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And Mystery Client #3 is … (2 updates)

Hint #1: Last name does not rhyme with Clinton

If you guessed Jared Kushner, sorry.

Update: Here is his reaction when he first heard of the raid.

“The one thing I think that I agree with Sara wholeheartedly on with Joe [diGenova] is the idea of mission creep but more importantly this opens up an area where it seems that there’s no limit at all into the fishing expedition that Mueller is now engaged in and if he has access to everything that his personal attorney has I can only imagine where that’s going to lead.”

I’m sure he could.

Update II: Zack Ford of Think Progress is live tweeting Hannity’s radio show. Here’s the first tweet:

Related: I’m looking forward to the Judge Wood’s ruling on tRump’s fascinating new attorney-client privilege theory.

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