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If you’re ever in Houston


Everybody who has ever taught has had the experience of asking a student a question that was intended to be impossible to answer incorrectly, only to discover . . .

Sarah Burris‏Verified account @SarahBurris 2h2 hours ago

What a contrast. This is Obama after Sandy.
This is Trump after Harvey “rally”: “What a crowd, what a turnout”

Trump is utterly incapable of doing what ought to be the easiest part of his job, which is to act “presidential” in the immediate aftermath of catastrophe, since this merely requires not focusing on yourself for a few on-camera minutes when confronted with human suffering on a vast scale.

In reality, of course, expecting Trump to keep his fucking mouth shut about the supposedly immense crowd that came out to see him (shocker: it actually wasn’t very big, like a lot of other things) is about as realistic as expecting him to run a four-minute mile.

I suppose he still has time to become president before the end of the day month year decade, however.

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