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Don’t Watch Political Theater


Tonight is the State of the Union address. If you watch this, you should reexamine your life priorities.

Seriously, why would you watch this? First, if you really want to know what is said, you can just read the thing in like 10% of the time, tops. Second, you already know what is going to be said. Third, it doesn’t matter. It will take up the next 48 hours of news media, then Trump will tweet something about the NFL or something, and all the takes that “Trump’s presidency is on the right track!” will be once again replaced with noting that he is an old monstrous fascist.

Even under a Democratic administration, these displays of political theater are useless and I refuse to watch. They get pumped up in the 24-hour news cycle as Major Events. They are not. They never are. Even if you wanted to watch Obama give SOTU addresses because you admired the man, there is zero reason to watch Donald Trump spew drivel about immigrants.

Just. Don’t. Watch.

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