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Genuine Expert on Fascism Speaks About Rise of Fascism



David Neiwert, who knows more than perhaps anyone on the rise of fascism on the right in this country over the last two decades, speaks the truth.

Yet again, I find it fascinating that nearly every single ‘progressive’ I’ve seen pooh-poohing the fact that Russia’s intelligence services conducted an all-out cyberattack on America’s election system, with the full intent of undermining our democracy, is a hardcore Hillary Hater who almost certainly voted for Sanders or Stein. It makes crystal clear what I believed well before the election — that these ‘progressives’ are so blinded by their disdain for centrist liberalism that they simply are incapable of comprehending the reality of fascism when it smacks them right in the face.

And yes, people, Russia today is a proto-fascist regime, one that is actively financing and spreading proto-fascist “identitarian” nationalist philosophies throughout Europe and the United States. We know, in fact, that they are actually financing these movements.

These hardcore Hillary Haters, like Glenn Greenwald and his following, are in desperate denial about the enormity of the monstrous regime they have now empowered and enabled. They’re anxious to escape the blame for the unbelievable disaster that is about to befall us all, particularly progressives and people of color. Too fucking late, Glenn.


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