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Rand Paul, Principled Man of Principle

Photo via Christian Post. http://www.christianpost.com/news/hundreds-of-iowa-pastors-pray-for-born-again-christian-presidential-hopefuls-ted-cruz-rand-paul-100594/

Rand Paul, the most progressive force in American politics with the possible exception of Jim Webb, believes Donald Trump is the victim of a WITCH HUNT:

Trump suggested in a Tuesday morning tweet that the raid marked the death of attorney-client privilege, even though there is a well-known “crime-fraud exception.” That takes effect when the attorney in question is suspected of participating in a criminal conspiracy. And then cometh Rand Paul, everyone’s favorite neighbor, to announce it’s not just Special Counsel Robert Muller. Now all special prosecutors are bad…

Surely his sentiments were similar when a Democrat was in the White House:

Credit to Fox News’ Bill Hemmer, who immediately snapped back with a question about whether Paul had so many misgivings about Special Prosecutor Ken Starr. In the ’90s, when Rand Paul was an ophthalmologist volunteering with this dad’s Senate campaign, Starr investigated President Bill Clinton for anything and everything until he discovered the Monica Lewinsky affair and Clinton’s accompanying lies.

Paul couldn’t quite squirm his way out of that question:

PAUL: You know, I may or may not have been as consistent back then, to tell you the truth.

Perhaps Paul, a bona fide trooper in the Benghazi brigade, could express a little more concern over the number of people in Trump’s orbit being raided, receiving indictments, or pleading guilty. His suggestion that Mueller is going beyond his remit is likely wrong, as Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein granted the special counsel broad authority to investigate the Russian question and many areas related.

Was he also an enthusiastic member of the “Lock Her Up” school of EMAILS! chicken-fucking? I think you know the answer!

Anyway, maybe he wasn’t as consistent back then in the 90s. Or in 2016. These were all just youthful hijinx, probably on bygone podcasts. He now definitely has a consistent, principled position that political figures should not be investigated which will be valid at least until the first Democrat announces she’s running for president in 2019.

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