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Nobody wants an October surprise


This. Fucking. Guy:

I mean, I suppose peak Comey will always be the fact that he used his personal email for work business — EXTREMELY CARELESS! — but the fact that he preemptively and comprehensively rebutted his decision to send a letter about redundant and immaterial emails found on Anthony Weiner’s laptop less than two weeks before the election is still evidence that we need new showrunners. And nobody this sanctimonious should misuse the phrase “beg the question.”

As Paul said in the immediate aftermath of Saint Comey’s decision to send the Letter That Blew Up The World:

[O]ne of DC’s most egregious rituals is when all sorts of insiders vouch up and down for the sterling impartiality of some political hack who doesn’t even have the self-awareness to realize he’s a hack. I realize Obama has to play the game, but lots of smart people who aren’t professionally obliged to keep up pretenses are still waiting patiently for the Great Bipartisan Pumpkin to rise above the mists in Foggy Bottom.

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