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“But don’t forget it’s me who put you where you are now”


This series of events is probably a huge coincidence.

At any rate, manysidesism is unlikely to placate the kind of scumbeing who feels victimized by the fact his demographic still controls the entire country.

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  • Hogan

    Many sides. Ever so many. (Not, obviously, his. But many.)

  • brad

    The fucking Detroit Red Wings took a stronger stand against Nazism than Trump. Saying Nazis are bad is supposed to be like saying “I love my mom”. Yet he just can’t do it.

  • “many sides”.

    some of the old timers here will remember when “conservatives” thought moral relativism was a grievous sin.

    • Barry_D

      “some of the old timers here will remember when “conservatives” thought moral relativism was a grievous sin.”

      There is no right-wing political speech which is not 100% projection.

  • ExpatJK

    Seems like Richard Spencer heard the dogwhistle, as intended.

  • Wojciech

    If only The Donald could be reduced to working as a waiter in a cocktail bar.

  • hellslittlestangel

    We must condemn all hatred, whether it’s white supremacists murdering brown people, or brown people complaining about being murdered by white supremacists.

    • pretty much this, isn’t it? Some sides get to react to perceived words they find offensive, some sides don’t get to react to even bombs.

  • Sentient AI From The Future

    As someone on twitter pointed out, he can be an off the cuff bellicose fuckhead when it comes to NK but he parses his words pretty damn carefully (especially for someone so painfully stupid and incurious) to avoid condemning Nazis.

  • Drew

    “It was white Americans”

    Well, he’s not wrong…

    • Manju

      That’s debatable. White Russians surely had a hand too.

      • DocAmazing

        I’ll take a double!

  • OliversArmy

    I would love to use my favorite lame internet meme joke here, but the truth is…I did see this coming.

  • MarekKulak

    Again with the perfect lyric for the point. Brava.

  • twbb

    Speaking of white nationalists:

    Hope it’s true. As terrible as it has been lately, if Bannon goes I think we will see the alt-right/neonazi contingent turn against Trump, which will in turn get Trump against them, which will splinter the deplorable vote.

    • CP

      Well, if that happens, we can look forward to the MSM and GOP celebrating his turn towards moderation and his heroic efforts against fascism, while ignoring both 1) everyone who was actually doing it long before and 2) the fact that it will almost certainly not interrupt the CBP/ICE roundups, the immigrant ban, the border wall, and all the rest of the racist shit.

      • twbb

        Worth it. Bannon is a sociopath and needs to be out. Who do you think is driving many of the worst of Trump’s actions?

        • david spikes

          Trump doesn’t need anyone to drive him, he more than craphound enough.

      • david spikes

        You are obviously a premature anti-fascist.

  • e.a.foster

    Nice of David Duke to remind everyone how Trump got there and who his friends are. Trump is most likely enjoying the riot and mayhem. I’m sure he doesn’t forget who put him there. Sessions is carrying out his agenda as we all write.
    When people wonder how some countries can fall into disarray so quickly they need only look at this situation. All it has to do is spread to other cities and boy do the Americans ever have guns. This will not end well and it is doubtful it will end. The Govenor has taken a stand, but really, this isn’t over for Trump, Sessions, Duke, and the racists of America.

  • Bri2k

    I can’t say I’m surprised. Anybody seen that Trump logo made up of Ts where the negative space forms a swastika? Yeah, hatred and bigotry on may “sides”.

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