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Steve Bannon’s Populist Revolution Continues


Roy Moore understands the need to address the economic anxiety of Alabamans:

Alabama Republican Senate Candidate Roy Moore co-authored a study course, published in 2011 and recently obtained by ThinkProgress, that instructs students that women should not be permitted to run for elected office. If women do run for office, the course argues, people have a moral obligation not to vote for them. The course is also critical of the women’s suffrage movement, which in 1920 secured some American women the right to vote.

The course, called “Law and Government: An Introductory Study Course,” includes 28 hours of audio and visual lectures given by Moore and others, as well as a study guide. The course is available for purchase on Amazon, where “Chief Justice Roy Moore” is listed as a co-author alongside Doug Phillips, Dr. Joseph C. Morecraft, and Dr. Paul Jehle.

The fact that Moore is 100% certain to vote for any tax or spending cut Mitch McConnell sends down the pike will only further cement the inevitable alliance between the alt-right and the revolutionary communists brave enough to declare that Republican tax plans favor the rich.

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