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Just how many women and girls have been sexually assaulted by Donald Trump?


trump cosby

“About the same number as Bill Cosby” would be a fair guess:

We walked into that room alone, and Trump shut the door behind us. I turned around, and within seconds, he was pushing me against the wall, and forcing his tongue down my throat.

Now, I’m a tall, strapping girl who grew up wrestling two giant brothers. I even once sparred with Mike Tyson. It takes a lot to push me. But Trump is much bigger—a looming figure—and he was fast, taking me by surprise, and throwing me off balance. I was stunned. And I was grateful when Trump’s longtime butler burst into the room a minute later, as I tried to unpin myself.

The butler informed us that Melania would be down momentarily, and it was time to resume the interview.

I was still in shock, and remained speechless as we both followed him to an outdoor patio overlooking the grounds. In those few minutes alone with Trump, my self-esteem crashed to zero. How could the actions of one man make me feel so utterly violated? I’d been interviewing A-list celebrities for over 20 years, but what he’d done was a first. Did he think I’d be flattered?

I mean it would be very surprising if Trump hadn’t sexually assaulted a large number of women, and I mean that completely literally.

Another statement that isn’t hyperbolic or sarcastic is that Trump is an emotional six-year-old. He thinks he should get to be president because Bill Clinton got to be president. It’s not fair!

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  • SoRefined

    This election’s “binders full of women” is way worse than 2012’s.

  • pseudalicious

    I like LGM for its flippancy, but these are real women in real pain and I wish this post had been worded differently.

  • I’ve been speculating that there is probably a Cosby-level number of victims roughly since the child rape story was reported, and since he was caught on tape bragging about sexual assault I have gotten more confident about that prediction. I think it’s a bit tastetless to phrase the question like a bet, though (and I know at least Eichenwald has already done this as well).

    • Paul Campos

      You’re right. Post title edited.

    • ForkyMcSpoon

      The surest sign that it’s a Cosby-level number of women is that he said they were going to make Bill Clinton look like Cosby.

      “Trump is projecting” is always a safe bet.

      It’s pretty amazing, really.

  • Warren Terra

    The same People magazine story has a scene in the spa that’s almost as disturbing as the assault.

  • MilitantlyAardvark

    I wonder what would happen if someone created a media space for women who have been sexually assaulted/abused/exploited by conservative politicians and media personalities to come forward and tell their stories. I am guessing we would see a tidal wave. Trump, Ailes, Gingrich – just three of the more prominent, recent cases. How many more are there?

    • Nobdy

      The same things that maintain silence now would still apply. The threats of reprisals and lawsuits. The negative impact on careers and personal relationships. The trauma of reliving the worst day of your life and having everyone who meets you be able to dig up an account with just a Google.

      Silence isn’t maintained because there’s no place to post this stuff, it’s maintained through careful social controls and implicit threats.

      Girls who don’t play along are punished, if not by their attacker than by other powerful men like their attacker who don’t want to hire whistleblowers (and that’s assuming there was no NDA.)

      What we need is not a media place to express this stuff but social/legal safeguards and supports for its expression.

      For one thing, NDAs should not be able to cover alleged sexual assaults. For another, we need a strong cultural message that there’s nothing wrong with anyone who is assaulted and that they have nothing to be ashamed of.

      That would help change things. Silence is key to these continued attacks.

      The conflation of rape and consensual sex is pernicious in a lot of ways, but one of them is that it makes victims of sexual assault just as much to ‘blame’ for thier attacks as they are for consensual sexual behavior.

      That’s why the focus on what he said being “vulgar” or “locker room talk” is so evil.

      • Peterr

        NDAs cannot legally cover criminal behavior. If Trump were to say that a NDA means “I promise to hide your criminal acts,” not only would he get laughed out of court but would open himself to further criminal charges of conspiracy to obstruct justice.

        • Colleen

          Really? I thought pretty much all NDAs do is cover un-investigated criminal behavior.

    • keta

      The sad truth is that “exploited by conservative politicians and media personalities” is far, far too narrow.

      A sadder truth is that this is a problem of our culture as a whole, and not limited to any subsets delineated by politics, profession, or any other false grouping.

      The saddest truth is that this whole Trump mess will, once again, put this loathsome behaviour front and center, everyone will cluck their clucks, wag their fingers, and nothing will change.

      • pseudalicious

        A sadder truth is that this is a problem of our culture as a whole, and not limited to any subsets delineated by politics, profession, or any other false grouping.


        • MilitantlyAardvark

          Consider though which group does most to peddle this false narrative of how women who have been abused were asking for it. Consider which group does most to peddle narratives of how women should be submissive to men – specifically white, conservative men – and which group uses religion as a weapon against women while claiming to be moral. No, it’s not the case that conservatives are the only ones doing it – but they are the ones providing the ideology that enables abuse.

          As for questions of silence, have the women submit accounts without their names or identifying features. It’s doable, if people are willing to put some effort in.

          Finally, yes, we should be working to change the legal framework of this country that enables sexual assault, but that change is more likely to happen when peddlers of that framework and the whole morality that underpins it are exposed, publicly, as abusers and hypocrites with no claim to virtue.

          • MedicineMan

            I’m sure you could make a good case that powerful conservatives are worse for this than liberals as a whole, but our community is hardly blameless. There are people nominally on the Left who are capable of impressive feats of deflection and excuse-making when the accused is a famous artist or respected director, for example.

            • Gregor Sansa

              I believe Bill Clinton is a rapist. I doubt he’s raped anyone in the last 30 years though.

              I doubt Trump goes a month without assaulting some woman or women.

              • Gregor Sansa

                Why don’t I think it’s a longstanding pattern with Bill Clinton? First, we would probably have heard about it. Second, he has empathy (and charisma).

                • Honestly, I’ve read most of the accusations against Clinton, and in comparison to the accusations against Trump, they don’t strike me as credible. The three women Trump brought forward again especially don’t strike me as credible. I’m in favour of giving accusers the benefit of the doubt, but I also believe in the motto “trust, but verify”.

                  Even if everything Paula Jones says is true, the judge who heard the case concluded that it wouldn’t be harassment. I’m inclined to agree with this; his conduct is sleazy, but assuming he did actually proposition her, he seems to have accepted her turning him down and not retaliated in any fashion against her. Her claim that Clinton exposed himself to her is also suspcious, because she names distinguishing features of his anatomy that conflict with testimony given by Clinton’s doctors and Monica Lewinsky. Perhaps she is misremembering details; perhaps she did not actually see anything clearly; or perhaps he never exposed himself to her. In any case, if I were on a jury and the case even went to trial, I certainly wouldn’t find there to be enough evidence to convict.

                  Broaddrick’s accusations are somewhat more credible, but they are still extremely problematic, not least because some of her accusations make no sense whatsoever. Broaddrick claims that Hillary Clinton thanked her for supporting Bill, and she interprets this as a threat. I can’t in any meaningful fashion understand how this makes sense. Broaddrick also claims that she is not being given the benefit of the doubt, but she also claims that Donald Trump is guilty of nothing more than talk. I find it difficult to understand that a victim of sexual assault would not understand when a man is boasting about having committed it and gotten away with it. She herself also refused to give the benefit of the doubt to Donald Trump’s accusers before the 12th (I have yet to hear any reaction from her to the latest accusations against Trump).

                  What bothers me most, though, is her sworn affidavit testifying that Bill Clinton never raped her. This isn’t dispositive on its own, and she herself claims that she signed it because she did not wish to testify about the most traumatic event in her life. This would be understandable in many cases, especially since she was accusing the most powerful man in the world. But this justification doesn’t hold up for me here, because she continued testifying about it in the media incessantly. If you’re willing to put yourself all over TV and the newspapers, then fear of ridicule, embarrassment, retaliation, general disruption to one’s life, and so on don’t apply. You’re already reliving the experience by recounting it over and over on television, by interviewers who themselves may be sceptical of your story. I don’t see how that’s any different from recounting your story in a courtoom – unless there’s some reason you’re afraid of legal retaliation for telling your story in a courtroom. Such as perjury.

                  Willey seems to be the least credible of the three; Linda Tripp, who was a close acquaintance of Willey’s at the time, directly contradicts almost everything Willey has said alleging misconduct on Clinton’s part, and Ken Starr, who was clearly searching for any possible reason to discredit Clinton, apparently said that if it had been up to him, Willey would have been charged with perjury.

                  I think that’s why I’m ultimately sceptical that Clinton is actually guilty of criminal sexual misconduct. If there were any substance to the allegations, I find it difficult to believe that none of the many right-wing attempts to smear Clinton would have come up with any credible evidence for them. The fact that Ken Starr in particular did not find any of these three cases credible enough to use them says an awful lot to me.

                  I’m not saying it’s impossible that Bill Clinton has committed some sex crime at some point in his life, but if I had been on the jury for any of these three cases, I would not, knowing the information that is available in the media, be convinced beyond a reasonable doubt of his guilt. I am already, by contrast, quite convinced that Trump is very likely guilty of many of the accusations that have been levelled against him, not least because he has already confessed to many of them.

                  That said, there are other allegations against Clinton which have barely been covered, including a woman who alleged that he assaulted her when she was a student in the U.K. There isn’t much information about this one, and the woman who made the allegation doesn’t seem to wish to come forward with more information. Of all the allegations I’ve heard against Clinton, this is honestly the one that I would be most inclined to think has the likelihood of being credible – if Clinton had committed misconduct in her case, then it would be unsurprising if the right wing had been unable to find credible evidence of a crime if the apparent victim had no desire to come forward with further information.

                • Arla

                  There’s a good reason the Oxford case isn’t being discussed. Its only source is a defunct website from 1999 with a history of making stuff up. As far as I’m concerned there isn’t even an actual allegation here.

                • Arla
                • Gregor Sansa

                  I agree that there’s a reasonable doubt, and that Jones and Willey are BS. I tend to believe Broaddrick, largely because there are corroborating accounts that she said it happened at the time.

                • StellaB

                  There is also the problem of money tainting the WJC claims. The Arkansas project, backed by millionaires like Richard Mellon Scaife, was willing to pay for negative information about the Clintons. Gennifer Flowers was initially paid something like $100K (by the National Enquirer) for her story and now claims to have made $500K in total over the years. There was a real feeding frenzy at the time. Whether these accusers were motivated by money, partisan consideration, or a genuine desire to tell their story is not easy to discern at this late date. However, the fact that Ken Starr, more contemporaneously, was both looking for negative stories and discarded these is another clue.

                • Arla

                  the fact that Ken Starr, more contemporaneously, was both looking for negative stories and discarded these is another clue.

                  I think this is a key point that sometimes gets lost. I have only the vaguest recollections of the 90s, but Ken Starr was actively looking for any evidence of misconduct on Clinton’s part. He was highly motivated, and had no reason to write off credible accusations. If only everyone who made accusations of sexual assault and/or harassment were taken so seriously.

                • brad

                  FWIW, the friend Broaddrick says she told about the rape is the daughter of the victim of a murderer Clinton pardoned as governor.
                  I don’t claim to know whether Clinton is a predator in that sense, or what happened with Broaddrick, but there’s questions to be asked about damn near every aspect of it all.

                • XTPD

                  Related note: Clinton’s taken multiple trips on child rapist Jeffrey Epstein’s plane, although there’s currently no evidence linking him to sex crimes, unlike Trump.

              • Taylor

                I believe you’re a child molester. I don’t think you’ve molested any children in the last 30 years though.

                • Gregor Sansa

                  Whom did I molest?

            • Xenos

              Conservatives often declare that Liberals always excuse Woody Allen and Roman Polanski, thus they are being hypocrites about Republicans.

              But I know many, many liberals, and none have ever excused the actions of Allen, Polanski, or Cosby, for that matter. A couple celebrity liberals have done so, but that is it, as far as I can tell.

              I guess it is just fabulation and projection, as usual.

              • Origami Isopod

                There is a subset of liberals, almost all men, who excuse such actions because “art” or because they’re Baby Boomers who haven’t moved along with the times. Liberals in general don’t defend those actions, as you say, but the existence of that subset makes a handy stick for wingnuts to beat all liberals and progressives with.

              • witlesschum

                People definitely defended Polanski right here in this comments section. Or at least argued strongly against his prosecution.

                • Origami Isopod

                  Don’t remind me. :(

                • Colleen

                  I do think their is a big difference between Polanski- a convicted criminal and Allen who is a disgusting human who may or may not have molested kids- but has never been charged. We do have a presumption of innocence so I can understand why people are reluctant to convict someone on tweets. I am fine with discounting the art of both criminals and terrible people. Their is a lot of art in the world. You really suffer no loss by ignoring one or two artists along the way.
                  That said- THANKS CLINTON SUPPORTERS! I really enjoy the moral high ground of “our candidate isn’t a rapist, she’s just married to one.” Awesome!That’s the clear moral line I want to make in an election. Replay this month with ANYONE BUT CLINTON as our nominee.
                  But because our nominee is Clinton once again we are parsing, getting into specifics and avoiding hard negative ads because of the history.
                  But Bernie had such crazy hair!

                • solidcitizen


                  I think you nailed the Clinton supporters’ objections to Bernie. It was the hair, or some such superficial nonsense. Why can’t Clinton supporters ever tell us why to vote FOR her, instead of AGAINST him? If you vote for Clinton, you’re voting for a Republican! If we lose working-class white men, what does the Democratic party stand for? The millennials love Bernie, if we lose them, we may never see the White House again! Get ready for war in Iran, everyone. Low information voters are voting for Clinton. The system is rigged! Black so-called leaders are selling out their people to the DNC for a little bit of power. There are 3 million uncounted ballots in the Dem primaries.

                  Did I miss anything?

                • Colleen

                  Wow, Solid Citizen- great way to deflect any legitimate criticism of your candidate! None of the “basement dwelling millennials” or us “systematic thought and severely backwards gender relations Catholics” have any legitimate grounds to criticize (all hail) Clinton!
                  I mean, just because the DNC was caught being a partisan actor in the primary process is no reason to not hire DWS the minute after she was fired! UNITY!!!
                  And the reason Sanders was so impossible is his pie in the sky ideas like raising min. wage and free college- ideas she has since taken.

                • solidcitizen


                  I went back and read your original comment. I am still looking for the legitimate criticism of Clinton (not “my candidate” – Bernie supporter and donor).

                  You seem to be saying that Clinton was a bad choice because Bill has been accused of a lot of shitty things, costing the Dems the “moral high ground.” Is this your “legitimate criticism”?

                  If it is, then you are saying that a woman cannot be a candidate for high office if her husband has done or been accused of some shit. Or that she sacrifices the “moral high ground” because of her husband’s actions. I do not think that is legitimate criticism, any more than I think trying to hold Bernie accountable for what happened at Burlington College makes any sense.

                  There are many legitimate criticisms of Hillary. I disagree that Bill’s actions are legitimate grounds to criticize her.

                  Of course, now that I see you are going with the Clinton called Bernieites “basement dwellers” and that Clinton should be held responsible for Podesta’s comments about Catholics, I realize that we are working for two different perspectives.

              • Colleen

                I absolutely think Burlington College is a legitimate criticism- particularly if Sanders played a part in facilitating loans. Just as Clinton’s history is legitimate if she played a part in discrediting witnesses or covering up criminal behavior. But I know I would rather defend overspending that rape and sexual harassment.
                Also, since when is the staff not a reflection on the employer? So you don’t think Ailes or Bannon have any legitimate place in criticism of Trump?
                A major reason for nominating her was her elect-ability and toughness, but now we are in a scenario where any breathing Democratic candidate would be doing as well as Clinton and she can’t unleash the toughness because any argument she makes would taint her own family.
                My criticisms of her are hawkishness, poor judgement on Iraq and a fear that many of her bold policies will disappear the minute it meets any resistance because she was just saying them to try to get elected.

      • twbb

        “The saddest truth is that this whole Trump mess will, once again, put this loathsome behaviour front and center, everyone will cluck their clucks, wag their fingers, and nothing will change.”

        I don’t think that’s necessarily true. History has shown once you get a critical mass of people saying “no, not anymore” you get if not the problem completely solved, substantively changed and diminished with real-world positive impacts for the victims. Look at overt racism, overt anti-semitism, and overt sexism.

        • GeorgeBurnsWasRight

          Look at overt racism, overt anti-semitism, and overt sexism.

          I would have agreed with you a year or so ago that this country is making progress overall.

          But between the numerous police shootings and sex scandals, and the Trump campaign, which has engaged in overt racism and sexism, I think we’re at best a step forward and half a step back.

          • twbb

            Maybe, but that still results in a half step forward…

          • Origami Isopod

            The police shootings and sex rape scandals would not have come to light in the past.

            That’s not to say things are getting completely better. The revival of overt antisemitism is worrisome, and so are certain symptoms of overt sexism such as demanding the repeal of the 19th Amendment. Overt racism never really went away, though, and neither did overt sexism on the whole.

      • The usual way things change is that perps pay a higher price in some way for their misbehaviour. Trump is going down to political disaster and social ostracism, in part because of his life of sexual predation. That is, he will pay a price, as did Ailes. Other powerful lechers will become more circumspect and fewer vulnerable women will be assaulted. What do you expect, Canossa?

  • jim, some guy in iowa

    the rats congressional republicans must be headed for the lifeboats again

    • Derelict

      Some who retracted their endorsements of Trump on Saturday and Sunday reneged on that on Tuesday and Wednesday, doubling down on their support for the candidate. With the new avalanche of allegations, they can retract their re-endorsements tomorrow, then re-re-endorse Trump in time for the Sunday shows, then retract those endorsements some time next week when yet more allegations come out.

      By the time election day rolls around, the entire GOP will be Schroedinger’s candidates, simultaneously in a state of endorsement and non-endorsement. (Kind of like the current states of Paul Ryan and Kelly Ayotte. Won’t someone please toss them a vial of prussic acid?)

      • Would a joke about Schroedinger’s pussies be in bad taste?

      • so-in-so

        Between Schrodinger’s immigrant (who simultaneously takes your job while lolling around on welfare) and Schrodinger’s candidate Schrodinger is a busy guy. I guess it’s nice his cat gets some time off.

      • q-tip

        Sylvester McMonkey McBean would be making a killing off these Sneetchy motherfuckers right now.

  • Nobdy

    There will be a lot of victims. Trump is 70 and has been doing this his whole life. He bragged about it to Billy Bush. It is a long and established pattern of behavior.

    My main questions are A) Has Trump actually raped anyone, as opposed to ‘just’ sexually assaulting them and B) how far will Trump and his goons go to hurt and destroy these women.

    These women are incredibly brave, and they are patriots. They are putting themselves in the crosshairs in order to serve their country and provide the truth. They never asked for any of this and they could just remain ‘hidden’ if they wanted to. I admire each and every one of them.

    • MilitantlyAardvark

      Four victims so far, plus footage of Trump in 1992 talking to a young girl and bragging that he’ll be dating her in 10 years time.

      • Warren Terra

        Four victims so far

        Slate lists eight named victims, including the marital rape allegation by Ivana Trump, and not including the multiple accusations of backstage voyeurism at Miss Teen USA. The piece hints at a ninth, anonymous victim, and other sources say yet more stories are in the works.

        • MilitantlyAardvark

          It’s amazing that you can step away from the internet to eat lunch – and the number of victims doubles. What a sick, vicious little beast Trump is.

          Liz Mair @LizMair
          By the way, the two really, really bad stories I mentioned would soon be dropping still haven’t actually dropped.

    • Gizmo

      This is all just sad. The race has turned from farce to tragedy.

    • Juicy_Joel

      deleted because I’m terrible.

      • Well, since I didn’t see what you deleted, I don’t have to worry about the moral status of fliply correcting “terrible” to “deplorable”.

    • MacK

      I think it highly likely that Trump went further than forced kissing and groping.

      What I wonder about is Trump proxies like Jerry Falwell jr … is their comfort with this type of behavior by a third party because they too….

      • MilitantlyAardvark

        The GOP: abusive assholes all the way down.

      • Jerry Falwell jr

        Nonsense, MacK. Dynastic theocrats are never the victims / perpetrators of sexual predation.

        • N__B

          That’s why the Ptolemaic dynasty was so sane and politically stable.

        • GeorgeBurnsWasRight

          I find it revealing that they can’t find their way to condemning King David.

          From what I can tell it’s some combination of their understanding of how God acts in the world and their own misogyny and, in some cases, fantasies or even behavior (Swaggart is hardly alone.)

      • tsam

        Based in the history of the occasional exposure behind the veil of piousness covering these tv preachers, there’s a damn good chance of it.

      • Origami Isopod

        IDK about Falwell, but there’s James Dobson

    • twbb

      Ivana Trump testified in a deposition that he raped her. She sorta-kinda walked it back, later, but not in a very convincing way.

      • N__B

        As I remember, her accusation was full of specifics and her forced retraction was a lot of hand-waving.

        • tsam

          Was that the one where he said his hair hurt so he assaulted her?

          • N__B

            Yeah. He’d had surgery to reduce the size of his bald spot – which has miraculously disappeared since then – and his scalp hurt.

            Also, what the hell are you doing up at this hour?

            • Hasn’t gone to bed on Wednesday night yet.

            • tsam

              Nightmare alarm clock. Best handled with coffee and crappy jokes!

              • N__B

                My sympathies.

                • tsam

                  Thanks man–I’m good though. Happens to everyone. I’m rapther enjoying having a couple of hours before work to be awake when it’s silent in the house and I have coffee and an iPad. The little things…

                • Ahuitzotl

                  didnt your mother tell you not to eat a Republican before bed time?

  • Calming Influence

    If I were a billionaire, I would right now tell everyone who has had to sign a non-disclosure agreement with Donald (which I understand has a 5 million dollar penalty attached) that I will pay that $5 million. Step up to the mic. You’re covered. Any billionaires out there?

    • Mark Cuban or Warren Buffett might be willing to go for it. IIRC they are both supporting Clinton. And unlike Trump, they’re both actual billionaires!

      • Calming Influence

        Oh hell, neither of them are answering their phones. Also Gates and Allen; I’ve left messages on their machines, but who knows when they’ll get back to me. Who else?

        (Anyone notice why income disparity might present a problem in a democracy?)

      • N__B

        Bloomberg truly despises Trump. You think he’d pony up a few mil.

        • tsam

          Bloomberg: “That’s money tho. Can I just stop him and frisk him every time he walks to the office?”

          • tsam

            Also, I don’t think I like that “frisk” has to do with a handsy search, while “frisky” refers to cats or being horny or both. I don’t know where I’m going with this.

    • Calming Influence

      And to the L part of LGM: how binding is a confidentiality agreement if there is sexual assault involved?

      • John Revolta

        Yeah, this was my question………………can a non-disclosure agreement be used to cover up stuff that’s actually, you know, illegal?

      • Warren Terra

        I’m not a lawyer, but I can’t imagine that would allow public disclosure. Maybe they couldn’t be penalized for telling a grand jury, maybe thy’d be free to testify in open court or under subpoena in Congress – but public disclosure?

        • Calming Influence

          Warren, you’ve been commenting here long enough that I think it would be fair to call you a “lawyer”, if not an actual lawyer. I’d never hire you, of course, but then I’m a longtime commenter on LGM, so I know better.

          • Ahuitzotl

            he’s a lawyer? I thought he was a Gun

        • randy khan

          NDAs pretty much always can be overcome in situations in which you’re compelled to testify.

      • SIWOTI

        It’s binding unless a court declines to enforce it because it violates public policy. How should a court decide whether that applies? Look at § 178 of the Second Restatement of Contracts: more specifically, when deciding whether a contractual term violates public policy, balance how and whether that public policy is manifested by laws or judicial decisions, whether refusing to enforce the term will further that policy, the seriousness of any misconduct involved and the extent to which it was deliberate, and the directness of the connection between the misconduct and the terms of the non-disclosure agreement.

        Clear as mud, right? Here’s some of what has happened in practice though. Courts have declined to enforce NDAs which prohibited victims of sexual harassment from communicating with the EEOC. In other cases, courts have refused to enforce NDAs to prevent victims of sexual discrimination from being deposed in later suits.

        It’s a lot easier for a court to refuse to enforce an NDA when additional individuals could be harmed by identical or similar conduct. And there’s a good argument that NDAs should be considered unenforceable and void as against public policy when they cover settlements concerning sexual abuse. But whether a court would enforce it in a specific case is a harder question to answer.

        • Calming Influence

          Thanks SIWOTI, I don’t want to do a tl:dr but could a signer simply say “sure, I’ll pay the penalty, here’s what I’ve got to say…” without further legal repercussions?

          • SIWOTI

            Maybe, but probably not. You can almost always breach a contract if you’re willing and able to pay the damages for that breach of contract. Usually that will be the entire amount of the settlement, since the settlement is often about buying silence as much as it is about settling the tort.

            The problem for most victims who settle with their abusers is they don’t have the money anymore. And there are usually transaction costs (lawyer fees, court costs) in addition.

            And if the abuser’s lawyer is smart (and rich ones can pay for smart lawyers), they will seek a court injunction for specific performance of the NDA, and argue that damages are more than the amount of the settlement. Plus sue the victim for anything else they can think of. So that in the end, the victim could be on the hook for more than the settlement amount.

        • tsam

          Ahhhh law words. The only thing worse than architectural specifications for bloat and weaselly bullshit.

    • a non-disclosure agreement with Donald (which I understand has a 5 million dollar penalty attached)

      The $5mill penalty is for violating the NDA with the Apprentice crowd.

      • twbb

        And it would be owed to MGM, not Donald Trump. And I think the negative publicity of a lawsuit is something MGM might not want to invoke in the end…

  • jpgray

    His surrogates are getting wrecked.

    Surrogate: “Doubt doubt doubt long ago lies lies lies Clinton!”

    Talking Head: “Why do you believe Juanita Broaddrick but not these women?”

    Surrogate: (BSOD)

    Bill Cosby is foolish, stupid, or getting bad advice in remaining silent if he is innocent. Probably guilty! Not a fan.

    — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) November 30, 2014

    The scale of this is so fucking tragic.

    Also, fuck all the GOP weasels who still endorse (or have re-endorsed!) this piece of dump.

    • Juicy_Joel

      While Trump is deplorable how can you tolerate the predatory behavior of Bill and the smears and threats on victims perpetrated by Hillary?

      Jill Stein 2016! Everyone hop on this purity pony!

      • Gregor Sansa

        I actually believe Broaddrick is probably telling the truth. Not Jones, though. That would probably mean Bill has assaulted other women we don’t know about. Perhaps 5 or 10, probably none since 1985. It would also mean that Hillary had some degree of knowledge and complicity, though limited.

        There is some room for doubt, but that’s what I believe.

        Trump has at least 10 times more victims and enablers, it’s true. But let’s not trivialize things by bringing in Stein.

        • Manny Kant

          You’re just making up stuff. Believe Broaddrick if you want, but don’t use that to make up other stuff that’s “probably” true.

    • His surrogates are getting wrecked.

      Miller is trying the tack that “Those assaults happened didn’t happen decades ago and are covered by the statute of limitations irrelevant”.

      To reach back decades in an attempt to smear Mr. Trump trivializes sexual assault

    • tsam

      Lol at the BSOD

  • Mike in DC

    Why stop at Cosby? I wouldn’t be surprised if the count is closer to Jimmy Savile’s. He’s 70 and has been prominent, rich, powerful and connected for maybe 40 years. I’ll bet he started doing stuff to women in his teens.

    • Warren Terra

      Why was he sent to a discipline-heavy all-male boarding school?

      • N__B

        I thought it was for physically, non-sexually assaulting a teacher.

        • Warren Terra

          Oh, sure, that’s the story.

          Thinking about it, I’m only half kidding …

          • so-in-so

            That’s probably where the locker room he keeps referencing was located.

    • MilitantlyAardvark

      I really do wonder just what the truth is about his relationship with Ivanka and Tiffany. Tiffany certainly didn’t seem especially eager to be part of his entourage.

      • Warren Terra

        While I suppose it’s foolish at this point to bet against anything, there really isn’t any reason to read much into that. As I understand it, Tiffany was raised by Marla Maples, Donald’s estranged ex-wife, from about the age of six. Who knows how much of a relationship they have? She doesn’t work in the family business (she just graduated from college this year), and Wikipedia says she has a beau who isn’t a New York real estate scion like Ivanka’s husband.

        • MilitantlyAardvark

          It’s hard not to think the worst when you hear Trump being perfectly comfortable with calling Ivanka a “piece of ass” and see them posing together in photographs that look as if Trump were her sugar daddy rather than her actual father. There’s something deeply sick about that dynamic and you have to wonder just how far things have gone.

        • Calming Influence

          Tiffany: run away. There are good people out here that will help you. Just get away.

        • ForkyMcSpoon

          I’m guessing a significant motivation for all of them is looking out for their inheritances, and you have to imagine Tiffany is not confident that she’ll be getting an equal share.

          She does seem to be the one who is doing only the bare minimum to say that she helped.

        • gmoot

          One of her degrees was in sociology, where she had to have taken courses on power, privilege, gender, etc. Can’t think of too many disciplines that would be less sympathetic to Trump/Trumpism.

          • N__B


          • MAJeff

            Can’t think of too many disciplines that would be less sympathetic to Trump/Trumpism.

            Women and Gender Studies comes to mind.

            • Woodrowfan

              History, particularly of Europe between the World Wars..

        • Domino

          Reminder: The Donald admitted he told Marla she should’ve gotten an abortion, who was pregnant with Tiffany.

          I can’t even imagine finding out about that, let alone in the way Donald did it (on the Stern show).

  • BobBobNewhartNewhartSpecial

    Careful, or you may find yourself on the other end of a libel suit

    Here it is: Trump campaign lawyer sends letter to @nytimes demanding “full and immediate retraction and apology” of article==>

    ETA: you can’t really tell, but the arrow is a link to the tweet with the letter.

    • MilitantlyAardvark

      Eh,the Times will laugh at that. Chicken Little Fingers is never going to risk being forced into full disclosure in court.

      • MacK

        See my post on third party subpoenas – the discovery rights a defendant New York Times would get to defeat NDAs would be yuuuuge.

      • bexley

        New York Times’ lawyers: “We refer you to the reply given in the case of Arkell v. Pressdram”

    • randy khan

      I just hope Trump’s lawyers demanded payment in advance.

    • twbb

      Considering the past 24 years of Times’ coverage of the Clintons, Donald Trump’s campaign lawyer should have sent a fruit basket, not a demand letter.

  • Calming Influence

    And yes, also, too, by the way, I still want to see this asshole’s tax returns, thank VERY much.

    • Calming Influence

      OK, I left a whole word out of that sentence. I need to either focus on drinking, or focus on commenting.

      “thank you VERY much.”

    • MacK

      I wonder if the tax returns might reflect some settlements? I mean would Trump have claimed damages paid in confidential settlements off his taxes? Not sure if you can, but if you can, don’t you think Trump would?

      • Warren Terra

        Why would settlements be tax deductible? With all the obvious caveats about my lack of knowledge, I can see settlements being a cost of doing business, for a business, but not on a personal income tax return.

        I think it’s important Trump release his returns, in service of transparency and against his being treated as exceptional, but you see all these assertions about the insight we’d get from his tax returns that it seems unlikely the returns would clarify.

        • Hayden Arse

          Just spit-balling here, but Trump seems like the kind of guy who would have paid settlements for his behavior with corporate money, and written it off as a business expense. There is evidence that he used his foundation for paying settlements, so I bet the returns would unearth a lot of damning information related to his sexual predation.

          Given the nature of his business interests, I could be wrong, but I suspect that there is significant overlap between the personal returns and the corporate returns.

          • Warren Terra

            Oh, absolutely. But I don’t think that would show up on his personal tax returns.

            • MacK

              Depends on whether you called it a settlement. It could be, oh a scholarship or something else with an NDA as a side agreement.

        • N__B

          you see all these assertions about the insight we’d get from his tax returns that it seems unlikely the returns would clarify.

          I distinctly remember a question about penis size on Schedule Q.

          • Richard Gadsden

            I think that’s Avenue Q.

          • TheSophist

            I thought it was Schedule PP.

        • MacK

          I’ve seen settlements structured to be tax deductible – so it’s possible.

  • MacK

    There is a way to get around the NDAs that Trump has had women sign – plus perhaps the one for the Apprentice – A subpoena. NDA’s have a legal hole, compulsory disclosure under legal process that is to say “an order by a court or agency of compentent jurisdiction …”

    So for example, there is an existing lawsuit by a 13 year old who says Trump raped her. Her lawyers could in principle issue a subpoena for the Apprentice hot mike tapes. However, there is also the so-called “friendly subpoena” where counsel for a party with an NDA simply says to the counsel seeking “I can’t tell you anythjng without a subpoena,” which amounts to a heavy hint – but if you were to get one, whoa! In such a situation even the existence of the NDA itself is revealing.

    Now if course Trump could move to quash the subpoenas, but the motions would have to say on what grounds – and while they might be under seal, well one could surmise from the motions very existence that there is an NDA – or perhaps many NDAs….

    So long as the subpoena seek potentially relevant evidence …and it would seem that a victim of sexual assault by Trump might reasonably argue that the evidence shows pattern….indeed, the New York Times if sued by Trump could use subpoenas too

    • JMP

      For this very reason, I really, really hope Trump actually goes forward on his threat to sue the NY Times for libel, and has to go through discovery.

      • MacK

        Yes, but … a subpoena in an existing lawsuit could face a motion to quash before the election ends.

        • Calming Influence

          Suppose an NDA signer spoke out about Trump entering a dressing room where underage women were undressed? Is he going to sue to suppress, even though the word is already out?

          • MacK

            Quite possibly – remember the character of the man

    • Warren Terra

      I mean, it’s a sound notion, but I’m confident Trump’s lawyers can tie this up for three-and-a-half weeks.

      • MacK

        I’m confident they can – but it’s the tying up that’s the problem. They’d have to file the motions to quash within 14 days – and it’s those motions – and their basis that would be the problem for Trump.

  • MilitantlyAardvark


    Donald Trump’s campaign is “pulling out of Virginia,” a move that stunned staff in the battleground state, three sources with knowledge of the decision told NBC News.

    The decision came from Trump’s headquarters in New York and was announced on a conference call late Wednesday that left some Republican Party operatives in the state blindsided. Two staffers directly involved in the GOP’s efforts in Virginia confirmed the decision.

    I suspect this is the Cuckwork Orange cutting his losses and making sure that he maximizes his personal cash-flow from the next four weeks. Those rubes won’t grift themselves, you know!

    • The report infers that Trump is down to a four-state campaign: Florida, North Carolina, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania is a Hail Mary (RCP recent poll average Clinton +9%). The others can’t give him an EV majority IIRC. Is he effectively conceding?

    • Captain Oblivious

      I’m betting his campaign is broke. They’re still on the air here in FL but not much.

  • MilitantlyAardvark


    Donald Trump is a “revolting slug” unfit for public office, according to the New South Wales parliament’s upper house.

    On Thursday, Jeremy Buckingham, an upper house Greens MP, tabled a motion condemning “misogynistic, hateful” comments the US Republican presidential candidate has made against women and minorities, including his remarks revealed at the weekend describing sexual assault.

    The motion also called out what is described as the divisive, destructive impact of hate speech from political candidates and agreed with those describing Trump as a “slug” unfit for office.

    Buckingham’s motion was unanimously carried.

    “It’s clear that all reasonable and decent people find Donald Trump’s behaviour obnoxious and that the world is hoping American voters reject his politics of hate,” Buckingham said.

    • Emma in Sydney

      Buckingham is now tweeting the racist abuse he is being sent by USian Trump fans.

      • MilitantlyAardvark

        Sounds like a bad TIC TAC:


    • Unfair to slugs! Unfair to pigs! Unfair to sharks! Unfair to octopuses! Unfair to shit! I think for metaphors we are down to guinea worms, Balrogs and HIV virus.

      • N__B

        You know those artificial lagoons near hog farms, that are full of untreated pig shit and piss? Now imagine that the bacteria living in that soup achieved semi-sentience.

        That’s it.

      • I think Balrogs get a bad rap.

        • Balrog rap isn’t to everyone’s taste, but it is a distinctive cultural artifact.

        • witlesschum

          A wizard and his accomplices sneak into my house, I’m gonna fire whip first and ask questions late.

          • grouchomarxist

            Stand your underground!

  • This all just makes me sick and sad.

  • georgekaplan

    “Another statement that isn’t hyperbolic or sarcastic is that Trump is an emotional six-year-old. He thinks he should get to be president because Bill Clinton got to be president. It’s not fair!” This is incredibly, scarifyingly true. I have to credit the Trump / alt-right phenomenon for REALLY making me fully aware of how many people have no ethical sense beyond, “But that kid over there is doing it too!”

    • GeorgeBurnsWasRight

      I’ll take “Things I Should Have Learned in First Grade” for $1,000, Alex.

    • so-in-so

      I made essentially that comment last week, and found I had insulted a large number of six year olds.

  • Pingback: This could be problematic for Donald Trump | | Eye on the Republic()

  • Calming Influence

    Oh, and I’m super glad that global climate change is a hoax, because Seattle is supposed to get hit with basically a frickin’ hurricane today, and that would suck. (Yeah, it went from “Oh hi, Rainier! Oh, hi, Olympics! to jeeze, it’s raining pretty hard all of a sudden.) Rain? Yup. Extreme low-pressure storm systems in October? Nope.

  • IM

    OT. Breaking: Bob Dylan gets Nobel.

    Roth was robbed again.

    • twbb

      Someone over on JDU suggested at this point the Nobel committee is just trolling Murakami.

      • IM

        Murakami? overrated.

        • twbb

          A lot of people say the same about Roth.

          I couldn’t really say, I tend to avoid writers who think the sum of human experience can be teased out from the small, white, and first world communities they come from. Same reason I avoid John Updike and Alice Munro. Have some greatness of scope, for God’s sake.

          • Origami Isopod


            There are so many great writers out there who draw on life beyond those communities. I have no tears to cry when a Roth or an Updike gets snubbed. Munro, I’d feel a little more conflicted about, because it’s not like literary fiction isn’t hostile to women.

            • twbb

              Granted, though I would have loved to see Margaret Atwood get it instead of Munro.

      • IM

        No, it’s a plot against Roth.

    • Warren Terra

      I’m not going to judge the merits of the prize one way or the other, but it’s been somewhere between a running joke and an outside probability that Dylan would get the prize every year for decades. There’s practically a cult dedicated to making it happen.

    • rea

      A google search on “Dylan Nobel” gets an unarmed teen being shot by cops in Fresno

    • keta

      Irvine Welsh cracked me up:

      I’m a Dylan fan, but this is an ill conceived nostalgia award wrenched from the rancid prostates of senile, gibbering hippies.

      • Origami Isopod

        Imagine if they’d given the award to James Taylor…

  • Nobdy

    Goddamn right wingers.

    Here is Erick Erickson, a PROMINENT TRUMP OPPONENT, claiming that “Donald Trump is having a bimbo eruption.”

    Why call these women bimbos? Because that’s what right wingers do. When a reporter is doing her job and is assaulted by her subject she is transformed from a professional writer into a “bimbo.”

    And this is a guy who hates Trump and wants him to fail (and who cloaks himself in religious righteousness).

    But he can’t help himself from hating women too.

    Those ten year old girls who were doing NOTHING wrong when Donald Trump decided to declare his intentions to wait until they ripened before plucking one to serve as his sex object? They’re part of the “bimbo eruption” too.

    Right wingers. Even when they’re on your side, they’re disgusting.

    • tsam

      You weren’t expecting guys like Ewick to suddenly start treating women with some basic human dignity, were you? That’s a slippery slope to saying cops shouldn’t shoot unarmed black teenagers.

      • Manny Kant

        And Ewick’s (shudder) one of the good ones…

    • dave

      He’s trolling liberals. “Bimbo Eruption” is a phrase allegedly used by insiders in Clinton’s ’92 campaign to refer to the accusations against Bill.

      • Manny Kant

        Right, though those were about consensual affairs, I believe.

      • pseudalicious

        brb nuking planet

  • N__B

    The Daily News’s vendetta has been a joy to behold.

    • twbb

      At this point, the Daily News does better political coverage than the New York Times.

      • Warren Terra

        apparently, the New York Times has given more and more prominent front-page space to the hacked emails – from which there have thus far been nothing but prurient revelations – than it has given to the cavalcade of credible assault allegations against Donald Trump.

        • twbb

          Can’t wait until the next Liz Spayd PR piece praising the awesome coverage and mocking the haters as just liberals who don’t want their candidate examined.

  • leftwingfox

    Meanwhile, Rush Limbaugh tries to make “consent” seem like a liberal plot.


    • Arla

      “Oh, so CONSENT is this SUPER SPECIAL THING that MAGICALLY transforms RAPE into just SEX????”


      • so-in-so

        Well, when Rush pays for his sex I’m sure there is no question of the “consent”, of somebody…

        What country in South or Central America did he “visit” with a bag full of Viagra?

        • BigHank53

          Caribbean, actually. The Dominican Republic, which is a noted destination for US sex tourism.

    • pseudalicious

      It’s… interesting, in the Chinese proverb sense, to see the right-wing view of sex and rape laid bare.

  • DrDick

    Trump is a narcissistic spoiled child, who has always gotten his way and believes he is entitled to anything he wants. That is loathsome at 12 and completely beyond the pale at 70. It is also sadly far too common among rich and powerful men, especially those who were born to it.

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