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The little narcissist that couldn’t


White man who inherited a vast fortune and then via a bizarre series of events was handed the presidency of the United States advises young people on how to overcome the harsh fact that life can be very unfair, especially to him:

President Donald Trump, amid his own swirling controversies, advised United States Coast Guard Academy graduates that while things aren’t always fair, “you have to put your head down and fight, fight, fight.”

The comment was a clear reference to the fact that Trump’s White House is now besieged by bipartisan questions about his alleged request that former FBI Director James Comey to halt an investigation into his former top national security aide.
“Never, never, never give up. Things will work out just fine,” he said in New London, Connecticut, Wednesday.
Then, dropping the pretext even more, he bemoaned the media coverage of his presidency.
Once hoped for as a reset, Trump's foreign trip now bogged in White House crises
“Look at the way I have been treated lately, especially by the media,” he said. “No politician in history, and I say this with great surety, has been treated worse or more unfairly. You can’t let them get you down, you can’t let the critics and the naysayers get in the way of your dreams.”
I imagine Trump has probably heard the word “surety” a lot in his business dealings.
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  • daves09

    And if that doesn’t work, declare bankruptcy, walk away and write a book about stiffing literally everyone and then wail that everybody is just so mean. Lord have mercy, he is just precious.

  • daves09

    Life beyond satire.
    Putin offers transcript to clear up any misunderstandings.
    Claims stenographer-Russian?-took the whole thing down.
    He and Lavrov giggle like demonic schoolgirls.
    Expect Ryan to announce at any moment that Putin has his complete trust.

    • “Woe to the land that’s governed by a child.”
      – William Shakespeare
      Richard III, Act 2, Scene 3

      • rea

        I don’t think we should have Trump strangled in a tower, though.

    • Mutombo

      That is genuinely funny, and not just for Lavrov and Putin.

  • RPorrofatto

    Trump added, “By the way, my budget cuts $1.3 Billion from Coast Guard funding so you can get a head start on that adversity thing.”

  • Rob in CT

    No politician in history, and I say this with great surety, has been treated worse or more unfairly.

    Just like nobody won a bigger EC victory or had larger inaugural crowds.

    He’s a big whiner, just like his biggest fans. Hell, like the whole modern Right.

    Not perfectly on point, but it’s part of it I think:


    • JustRuss

      Coming from Donald “Birth Certificate” Trump, that’s rich. Bigly rich.

  • The truly galling thing is this: he’s been whining in public this way for two years, and 60+ million people (many of whom are boomers who complain constantly about spoiled/coddled millenials) said, “yes, that’s what I want, gimme more of that.”

    • Rob in CT


      “He says what I’m thinking!”

      Whiners, all the way down. 63 million of them.

      • Aggrieved privilege is a helluva drug…

        • Rob in CT

          The Brain Eater (h/t John Scalzi).

  • smartone



    • Roger Ailes

      If we ignore Trump, he’ll go away.


      If it didn’t work with Lakoff, it won’t work with Trump.

      • If it didn’t work with Lakoff, it won’t work with Trump.

        Oh, well played, sir.

      • The Lorax

        This elicited a chortle.

      • Harkov311

        You're just not bully pulpiting the overton window enough

    • sharculese

      No. It isn’t. This is him throwing another tantrum. We need to give up the idea that Trump is some kind of master manipulator because he’s not. He’s just a boychild who screams and stomps his feet when he doesn’t get his way.

    • McAllen

      Even though we see it pop up every now and then like this, I’m glad the “DISTRACTION!!!” drumbeat has mostly died down.

  • carolannie

    There is something truly bizarre about Trump talking to graduating students and basically making it all about him

    • liberalrob

      There is something truly bizarre about Trump


    • McAllen

      There needs to be a word for “bizarre, but completely predictable.”

      • Shantanu Saha


    • Cheap Wino

      At this point I’d be shocked if he didn’t make it about himself. He always does that.

    • Harkov311

      Yeah, to normal, well-adjusted people like you and I. But narcissists are experts at making everything about them. It’s his one, undisputable talent, really.

  • Breadbaker

    I’m sure Barack, Bill and Hillary, “with great surety”, were laughing at his belief that no politician has been treated worse by the press. And the New York Times will undoubtedly run someone’s op-ed piece showing how plausible those claims were. Perhaps now with a really cool chart!

    • liberalrob

      Not to mention probably every British PM of the modern era…

      He’s not only a loser, but a whiny-ass titty-baby to boot. Our elected head of state, the nation’s representative to the world. How embarrassing.

      • Snuff curry

        Not to mention probably every British PM of the modern era…

        Cool Britannia Blair, even? Mebbe at the tail-end.

    • Little Chak

      I’ll grant that the MSM (excluding FOX) may have been more critical of tRump than Obama thus far (though well deserved).

      However, “(excluding FOX)” is an enormous caveat. There exists no equivalent on the left of FOX News, and FOX’s viewership puts it well within the confines of “MSM”. Most conservatives refuse to watch anything except that which will religiously carry the water for Trump on >95% of issues. There is no equivalent on the left. Obama, and Clinton before him, were certainly criticized by the MSM (and Obama was attacked by FOX with a consistency that puts the “liberal” MSM’s coverage of Trump to shame). And they certainly didn’t get fawning coverage from the likes of Air America.

      And yet, I don’t remember Obama whining like a little baby about how nearly every conservative in the country refused to watch anything but FOX, nor do I remember him calling FOX (and implicitly, FOX’s viewers) “the enemy of the American People”.

  • aab84

    “You’re very clever, young man, very clever,” said the old lady. “But it’s turtles resentment and insecurity all the way down!”

  • bassopotamus

    President Lincoln would like a word…

    • FMguru

      JFK, too.

      • keta


        “My fellow Americans, ask not what our country can do for me, ask what I can do to the country.”

    • Crusty

      Fun fact- Lincoln was a republican. Use it at cocktail parties.

      • liberalrob

        A lot of people don’t know that, so it’ll make you look like a smart person.

    • Unemployed_Northeastern

      JQA and Jackson, too.

  • keta

    These comments from Trump, like so much of what he says and how he acts, reflect the enormous influence Roy Cohn had/has on Trump.

    The two had met not long before at a private disco called Le Club, and instantly hit it off while discussing a nettlesome obstacle for Mr. Trump. The Civil Rights Division of the Justice Department was suing him and his father, accusing them of refusing to rent to black tenants. Mr. Trump told Mr. Cohn that their lawyers were urging them to settle.
    “Tell them to go to hell and fight the thing in court,’” Mr. Trump later recalled Mr. Cohn advising him.
    Mr. Trump did just that, with Mr. Cohn as his lawyer. Not only did Mr. Cohn countersue the government for $100 million, he filed a blistering affidavit on Mr. Trump’s behalf, mocking the case. “The Civil Rights Division did not file a lawsuit,” Mr. Cohn wrote. “It slapped together a piece of paper for use as a press release.” The Trumps ultimately settled the case by agreeing to make apartments available to minority renters, while admitting no wrongdoing.

    Shit begets shit.

  • Denverite

    Imre Nagy would like a word concerning the unfair treatment of politicians.

    • We don’t need to go so far away or so extreme: Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Al Gore, John Kerry, Shirley Sherrod…

      • Denverite

        Right, but “lied to by the Americans, and captured and executed by the Soviets as a result” seemed a particularly compelling counter example.

        • Fair enough. I had to look up Imre Nagy, though — that was my only quibble.

          I’m sure we could fill an encyclopedia of politicians/political actors that have been treated worse than Donald effing Trump, who was given billions of dollars in airtime by FOX, CNN, MSNBC.

          • Denverite

            When I was in high school I did Academic Decathlon, and the history subject was (then-barely-post-Iron-Curtain) Eastern Europe. I always felt bad for Nagy; Eisenhower well and truly fucked him over by telling him the US/NATO would support the Hungarian uprising and then leaving him out to dry when the Soviet tanks rolled in.

            As luck would have it, there is a Hungarian Uprising park in Denver that I drive past on my way home most days. Once I was even driving around a guy who’s parents had fled Hungary in the aftermath of the uprising and he made us stop so he could look at the memorial. He said that you don’t usually see that in the US.

            • BethRich52

              I guess we can add Patrice Lumumba, too.

            • DaftPunk

              That’s Han Solo frozen in carbonite.

    • RPorrofatto

      An exsanguinating Julius Caesar says hey.

      • farin

        “Et tu, Brute?” “Oh fuck off, Donnie.”

  • No politician in history, and I say this with great surety, has been treated worse or more unfairly.


    • Rob in CT

      But then Obama made fun him that time.

  • Crusty

    At some point, you’d have to think that all the whining and complaining from the billionaire who was born a millionaire and who had his own plane even before he became president, has to piss off the real Americans that live between the coasts and do things like mine coal and build stuff.

    • Rob in CT

      My theory is that he whines all the time, just like they do. ENEMIES are keeping them down, just like enemies are arrayed against Twitler. He speaks their language.

  • He really needs to release the birth certificate in order to quash these rumors before they get out of control.

    Trump was born in Argentina, father was escaped Nazi war criminal. See lebensborn program. http://www.jewishvirtuallibrary.org/the-quot-lebensborn-quot-program

  • President Putinfluffer

    Hey Hey NOW! Don’t forget, No matter where I go, there I am victimized!

  • Caepan

    I find it fascinating that many of the same people who claim that Millennials/Gen Xers/Boomers are spoiled and have too much of everything – “If I complained to my father that I didn’t get a fancy pair of sneakers or X-Box for Christmas, he’d smack me right across the face!” – are the same ones that voted for the world’s richest whiny-ass titty baby.

    • Rob in CT

      Those people whine constantly. In fact, “If I complained to my father that I didn’t get a fancy pair of sneakers or X-Box for Christmas, he’d smack me right across the face!” is whining! Those damned millenials, getting away with shit. Look at them! Young and beautiful and, and, and… why I’ll! *blows gasket*

      • lizzie

        You know that video that was going around the other day, of Pence accidentally putting his arm in a little boy’s face, and then the boy followed him around asking for an apology?

        Apparently some lady on Fox made fun of the boy for being a “snowflake” (and then caught crap because the boy is autistic and his mom is in the military).

        But setting all that aside, I’m just baffled by what people like this mean by “snowflake.” The boy stood up for himself and demanded an apology from one of the most powerful adults in the world! Isn’t that, like, literally the opposite of being a delicate thing that wilts away at the first sign of adversity?

        • Caepan

          Copped from an internet meme:

          “Snowflake” – a supposedly derogatory term coming from people who need to carry guns to buy a sandwich.

          • N__B


        • addicted44

          Well, they are Fox personalities. If they thought having a spine or self respect was a good thing they wouldn’t work for that scumbag organization.

      • Caepan

        Yup. Either they’re whining about how Those People have too much, or that they’re always being “mocked” by those “elitists” (alleged billionaires who live in gilded skyscrapers with their name on them, have their own jet and are on their third trophy wife apparently don’t count as “elitist”).

        Why, it’s as if AM hate radio has been telling them for decades that no matter how good white men have it, somewhere there’s an educated person, a member of a traditionally excluded minority, or just someone who would rather read than watch sports on TV is disrespecting their lifestyle choices! And they need to be punished!

  • Morbo

    As we inch closer to seeing if he actually could get away with shooting stabbing someone on Fifth Avenue…

  • Mrs Tilton

    I imagine Trump has probably heard the word “surety” a lot in his business dealings.

    Oh, me-OW!

    • Denverite

      The context the past few decades no doubt was “there’s not a surety in America that will write that bond given the Trump Group’s track record.”

      • LosGatosCA

        That’s why Putin had to co-sign for them.

      • BethRich52

        This is the comment I wanted to make.

  • sibusisodan

    In addition to all the other horrifying things, what comes across from the video is how lacking he is as a public speaker.

    He’s delivering sub-Hallmark platitudes with the rhetorical flair of Eeyore.

  • dcoffin

    “No politician in history, and I say this with great surety, has been treated worse or more unfairly.”

    I’m waiting for historians to start chiming in…maybe we could start with Sir Thomas More? Or how about Charles I (of England, just to be clear)?

    • Zagarna_84

      The Byzantine Empire has some real winners in this department– I’m partial to Isaac II, who was overthrown and blinded by his brother(!), restored to the throne by his son, then overthrown a second time (!!) in a riot, whereupon he died either of shock or some kind of foul play.

      Or Justinian II, who was overthrown, had his nose cut off, was exiled for 10 years, came back and overthrew the guy who overthrew the guy who had overthrown him, then six years later was overthrown a second time and murdered. (If you’re counting, that’s four palace coups in 16 years– and believe it or not, there were three more in the six years after Justinian died.)

      Byzantium: never a dull moment.

  • Zagarna_84

    Given the track record of people named Trump, I’m not sure whether to believe the OP quote is shameless plagiarism of Jim Valvano or just the clueless regurgitation of something he heard somewhere before, a la “priming the pump.”

    Either way, it seems mockworthy.

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