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Bannon Out


Reports say.

As with many Trump hangers-on, it’s not clear if this means something, or is just a formality — a lot of these guys check out but can never leave.  Either way, Trump will remain a white supremacist who will advance the Republican economic and regulatory agenda.

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  • Who knew that the Hotel California had been rebranded as a Trump property?

    • BiloSagdiyev

      Welcome to the Hotel Mar a Lago! Such a crummy place…
      such an orange face.

    • JDTrust

      On a dark Russian highway
      Cool wind in my hair
      Warm smell of the gulag
      Rising up in the air
      Up ahead on the tundra
      I saw a shimmering white
      My hair grew orange and my sight grew dim
      And look out for the alt-right

      • Manju

        There he stood by the statue
        I smelt the blood and soil
        And I was thinking to myself
        Jews could replace us and take all our oil
        Then he lit up a torch and he showed me the way
        There were voices down the corridor
        I thought I heard them say

        • JDTrust

          (H/t to BiloSagdiyev)

          Welcome to the Hotel-Mar-a-Lago
          Such a crummy place
          Such an orange face
          There’s plenty of gold at the Hotel Mar-a-Lago
          But it rates fewer K
          Then ‘Mucci’s total days

          So I said to the Anxious
          You will bring me some cash!
          And I will bring bring back all of the jobs
          And put CEO’s under the lash!
          And they danced in the coal mines
          Sweet summer sweat
          Some dance for painkillers
          Some dance for the debt

  • CP

    CNN says they’ve heard he’s out, but can’t actually confirm…?

    What the hell. At the time Trump was inaugurated, there were three of his underlings that I wanted gone above all – Flynn, Bannon, and Sessions.

    If the news is true, then two down, one to go.

    • twbb

      I’d put Miller even above Sessions.

      • CP

        I have Sessions as # 1 simply because of the combination of extreme racist ideology, position as the head of DOJ which historically has been the executive branch’s strongest tool against white racism… and his hardcore commitment to vote suppression, which has implications for every other aspect of Republican governance.

        That’s also why I think he’ll be the hardest to dislodge. It’s not just Trump, but the entire Republican Party that’s counting on him to work his electoral magic and save them from the unruly population. There’s a reason they’ve signaled to Trump that they’d be pissed if anything happened to him.

    • ericblair

      Everyone’s got to remember to update their Arya Starking tonight.

  • David

    “He’d have even more power as a martyr.” – Catwoman

  • wjts

    Boy, his Unstoppable Genius Master Strategy gets more and more Byzantine by the day. I’m so dumb I can’t even figure out what this is distracting me from, but I’m confident that this, and our reactions to it (whatever they are), are exactly what he wants.

    • Relativicus

      We really need to stop giving Trump credit for tactical and strategict thought. He has not once displayed any, so why do we keep giving him the benefit of the doubt?

      • wjts

        The cartoonish buffoonery on display may seem like the actions of a bunch of in-over-their-heads incompetents blundering their way from one avoidable disaster to the next, but it’s a carefully calculated ruse to disguise their unstoppable power. I swear, it’s like you’ve never watched a martial arts movie with a doddering old guy or a comical drunk in it.

        • Relativicus

          Donald Trump is “Drunken Master”…

          • liberalrob

            The “Drunken Master” was actually effective, however. Trump is just the “Drunken” part.

            Crouching Moron Hidden Nazi. Well, not so hidden anymore I guess…

  • AMK

    “With this heroic act of leadership and reconciliation, Trump Became President” etc etc etc

    • wjts

      That man becomes President more often than a Born Again high school student loses their virginity.

      • more often than a Born Again high school student loses their virginity.

        Reasserting control over the rebirth canal zone!

  • Joe Paulson

    White supremacists should not be too upset that Bannon “resigned” or whatever:

    “Confirmed reports that the Klan and other hate groups will be marching in Durham, NC this afternoon.”

    Your supporters are still on the march.

  • Looks like Bannon forgot the first rule of Trump: only Trump is allowed to suck his own cock. In public, anyway.

  • Drew

    I’m sure Trump is too scared to ask him to leave himself.

    However, I’m sure John Kelly will happily volunteer to be the hatchet man on this.

    • Relativicus

      Heck, I’ll do it.

    • Peter Curtin

      Per WaPo

      “The decision to fire Bannon was made by Kelly, officials said. It came after almost exactly three weeks on the job as chief of staff, a position in which he was given unilateral power to overhaul the West Wing staff in an effort to staunch warring factions, aides and advisers going rogue, and repeated leaks to the news media.

      “This was without question one man’s decision: Kelly. One hundred percent,” one senior White House official said. “It’s been building for a while.”

      • liberalrob

        I guess Kelly is the new Daddy-figure. Trump listens to him because he’s afraid of Kelly beating the crap out of him.

  • Joe Paulson

    Reports are that Bannon will now go back to Breitbart and be anti-Trump.

    When will the “I can’t believe I’m agreeing with Bannon” comments start?

    • CP

      No need to agree, just enjoy the show.

      The more Colonel Klink and Major Hochstetter fight, the more the good guys win.

      • DJ

        Who plays Sargent Schultz in this version? Ryan?

        • CP

          Well, thinking this through more than it probably deserves to be:

          Obviously, the President is Colonel Klink, not only a fucking moron but a complete weasel. (His family stooges too).

          Ryan and the Congressional Republicans are General Burkhalter, the person who theoretically has the authority to remove or straighten out the moron but doesn’t for a variety of reasons, not least of which is that he’s not all that bright himself.

          I’m not totally sure who Major Hochstetter is. Either Bannon and the Breitbart crowd (the most Nazi of the Nazi lot), or General Kelly and those types (the only sane man actually trying to make the shit-show work).

          The problem with Schultz is that Schultz is the ordinary guy who’s only there because he was drafted and is just trying to keep his head down and make it through the war without dying. That doesn’t really get a counterpart in Trumpworld – every asshole who’s there is there at his own will, because he’s committed on some level to the enterprise.

          • N__B

            Aren’t we all Schultz?

            • CP

              Oh, shit.

              • DJ

                Yes. Shit.

          • Shantanu Saha

            Schultz is every career federal government employee who has to continue serving in this farce in order to not let the entire country fall down into the rathole.

            • liberalrob

              But Schultz is incompetent, bumbling and easily bamboozled. He’s also non-ideological. I can’t think of a very good Trump Admin analogue.

  • Bluesmank

    And you thought Spicer’s tell-all tome was going to be a hit…

  • Leigh Grossman

    I said this in last week’s thread, but it bears repeating. Does Trump think he has to fire someone every week to keep ratings up, like in his last gig? I said it before as snark, but I’m really starting to wonder.

    • Hypersphericalcow

      He thrives on drama, on press activity. If the government is running smoothly, and there’s nothing to write except “the White House continues to work with Congress on the health reform bill”, he gets anxious and impatient. Shake up the WH staff! That’ll get the ink flowing!

      I don’t get how he made it to age 70 while maintaining that level of adrenaline, but it’s worked.

      • CP

        Good, I hope he fires Kelly soon.

        • Leigh Grossman

          In a few days he will blame Kelly for forcing him to fire Bannon, who he will still be talking to every day.

          • liberalrob

            “Those responsible for sacking the people who have just been sacked have been sacked.”

        • CD

          Given the damage that someone worse could do, I’d be careful wishing.

          Relatedly it was sad and alarming to see Bannon’s comments re Korea termed “dovish” in the NYT. Apparently being unwilling to cause the death of more than a million people makes you a dove.

          • CP

            The problem is that Kelly is actually good at what he does, and the more influence he wields at the White House, the less of a shit-show it is. That would be fine if Kelly were a good guy, but his tenure at DHS seems to indicate that he’s entirely willing to enact a Trumpian agenda.

            • CD

              Totally agreed! The trouble is the alternative to competent authoritarianism may be unbelievable levels of vandalism, at home and abroad. Not just the out nazis, but a good part of the Trump base really does want to burn it all down. Trump may think he’s just making threats, but shit can get real, and he’s nothing if not spiteful.

            • ema

              “Use that [saber] on the press, sir.”

              Kelly is not a good guy.

            • Shantanu Saha

              Assumes facts not in evidence. This entire avalanche of shit happened after Kelly got named CoS.

              • Shalimar

                Kelly can’t control Trump, so the Charlottesville disaster isn’t really his fault. As far as what he can control, he and McMaster have been brutally effective at eliminating competing power bases. Eventually, everyone will be loyal to Kelly except Javanka, and then Trump will get tired of being controlled, fire Kelly, and the merry-go-round will start again.

      • the actual Bajmahal


    • Bizarro Mike

      There’s a special ratings-goosing event every Friday on the Trump Show.

      • the actual Bajmahal

        And yet, still no Idiocracy arena for Monday Night Rehabilitation. Sad.

    • Shalimar

      No. Simple explanation: they’re all assholes who hate each other and try to get each other fired. Someone is bound to be successful each week.

      • Leigh Grossman

        You’re probably right, although my explanation may win out based on JMM’s “Trump’s razor” (i.e., pick the stupidist possible reason to explain Trump’s actions and you always end up right).

  • Ithaqua

    Which will, I expect, provide tons of cover for Republicans in Congress and various statehouses going forward. Still, it’s better than it was.

  • Hypersphericalcow

    His on-the-record phone call with the editor of The American Prospect a few days ago did have an air of “suicide by cop”.

    Isn’t it fun to have a completely unstable government? “No Drama Obama” is looking better by the day.

    • the actual Bajmahal

      This is going to be the new normal, you know. Scary/Crazy brings in the ratings … sells papers and ad space. From now on the corporate news networks are going to even less subtly promote the clowns over the competent during the election cycles because that is what will be best for their bottom lines — country be damned.

  • Lit3Bolt

    The skinny disinformation Habermann is peddling is that this was all planned from the beginning.

    Some reporters really are so willing to appear “savvy” that they’ll credulously swallow anything. I guess whatever gives them reliable “scoops.”

    • Drew

      Quite the overrated political reporter. Ah well.

  • Steve LaBonne

    Great line from a commenter on Talking Points Memo that I am shamelessly stealing: Bannon is leaving to spend more time with his Einsatzgruppe.

    • so-in-so

      Bit too dark?

      • Steve LaBonne

        Black humor is the way I have avoided complete insanity since Nov. 9.

  • zoomar2
    • CP

      What are you trying to say about the poor hyenas?

      • Aubergine

        Well, they don’t look too happy that Steve’s coming home.

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