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Cotton to CIA?


I initially read the Times article on Trump getting rid of Rex Tillerson with some interest. Given that Tillerson is almost certainly the worst Secretary of State in American history–taking the title from John C. Calhoun and his Pakenham letter–almost anyone would likely be better, even maybe Mike Pompeo, who I assume at least would not take it as his sole mission to gut the department (this may be wishful thinking). But who would replace Pompeo as CIA head? Turns out they are looking at Tom Cotton! And holy mother of god no, no, no. And the thing about this is that Tillerson may be horrible, but at least he wasn’t of the mind that blowing up Iran would be a great idea, whereas Cotton and Pompeo are both about killing as many Iranians as they can. But let’s also remember what kind of person Cotton is. This is the sort of man who would hold up the nomination of a woman dying from cancer just because he can. This is the sort of man who has called for American journalists to be imprisoned for doing their jobs and revealing uncomfortable facts about American anti-terrorist operations. Moreover, this is a man who wants to be the person who replaces Donald Trump. It’s obvious enough that he could get elected; no argument about a candidate being too out there to be electable is ever legitimate again. Raising him to CIA chair significantly increases his public persona. Given how utterly detestable he is, this might hurt his presidential ambitions, but that’s unlikely to a Republican electorate. And some future Democratic presidential candidate may have once given a speech to some CEO’s or have engaged in questionable e-mail practices. What could go wrong?

Between the dead Iranians, the torture Cotton would love the CIA to engage in, and the Cotton presidency, the future is pretty bright!

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