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Global Kleptocracy and Luxury Real Estate: the World of Donald Trump


Given recent developments in Trumpland, I decided to interview my friend and sometimes collaborator, Alex Cooley, for an episode of Foreign Entanglements. We discuss matters related to his recent co-authored bookDictators without Borders: Power and Money and Central Asia. These shed light on Trump’s business dealings, Trump-Russia connections, and some of the concerns that experts have about how Trump’s administration could damage the rule of law—not just in the United States, but globally.

I really encourage you to watch it, or listen to it in the background. Alex really knows what he’s talking about.

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  • petesh

    I’m 20 minutes in, and I’m hooked. In a broad general sense, I sorta kinda knew the outlines of this stuff, but the details are fascinating. And I reluctantly have to give DJT a certain amount of crooked credit for getting in on this scam early.

  • petesh

    What, still no comments? Shame. Excellent discussion.

    Trump seems to be to be entangled in this web of cash that has relatively little connection to our standard norms of legality. It would of course be excellent if Mueller nails him for crossing some of the lines that Trump clearly thinks don’t matter. For example, he sold overpriced property, which may not be technically illegal but he damn well knew where the money came from, and it would not surprise me if, shall we say, shortcuts were taken.

    More than that, I think that the most impeachable actions he has taken so far are connected with his making foreign policy decisions related to his own investments: I don’t believe he loves Erdogan because he admires a strongman, but because of the Istanbul Trump Towers. I cannot believe he gives a tinker’s cuss about the status of the Philippines except inso far as it affects the Manila Trump Tower.

    And one of my fondest hopes is that the end of his presidency will coincide with (maybe cause) a major drop in the value of his name. He got, or will get, $6 million to take his name off the Toronto Tower; I hope the going rate declines precipitously.

  • koolfiltered

    Any hope of releasing these as podcasts? The few I’ve had time to sit and watch have been great but it’s hard to get an hour+ to just listen outside of my commute :(.

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