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Hello, 2017


Before the new year (uh, today), I squeezed in some art-makin’. I wanted to share it with you. 2016 was just…terrible. So I’m venting with something positive.

"Good Eggs"
“Good Eggs”


"Red Widow"
“Red Widow”

If there’s something beautiful/funny/cathartic you wanna share, share!

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  • Musashi

    Well, if you thought 2016 was bad…

    • tsam

      You’d better not be saying what your comment sounds like it’s saying

      • Musashi

        Um, that the next four years are going to be an unmitigated shitshow that will make 2016 look like a Gene Roddenberry utopia. Is that somehow controversial?

  • science_goy

    I’m feeling better about 2017 than I was, say, 6 weeks ago. Less apocalyptic and more like the country just stepped in dog shit. It’s nasty and we’ll have to smell it for a while, but eventually we’ll reach a point where we can start cleaning up the mess. That’s about as optimistic as this cynical old goy gets!

    P.S. Love the art!

  • tsam

    You’re really getting good at facial expression!

    • I wish I could take credit–remember, I’m just manipulating photos. (Not that I don’t manipulate expressions, too. ;) )

      • tsam

        Recognizing and using it to express the concept? Building a message around an expression? Kinda all the same thing, see?

  • DrDick

    I love that Red Widow! Almost gives me hope for the future.

  • Origami Isopod

    I like the flying pigs on the first one. I’m not sure precisely what they’re meant to express skepticism of, however.

  • dsidhe

    I want the mirror in Red Widow. It might be the only mirror in the world in which I’d recognize myself without having to think about it.

    I like the pigs too, even the ones without wings.

  • cpinva

    personally, I kind of like your food porn. I enjoy food, and enjoy tasty food even more (taking into account cholesterol levels & sodium), so I find your recipes strangely…………..exciting. there, I said it, and I’m not ashamed to admit it! :)

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