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Some Maryland links. Because why not?


Also, no other state has a flag with squashed harlequins in the design.

  1. At Mount St. Mary’s the bunnies have their revenge.
  2. Maryland’s End of Life Option bill is DOA.
  3. Felons regain the right to vote as soon as they’re released. (Personal note: Last year the bill’s sponsor watched me white knuckle through take off on a flight out of Vegas and didn’t move to another seat.)
  4. Speaking of Bal’more – DeRay Mckesson is running for mayor.
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  • Hogan

    I have both driven and biked around the ponies of Assateague/Chincoteague. God love em, every one.

  • DrDick

    I rather love the image of avenging bunnies (and the reality even more)! It will be interesting to see what happens with McKesson. That really is an important step for the activists to take to effect lasting change.

    • Peterr
    • DocAmazing

      I’m still really worried about McKesson and his TFA links. He’s made TFA noises in the recent past. Not good.

      • Brien Jackson

        This is the most DocAmazing post ever.

      • JL

        I had concerns about that despite my respect for McKesson’s anti-racist/anti-police-brutality activism, but when I read his initial education plan I was pretty reassured. I saw a lot about stuff like increasing access to pre-K, cover school funding gaps, improve school bus service, pay for poor public school grads to go to college, increase adult access to GEDs. There could easily be some warning signs that I’m missing, but I didn’t see any obvious red flags.

        • Brien Jackson

          The closest you can get, I guess is a) his supposed personal history as a schools administrator which I admittedly know little about, and b) that “repurposing” the old school buildings could very well mean selling them off for new charter schools. But: a) it should be obvious that there’s a difference between being in an administrative function within one school/organization and being in a much broader policymaking role and, b) given the needs and strcuture of Baltimore schools, repurposing the buildings as charter schools is at least a very defensible idea. Baltmiore really is facing a need for more capacity after the state funding cuts (and the nature of state funding anyway), and Baltimore’s charter schools are unionized to boot.

          Plus, his quotes in the article below are accurate: the mayor doesn’t actually have a ton of control over the operations of schools in the city.

          • rickhavoc

            BCPSS is indeed its own thing. And per Flint, water is trucked into nearly every public school in B’more on account of the pipes, and has been for years. Charters will fix that?

            With ~220 properties on hand and a student population that fills less the half the square footage, BCPSS is as much an abandoned property manager as anything. Do not get me started on charter schools.

  • Mike in DC

    What part of MD are you in/from, Shake? Contra my nom de plume, I am currently in Hyattsville.

    • I’m currently a citizen of the Terpistani Republic.

      • rickhavoc

        I knew there was a reason I dug your posts.

      • sharculese

        My biggest regret about moving back to Atlanta is that we never hung out while I was living in College Park.

  • Pseudonym

    Interesting stuff, but not one of your most exciting music videos. (Yes, Shakezula gave me a pony and I complained. So much for not looking a gift horse in the mouth. Maybe I’m just not used to seeing live equines here?)

  • BlogWood

    DeRay Mckesson’s Baltimore Mayoral Run Has a Teach For America Problem http://blgwd.us/1R0wwPN

    I do not trust this TFA alumnus.

    • JL

      That article is a mix of valid points and silly, obnoxious smearing. Is it really trying to imply that TFA, or some sinister corporate interests, funded his activism in Ferguson (why is “family and friends” not a perfectly reasonable answer there?)? Is it trying to suggest that Netta fucking Elzie isn’t a legitimate protest organizer? I have no problem with the Hands Up United Coalition, but the idea that McKesson wasn’t part of any protests is just silly, how do they think he was livetweeting them? And I’m honestly confused what they think is so red-flag-ish about McKesson’s education platform. Not to mention this silly idea that occasionally tweeting about things companies are doing that he likes, from his own Twitter account, means that he has some kind of secret deal with them.

      There are real factions in Ferguson and in Black Lives Matter, and plenty of people who don’t like him. There are also genuine reasons to be concerned about his TFA connections or beliefs about education.

      This article is a bunch of conspiracy theory stuff from someone who tries to minimize his activism, and who, judging by parts of his Twitter timeline, has a weird obsession with McKesson and with Black Lives Matter people who have TFA connections. And who pretended that he didn’t imply in that article that McKesson’s travel to Ferguson was TFA-funded.

    • Bruce Vail

      I’m seriously considering voting for DeRay.

      The TFA connection is uncomfortable, but not disqualifying, as far as I am concerned.

  • Richard Hershberger

    The Maryland state flag is awesome! The state song, on the other hand… The fact that it is sung to the tune of “O Christmas Tree” is at best only the third most embarrassing thing about out.

    • Davis

      But the state sport is jousting!

      • FridayNext

        Almost all of these things have roots in the states racist/slavery past.

        The state flag: When treasonous Marylanders went south to fight for Robert E. Lee they needed their own banner that distinguished them from non-treasonous Marylanders so they chose the red and white Crossland Banner. After the Civil War they added the red and white banner to honor their confederate soldiers and bring white Marylanders together.

        The State Song, I’ll just leave the final refrain here:
        I hear the distant thunder-hum,
        The Old Line bugle, fife, and drum,
        She is not dead, nor deaf, nor dumb-
        Huzza! She spurns the Northern scum!
        She breathes! She burns! She’ll come! She’ll come!
        Maryland! My Maryland!

        Jousting is a bit more problematic. It really isn’t jousting per se, it is the remnants of something called “ring tournaments” that is tilting at rings suspended from a pole/tree and getting your lance inside the ring. They were very popular in Virginia and Maryland after the popularity of books like Ivanhoe. I leave it to people who know more about Southern manhood to expound on the connection between southern talk of chivalry and fantasies of Medieval knights. But the ring tournaments involved all the pageantry, ritual, and fanciful dress movies of medieval knights would eventually include. They had clubs like the “Knight of the Lone Star” or after the Civil War “Knights of the Lost Cause.” While some ex-slaves did form their own ring tournaments during Reconstruction, those didn’t last long. Here is the problematic part. I have never seen scholarship that found explicit connections between these ring tournaments, their participants, and organizations like “Knight of the Imperial Chieftain” and the same pageantry, ritual, and symbolism of white supremacy groups like the Knights of the White Carmelia and the KKK, but to casual observer the connection seems pretty obvious.

        And that’s why the state sport should be duckpin bowling, the state song should be Strange Fruit by native Billy Holiday, and the state flag should just be the Under Armour logo on a the black and gold of the Calvert family that is on the flag now.

        • Davis

          Very informative, thanks. Agree about duckpin bowling, even though it seems to be passing away (but still more current than jousting!). BTW, I guess you know that they are taking down the statues of Lee and Jackson in Baltimore.

          • FridayNext

            I had heard that was being discussed, but I haven’t lived in MD or Baltimore in over 15 years so I have lost touch. Next should be the Columbus statue near Little Italy. But they should leave the Zappa bust alone.

            ETA: And just for completeness sake, jousting is the state individual sport. Lacrosse is the state TEAM sport.

        • Sargon

          You gotta admit, though, that “She breathes! She burns! She’ll come! She’ll come!” is the best line in any state song ever.

          • Hogan

            “You wish.”

        • Hogan

          Sir Walter Scott has a lot to answer for.

  • MAJeff

    I’m not sure if the bunnies on the Mount got revenge or a temporary reprieve. The same Trustees are in place, and they’ll be looking for the same kind of outsider “leadership.”

    They liked having a financier-class sociopath in charge.

  • rea

    I was . . . relieved to see Shakezula’s byline on this. Ordinarily around here, horses end up dead.

  • koolhand21

    We did the kayak around the pony ponds. Lovely spot and the walking along the elevated walkways is quite nice,too. Just a great park.

  • Davis

    My mother, born in 1910, grew up on a farm on the Eastern Shore, and she had one of those ponies. I do love living in Maryland, except that. once in a while, we get stuck with a Republican governor.

  • rickhavoc

    Every few years, MD Dems spend so much time on internal jockeying they forget the larger picture…see KTT and Tony Brown.

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