practitioner of—coaching people to cheat polygraph tests; she obviously lied because her ex-boyfriend said so, but we can ignore every affidavit or statement against Kavanaugh as the product of Democratic duplicity; that her polygraph test consisted of made-up scenarios, which is absolutely factually accurate even if no link can be provided; and various other things that struck me as short of a few hinges.

We need to be clear: 2016 was not the bottom, but rather one stop on a downward spiral. Imagine the hellscape of demagoguery and propaganda that we’ll likely see in 2020. And enjoy the rest of the day.

On the bright side, a tip of the hat to Finley. It’s no small feat to develop a 790-word euphemism for “high-tech lynching.”

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