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He’ll Fit Right In With Jeffrey Lord



CNN continues to help people fail upward:

The Washington Post’s Chris Cillizza is joining CNN Politics as a reporter and editor at large, with a digital presence and an on-air role.

Cillizza is leaving behind the blog known as The Fix he built at the Post over more than a decade. The Fix has since expanded and now includes a team of bloggers and editors. Cillizza will also be ending his role as a contributor at MSNBC when he joins CNN.

The fact that this guy had a sinecure at America’s “liberal” news network tells you a lot about cable news. At least my WaPo subscription money will no longer be going to support the Cavalcade of EMAILS!

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  • howard

    Boy Jeff Zucker makes great personnel decisions!

    • Colin Day

      He should be an NFL GM!

  • BGinCHI

    “The Fix has since expanded and now includes a team of bloggers and editors.”

    Read this too fast as “a team of joggers and editors.”

    Not a CNN watcher, so glad he’ll be out of the WaPo.

    • rea

      Now you have me wondering about “a team of cloggers and editors,” or “a team of loggers and editors,” or “a team of hoggers and editors.” or maybe here in the Trump era, “a team of floggers and editors.”

  • Gwen

    So can we still call it the “Clinton News Network”?

  • King Goat

    Is anyone reading this a subscriber to the NYT or WP? You should unsubscribe immediately, with a sharply worded letter as to how you’re doing so because of their irresponsible reporting re: the 16 election. These two outlets count on liberals/leftists, they crapped upon us, we should move on. There’s lots of other news outlets less objectionable on those grounds.

    • SatanicPanic

      WaPo was one of the few bright spots in the otherwise crappy media landscape, and with Cilizza leaving I am even happier with my subscription. Did you forget about David Farenthold?

      • CP

        Second the motion.

        FTFNYT, but I’m sticking with WaPo, and even more so if this guy’s leaving. They’re not perfect, but then who is.

        • Srsly Dad Y

          Oh, King Goat is.

        • Who is perfect? The King in Orange, Destroyer of Reputations, and the Demoiselle Conway are perfect. All hail the King in Orange!

      • JonH

        Cilizza seems to have staffed the Fix with like-minded twerps, like Amber Philips, she of the pearl-clutching column about Sanders calling Trump a liar.

        • Scott Lemieux
        • Warren Terra

          Indeed, the continued employment at the WaPo of Philips and others Cilizza has selected and trained is the one dark spot in this otherwise glorious development.

    • Abbey Bartlet

      Why would anyone unsubscribe from the Post over Cillizza leaving?

      • Srsly Dad Y

        For some commenters here, unsubscribing from the New York Times and the Washington Post is, like lower taxes for Republicans, always the answer.

        • Ahuitzotl

          I like to unsubscribe from them at least once a month.

      • MyNameIsZweig

        Good question – shedding people like Cilliza seems like exactly the sort of behavior we should be encouraging.

  • Brett

    Is that a promotion or demotion? He’s going from a position at a major party where he oversees a blog with a whole team of people, to being a “reporter at large” who will sometimes get to go on CNN as a guest. But CNN probably pays more (overpays more) than the Washington Post.

    • It’s hard to tell if this is a move to a more prestigious position, which will give him a larger audience and greater influence. But it almost certainly comes with a bigger paycheck, so as he sees it, yes it is a promotion.

    • Hogan

      a position at a major party


      • Brett

        Typo of the Day. No party like a Washington Post party!

  • Q.E.Dumbass

    What else can I say.

    And if we wanted to read intelligence-insulting horseracism — albeit of the kind that makes Cillizza look sympathetic by comparison — we already have Jack Shafer. (And for actually good horse-race coverage, Davids Graham and Wiegel).

  • Thom

    Scott, as I learned from another commenter here, you can get a free WaPo subscription with a .edu email address. This does not change the point about dead-email horse floggers, but at least you would not have to pay.

    • Warren Terra

      I’m not sure you’ve entirely grasped that the WaPo was by far the best major news outlet for campaign coverage in 2016 – except for Cillizza, who was on his own one of the worst politics reporters in the country, possibly the very worst. Today’s news is that the WaPo is losing his taint, which seems like excellent news for them. We can only hope the stable of imitators he built around him will decamp in the coming weeks and months or will reconsider their style and stop emulating him.

  • Yossarian

    I have zero independent reason to know this, but I wonder if Marty Baron was less than aggressive in trying to keep Cilizza (or in trying to convince the publishers to work hard to convince him to stay), and that had something to do with what looks like an underwhelming new gig for someone with Cilizza’s “status.”

    • JonH

      For Cilizza, being a TV talking head hack probably outranks being a faceless ink-stained wretch type of hack.

    • efgoldman

      I wonder if Marty Baron was less than aggressive in trying to keep Cilizza

      I wouldn’t imagine Baron was too crazy about him.
      But it’s pretty clear that Amber Philips has the vapid broderism down pat, too.
      Although maybe Baron can actually edit and direct her work, which he couldn’t do with the senior Cilliza.

  • DrDick

    It is now quite obvious that the key to success for our elite media is to demonstrate beyond all doubt that you have no idea what you are talking about.

    • Q.E.Dumbass

      Is CNN elite, really?

      • Origami Isopod

        In the sense of “privileged” rather than “highly competent,” sure.

        • DrDick

          Which is what I intended, as in “presitigous” to the general public (NYT/WaPo/CNN/ABC/NBC/CBS/etc.). I probably should have put quotes around “elite”.

          • Q.E.Dumbass

            We’re an elite corpse.

  • CP

    The fact that this guy had a sinecure at America’s “liberal” news network tells you a lot about cable news.

    Well, sure. It says that they’re hiring a guy who was tough on Hillary in order to prove to everyone how fair and balanced they are and that they’re finally taking action to remedy their longstanding and well-known liberal bias. Surely, after this hire, all the people who voted for Trump will see, understand, and appreciate this action, thank them for their scrupulous commitment to unbiased reporting, and go back to trusting them instead of pillorying them as the liberal media.

    What? Why are you all looking at me like that?

    • JonH

      What? Why are you all looking at me like that?

      Partly because I think the “liberal” news network being discussed wasn’t CNN but rather MSNBC, where he used to be a commentator.

      Yeah, “central to your point”, etc, we understand.

      • CP

        Now look here, my good man. I’m not some kind of truth vigilante, and you can’t reasonably expect me to be held responsible when the things I say don’t strictly line up with what the reality-based community might call “the facts.” Let’s call it an alternative fact and move on. What do you think about Hillary’s emails?

        • muddy


  • Lord Jesus Perm

    It’s funny that all these networks are breaking their necks to move to the right as if Fox News doesn’t exist.

    • Hogan

      They are very similar, but “moving stupid” isn’t quite the same as “moving right.”

    • CP

      It’s even funnier that they think they can make any serious dent in Fox News’ audience by moving right.

      If that audience bails on Fox, it won’t be for CNN.

  • Kevin Hayden

    Can we now formally change the Peter Principle to the Cilizza Principle? Or is the Cilizza Principle about rising one step above Peter’s incompetence?

    • Q.E.Dumbass

      What was Cillizza ever good at?

      • Warren Terra

        He might make for a good crossword clue.

    • Kevin Hayden

      Make that the Cillizza Principle. Spelling his name incorrectly is my own level of incompetence.

  • Bruce Vail

    CNN is definitely a “step down” in terms of prestige and clout in the media world. I wouldn’t be surprised if WaPo pushed him out the door as part of the housecleanng that new owner Bezos has promised.

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