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Rudi Noun Verb-911iani knows you can’t say n****r any more



So you talk about danger. Only, I think the way it’s supposed to work is the people who aren’t saying the n-word then keep their dentures shut about the fact that they said danger because they knew they couldn’t say the n-word, otherwise it kind of gives away the whole game.

OK. I’ll tell you the whole history of it. So when he first announced it he said “Muslim ban.” He called me up and said, “put a commission together, show me the right way to do it legally.”

And Guliani said, I can’t because this is America and banning people based on their religion is illegal, and he hung up the phone. But that was some alternate universe. In this one, he gathered a bunch of like-minded bigots.

I put a commission together with Judge Mukasey, with Congressman McCaul, Pete King, a whole group of other very expert lawyers on this. And what we did was we focused on, instead of religion, danger. The areas of the world that create danger for us. Which is a factual basis. Not a religious basis. Perfectly legal, perfectly sensible, and that’s what the ban is based on. It’s not based on religion. It’s based on places where there are substantial evidence that people are sending terrorists into our country.

Admitting that one’s sensible, factual basis for what Steve Bannon’s right-hand man called a Muslim ban is based on something that one made up also shows a lack of finesse. Even more so when one’s plan to keep out people from allegedly dangerous countries excludes a country that “sent terrorists” into the U.S. (An event I assume Guliani remembers, but who knows.)

Well I’ll tell you about Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia is going through a massive change. I think the kingdom particularly under the new prince has a real understanding that we are dealing with a massive radical Islamic terrorist problem. It is not the old Saudi Arabia. This isn’t the Saudi Arabia of 2000, 2001, 2002. President Obama is dealing with a new Saudi Arabia —


President Trump, rather, is dealing with a very different Saudi Arabia than President Obama was dealing with. And a Saudi Arabia that has much closer relationships with Israel and with us, if we know how to use it correctly. Pakistan I would have to know more about. That troubles me a little bit like it troubles you.

Like the fact that Pakistan is where Osama bin Laden was hiding out after an event that R.G. may or may not remember until President Obama sent troops to kill him.

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  • howard

    apparently giuliani doesn’t know what the word “danger” means.

    • (((Malaclypse)))

      Like all Real Americans, he knows it means brown people.

      • howard

        I was thinking I didn’t put that right: I should have said Giuliani is relying on the special racist definition of “danger.”

      • With notably (but, alas, not sufficiently) rare exceptions.

      • econoclast

        I don’t think we should refer to them as Real Americans, even sarcastically. We’re the Real Americans. They are imposters who reject our country and everything it stands for.

        • LosGatosCA

          The Fascists fits them accurately.

  • Benjamin Wittes, who is no bleeding heart liberal. tl;dr

    There is, in fact, simply no rational relationship between cutting off visits from the particular countries that Trump targets (Muslim countries that don’t happen to be close U.S. allies) and any expected counterterrorism goods. The 9/11 hijackers, after all, didn’t come from Somalia or Syria or Iran; they came from Saudi Arabia and Egypt and a few other countries not affected by the order. Of the San Bernardino attackers (both of Pakistani origin, one a U.S. citizen and the other a lawful permanent resident), the Orlando shooter (a U.S. citizen whose parents were born in Afghanistan), and the Boston marathon bombers (one a naturalized U.S. citizen, one a green card holder who arrived in Massachusetts from Kyrgyzstan), none came from countries listed in the order. . . .

    [T]he document also takes steps that strike me as utterly orthogonal to any relevant security interest. If the purpose of the order is the one it describes, for example, I can think of no good reason to burden the lives of students individually suspected of nothing who are here lawfully and just happen to be temporarily overseas, or to detain tourists and refugees who were mid-flight when the order came down. I have trouble imagining any reason to raise questions about whether green card holders who have lived here for years can leave the country and then return. . . .

    [I]n the rational pursuit of security objectives, you don’t marginalize your expert security agencies and fail to vet your ideas through a normal interagency process. You don’t target the wrong people in nutty ways when you’re rationally pursuing real security objectives.
    When do you do these things? You do these things when you’re elevating the symbolic politics of bashing Islam over any actual security interest. You do them when you’ve made a deliberate decision to burden human lives to make a public point. In other words, this is not a document that will cause hardship and misery because of regrettable incidental impacts on people injured in the pursuit of a public good. It will cause hardship and misery for tens or hundreds of thousands of people because that is precisely what it is intended to do.

    • BiloSagdiyev

      Sadism and bigotry among right wing authoritarians? I’m glad I was sitting down for this one.

    • ASV

      OK, but Dylann Roof came from one of the targeted countries, right? And I’m pretty sure McVeigh is a Sudanese name.

      • Lot_49

        That’s different. They’re Christian terrorists.

      • Shantanu Saha

        If the idea is to prevent people from countries that have committed terrorism against the United States from entering the country, the primary targets of any such ban should be Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and… the United States.

    • Porlock Junior

      “Unusual title on that Lawfare piece. Until just now I thought it originated in Utopia, Ltd.,(*) a late and little-known opera by Gilbert and Sullivan. A high official in that progressive South Seas nation was the Public Exploder, whose whole job was that if the behavior of the king became intolerable, he was to blow the guy up. Hence, the form of government was Despotism Tempered by Dynamite. (Alas, I have never seen a production, so this account may be a little off.)

      However, James Thomson used the title 11 years earlier, for a poem about the Tsar. You may recall that in the 19th century there was a considerable amount of exploding done, which claimed at least one Tsar of all the Russias. As we sang around the campfire in college, “Oh, it’s sister Jenny’s turn to throw the bomb.” The Tsar in the poem is reflecting on his situation of absolute power — with, as we say, notably rare exceptions.


      Rather a clever choice of title. I’ll take your word about Wittes’s politics, but I rather like the fellow’s taste.

      (*) OMG, did I forget to mention that in their form of government all the *people* were *corporations*? Everyone bow down to Sir William Gilbert, a prophet of the Lord!

  • Hogan

    Saudi Arabia is going through a massive change. I think the kingdom particularly under the new prince has a real understanding that we are dealing with a massive radical Islamic terrorist problem.

    Saudi Arabia has emerged as the main group to finance and arm the rebels fighting against the Syrian government.[41] As of 2015, Saudi Arabia is openly backing the Army of Conquest, an umbrella rebel group that reportedly includes an al-Qaeda linked al-Nusra Front and another Salafi coalition known as Ahrar al-Sham.

    • For “going through a massive change” read “is welcoming to Trump business interests.” It’s entirely possible this is both intended as a Muslim ban and as a way to force countries to send grift Trump’s way. “Nice country you have there, be a shame if your trade agreements were canceled.” And the ineptitude of the whole thing very much fits with Josh Marshal’s idea of “Trump’s razor.”

      • howard

        i agree.

    • econoclast

      Guiliani has got to have a consulting relationship with Saudi Arabia, right? That’s the kind of excuse-making only money can buy.

  • scott_theotherone

    Between trying to keep up with the latest unbelievable thing Trump or one of his advisors has done/said, I still occasionally get a shock remembering that a lot of people I know, some of whom I love, voted for this fucking maniac. Am I the only one who wants to shake dear Great-Aunt Henrietta and say, “I fucking told you so!”

    • howard

      Don’t shake her, but do talk to her, if only to see if reality has broken through motivated reasoning.

    • The I told you so urge is strong, but perhaps more constructive is ” what are you going to do about it? ”
      I will reluctantly concede that some of them didn’t believe him when they voted for him for whatever other self refuting incoherent reasons they give, but now that he’s doing these things they have to either own it or show that they’re not monsters by resisting.

      • eclare

        I’ve been trying to make the point elsewhere that those who voted for Trump despite disagreeing with some of the things he’s said have a particular duty to speak up when he follows through with those statements. Opposition that comes from nominal Trump “supporters” will be infinitely more meaningful that resistance from those of us who have opposed him all along.

    • descriptivistcopyeditor

      Don’t shake her; talk with her. Make a point of bringing up politics, and have your talking points prepared. Be kind, be sincere, use I-messages. “They’re ignoring constitutional guarantees of freedom of religion/press/etc., I’m really worried–where does that end? I have a friend who’s impacted, he’s a great guy, this isn’t fair. And torture? Remember the Abu Ghraib photos, and how horrible that made us all feel and how much it damaged US credibility? We’re on a path to have that happen again.” Not recriminations or blame; just offer her reasons–reasons that will resonate *for her*–to vote against oppression next time.

      • Shell4747

        I hope you don’t mind I shared this – many people in my life seem to have a lot of use for advice on this subject, poor devils. Thanks

  • JKTH

    I put a commission together with Judge Mukasey, with Congressman McCaul, Pete King

    Live look-in.

    • Zamfir

      Is this the same Pete King who collected money for the IRA?

      • Davis X. Machina

        Those were white, Christian[1], terrorists, dammit.

        [1]Offer not valid in states of former CSA.

      • Warren Terra

        Given the anti-immigrant fervor I’d assumed Steve King, but I guess not.

    • Yankee

      it was a felicitous word actually

  • Gator90

    I was previously neutral about the DNC chair position, but now it is clearly imperative that it be Keith Ellison. He seems qualified enough, and … you know.

  • DrDick

    For the record, “the areas of the world that create danger for us” would be the same ones that voted for Trump. Far right white Christian Americans have been the biggest terrorist threat to this country for 40 years.

    • Mike G

      This. Christian bigots and the people they vote into office, and the deliberately aggressive and aggravating policies they support.

      • DrDick

        They literally have committed more terrorist acts (bombings, shooting, arsons, etc.) than any other group.

  • MacK

    Name the lawyers, because they seem both incompetent and a group of utter shitheels

  • Mike G

    an event that R.G. may or may not remember

    Apparently not, since he gave a speech proclaiming that “We had no Islamic terrorism until Obama took office”.

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