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When Will the GOP Seek to Repeal Norris-LaGuardia?


In 1932, the Norris-LaGuardia Act outlawed the use of yellow-dog contracts by employers, or making the refusal to join a union as a condition of employment. This is so counter to the modern Republican Party and to the actions of employers that I wonder if they will seek to overturn it. More likely, like the rest of labor law, they will just ignore the parts they don’t like. Because the open dismissal of anyone joining a union is getting increasingly blatant. Here’s some software engineers fired by their firm for trying to organize the workplace. The parasites who run the Los Angeles Times are responding to that paper unionizing by working hard to make Harrison Gray Otis proud by creating a weird digital newsroom filled with scabs. Joe Ricketts is simply shutting down newspapers that unionize.

The only way this kind of intimidation can be stopped is by government intervention. Which means it isn’t going to be stopped anytime soon.

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