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Stand for me, not by me. (Now a post-SOTU free for all.)


Here’s the text of the speech. I guess this is now a post-SOTU open post type thing.
Reason #I’ve lost count why I refuse to regard the Republican Party as a serious political party and look askance at those who think anyone should:

Kim Davis — the Kentucky clerk who went to jail rather than grant marriage licenses to same-sex couples — and her lawyer Mathew Staver will attend the address as well, though neither of them is saying which member of Congress invited them.

Staver told Politico, “It’s not about the member, per se, as it is about what the member wanted to represent.”


The cowardliness and hatred that typifies the GOP?

Oh wait, it must be that President Obama has reduced the Republican Party to a never-ending series of dick moves.

In that case, they’re perfect.

[Update – Thanks to Judas Peckerwood I know now the correct answer is “President Obama has reduced the Republican Party to a never-ending series of incompetent dick moves.” ]

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  • Judas Peckerwood
    • keta

      The chair of the Freedumb Cockup! The story is better than first thought.


    • Warren Terra

      From your link:

      There’s a reason the secret was kept so well. Jordan did not know he had invited Davis until The Huffington Post asked him about it and he checked with his staff.

      “I didn’t invite anyone,” Jordan initially said late Tuesday afternoon, as he was jogging to House votes. When pressed on whether he had given his ticket to the Family Research Council, which then gave it to Davis — which is what a Democratic aide told HuffPost had happened — Jordan said he would have to confirm with his office. “I don’t know,” he said.

      • KadeKo

        All I can remind him is this is like your season tickets (or should be): If your ticket ends up in the hands of someone doing something shifty, you can forfeit your tickets.

        • Manju

          Hey, there’s nothing wrong with impregnating white women.

      • Ken

        Isn’t that also how Davis got to meet the Pope? Francis didn’t know they were meeting, it had been arranged by some of his staff.

        • Manju

          Sure, like your staff never made an incompetent dick move.

          • DrS

            I’m told that can happen to anybody…

        • Halloween Jack
    • Hercules Mulligan

      Oh my god, it’s my representative. Christ, he’s an asshole. But we’re never getting rid of him– check out the shape of his district…

      • Gary K

        Oh, cheer up: he used to be my congressman, but they carved away my county from his district. It could happen again. (Do you live in Oberlin by any chance?)

        • Hercules Mulligan

          Hell, pretty sure it’s the only town in his district that isn’t solidly red. I miss Kaptur. Did they move you to her?

          • Gary K

            Hercules, I got moved into Tiberi’s district. I don’t know what he ever accomplished except for inventing that weird flavor of chewing gum.

        • sharculese

          When I moved back to Atlanta, I expected to end up with Hank Johnson or John Lewis as my rep, because where the fuck else could I afford to live? Instead, I got an opportunity I couldn’t pass up… to live in Barry Loudermilk’s district.

          • EliHawk

            I (and my family) had been represented by John Lewis since I was one year old…until they gerrymandered us out of his district in 2010 so Buckhead whites could have their own GOP nut job rep. Still pissed.

            • sharculese

              In 2010 my parents got districted away from Johnson and into *sigh* Tom Price territory.

              • EliHawk

                2010 really pissed me off. I suppose it doesn’t matter as much now, but it also redistricted our old family home (built in 1907, owned by my late grandmother, and we still gather there for family reunions and stuff) out of Barrow’s district and into Broun’s, because despite being the tiniest county in the state by population (and 2nd tiniest East of the Mississippi River) it’s still majority black, and they wanted to weaken him. Even after Barrow, back when earmarks still existed, had personally gotten the money to finally fix the town’s crappy sewage system (that frequently, because a neighbor’s septic tank overflowed, filled the street with sewage runoff). So the 2010 GOP gerrymander can go screw itself.

      • MAJeff

        Could be worse, you could have my parents’ rep.

        • Manny Kant

          You guys are making me feel bad for being irritated at my congressman when the worst thing about him is just that he’s under federal indictment for corruption.

    • Matt

      Shorter Rep. Jordan: “Turns out my staff doesn’t even ask me before handing out perks to hate groups. YOLO!”

    • joe from Lowell

      “My understanding is they gave them to the Family Research Council,”

      What could possibly go wrong?

      • Malaclypse

        Flounder Jordan, you can’t spend your whole life worrying about your mistakes! You fucked up… you trusted us! Hey, make the best of it! Maybe we can help.

  • howard

    here’s what i admire about the right: they never, ever, ever get tired.

    • LosGatosCA


      That’s why there will never be peak wingnut.

      Hate, resentment, anger, bigotry, religious zealotry. Plenty of fuel to last the entire existence of humankind, very sorry to say.

      Even at the superficial level – how many athletes, sports teams have use perceived disrespect as motivation to become champions?

      It’s a bottomless well of energy.

      • Halloween Jack

        In The Stand, Stephen King came up with a more apt (if much grosser) metaphor: when proto-fuckboi Harold Lauder finally flips out and joins the Dark Side, he thinks of the unending stream of hate that he writes down in his journal as like a lanced boil that never runs out of pus. (If King had written the book two or three decades later, Lauder would probably have been a regular on 4chan.)

    • Thirtyish

      I don’t admire that. I find it perhaps the right’s most repulsive feature.

  • random

    Props for “reduced the Republican Party to a never-ending series of dick moves.”

    • Bruce B.

      It’s aaaaaaall about the member, for sure.

  • Fighting Words

    My question is, why would the Republican Party allow someone to do this? Yeah, I know they’re just trolling and being a-holes, but from my understanding, Kim Davis is extremely unpopular among everyone. Especially if you are trying to court a younger demographic, who doesn’t view homosexuality and gay marriage negatively, prominently bringing Kim Davis to the State of the Union seems counterproductive.

    “Kim Davis, on the other hand, is not popular with just about anyone. Only 14% of voters nationally have a positive opinion of her to 35% with a negative one. It’s not surprising that she’s at 11/46 with Democrats, but even among Republicans she is not well liked with 16% rating her favorably to 23% with a negative view.

    The limited tolerance for Davis may speak to the country’s belief that gay marriage just hasn’t proven to be a big deal. Only 26% of voters nationally claim that its being legal has had a negative impact on their lives, compared to 74% who say it’s either had a positive impact or none at all. Even among Republican voters, 57% say gay marriage being legal hasn’t negatively affected them.”

    See: http://www.publicpolicypolling.com/main/2015/10/americans-dont-like-kevin-mccarthy-kim-davis-attacks-on-planned-parenthood.html

    • Warren Terra

      She’s pretty obviously popular with the Family Research Council, who presumably know their marks constituency.

    • random

      Like Shake was saying, this isn’t a serious political party anymore. Nobody’s able to coordinate or organize a coherent message. How many SOTU responses do they get nowadays?

      • Incontinentia Buttocks

        Unfortunately, lack of seriousness does not necessarily lose you elections.

        • Philip

          Or Very Serious People’s endorsements.

    • efgoldman

      My question is, why would the Republican Party allow someone to do this?

      As Professor Pierce points out, the Republiklown Party as an organization that “allows” or “forbids” something no longer exists. This is pure selfish grandstanding by the odious Family Research Council. One of the parts of epistemic closure is that the RWNJ TeaHadis truly believe that (a) they are doing sky buddy’s sacred work and (b) the country is really, truly behind them and favors their “policies”, it’s just the liebrul media keeping the word from getting out.
      Skewed polls, and all.

    • cpinva

      “Only 26% of voters nationally claim that its being legal has had a negative impact on their lives,”

      I am real curious to know exactly what kind of “negative impact” this could possibly have on their lives, since they aren’t being forced to marry someone of the same gender themselves. is just the thought of these people being happy so tormenting to them, that they can’t sleep or what?

      • Gary K

        The lines have gotten longer at bakeries and photography shops?

      • Ken

        “Puritanism: The haunting fear that someone, somewhere, may be happy.”

        – H.L. Mencken

        • kayden

          That’s an hilarious quote when you really think about it. It pretty much sums up one of our political parties.

      • Philip

        It’s within margin of error of 27%. Do not try to understand such groups. That way lies madness and/or vodka.

      • Joshua

        That is the core Republican base. Name the nutty idea and it always gets 25% support. The only notable exception I can think of is Cheney’s 10% approval rating. Even that guy was too insane for these people.

        • DrS

          How much of Cheney’s super low approval rating have to do with the fact that he’s didn’t immediately stone to death his gay daughter?

    • Halloween Jack

      It’s not even about the specifics any more, it’s about being against something that the other side is for. You could tell the 27% that Obama supported the Cathars and they’d be all “kill em all and let God sort em out.”

    • tsam

      You’re putting way more thought into it than they are.

      They have the House and Senate, are doing well in state and local governments, so why fuck with what works?

  • Warren Terra

    I’m more impressed with Steve King (IA)’s approach: he’s not only leaving his guest chair empty to symbolize terminated pregnancies, he’s also going to absent himself to spend the time praying in the House chapel for a more divinely inspired leader. One wonders what he might do in control of still more chairs at the event.

    Mind you, if I were a Republican contemplating their primary field I might be seeking divine intervention, too.

    • jim, some guy in iowa

      if prayer did any good Steve King would have been smote by now

      • kayden

        He has been smote by stupidity. That’s enough.

        • jim, some guy in iowa

          I had wanted thunderbolts and lightning, though. I see this as more proof god gave up after the unintended consequence of dolphins growing feet

        • steverinoCT

          Those whom the gods would destroy they first make a representative.

    • Lee Rudolph

      he’s not only leaving his guest chair empty to symbolize terminated pregnancies

      What a piker. He should have piled it high with PP™ brand fetal tissue (I hear that they’ve been having a really good post-Christmas sale).

      • dmsilev

        Please. Post-holiday sale.

    • rea

      The new Marcus Calpurnius Bibulus

    • cpinva

      “he’s also going to absent himself to spend the time praying in the House chapel for a more divinely inspired leader.”

      if he really wanted to do the country a big favor, he’d just absent himself permanently, perhaps in an unfortunate, yet lethal, accident.

      • Ahuitzotl

        Really Id rather it wasnt lethal, just left him in a (more) vegetative state, so he could experience the Schiavo effect personally (plus, no election seems like a good idea for that ser)

    • To be clear, you’re referring to the Steve King who likes to tell crazy stories that scare people and not the prolific author from Maine.

  • Malaclypse

    On a brighter note, look who my congresscritter is bringing.

    • Warren Terra

      From the article: you can donate to help pay for his guest’s medical needs at this link.

      • efgoldman

        On a brighter note, look who my congresscritter is bringing.

        I am no longer in MA, and was never in that district in any case, but I believe Seth has a future well beyond congress.
        The most logical thing is the Senate, but of course that would require one of two really good Senators Liz Warren or Ed Markey) to move up or out.
        Maybe a cabinet position in the HRC administration?

        • EliHawk

          Could he run for Governor in 3 years? Would he want to?

    • cpinva

      definitely has the look of a radical Islamic terrorist about him. children, no matter where, should never be put in harm’s way. doing so is the sign of a society that is beyond the pale.

      I do hope this young man gets the medical care he needs. who knows, this could be the future researcher who discovers a cure for cancer.

  • BiloSagdiyev

    Is she going to shout, YOU LIE? Will she get to endorse a custom assault rifle in the aftermath? Or maybe a custom Swingline stapler?

  • Bootsie

    I hope the SOTU ends with Obama throwing up both middle fingers and vetoing the nth “KILL OBUMMERCARE AND PLANNED PARENTHOOD” bill while George Clinton and the P-Funk All Stars come out for a rousing rendition of Bop Gun.

    • Cheap Wino

      To dance is a protection
      Funk is your connection!

      • Tyto

        I was thinking more along the lines of ProMentalShitBackwashPsychosisEnemaSquad.

    • DAS

      That’s why I could never be president. As a hot-blooded red-head, this is exactly what I would have done if I were in President Obama’s place. However, I think my last SOTU would also have involved “since the NRA insists that we cannot have meaningful gun control legislation, I have decided that as an alternative, I will simply arm more good guys with guns to provide additional protection for society” and then personally lead a group of sub-machine gun toting Black Panthers onto the stage.

      • Malaclypse

        “And the Panthers, unlike you stupid crackers, bring enough snacks for everybody in the community.”

    • Ahuitzotl

      you want the Mothership to CONFIRM that Obama is an illegal alien?

  • Porlock Junior

    All Right!
    Grace Hopper gets a plug. I’m gonna vote for this guy.

  • efgoldman

    “President Obama has reduced the Republican Party to a never-ending series of incompetent dick moves.”

    Except for one, unfortunately: winning non-presidential elections.

    • Judas Peckerwood

      I have a curiously optimistic feeling that this can change if we relentlessly press the unprecedented advantage presented by Trump et al.. The Republicans are already engaged in civil war, and with the most subtle of help they might well be persuaded to destroy themselves.

  • CrunchyFrog

    OT: I hope tomorrow’s St. Louis Post-Dispatch headline is: NFL to St Louis: Drop Dead

    (This is a historical reference.)

    20+ years ago the citizens of St Louis agreed to build a boondoggle to assuage the egos of the NFL nobility – only to find that NFL owners demand completely new boondoggles every 20 years

    I love watching football. But fuck the NFL.

    • efgoldman

      NFL to St Louis: Drop Dead

      NYC survived very nicely; so will St. Louis (except for the racist parts).
      The teams in LA, however, will die a slow and lingering death. Nobody (relatively) will go see them or watch them on TV. particularly if they continue to suck. And given current ownership in both cases, they will continue to suck.

      • Denverite

        I dunno. The Rams have some talent, and the Chargers will have Rivers for a couple more years. I could see one of them catching lightening in a bottle (or just getting good in the Rams’ case) over the next few years.

        Btw, CF, if you emailed, I’m out of town in timb-land (included a loop around Lucas Oil Stadium in my morning run in the snow) and won’t have access to email until Thursday. Sorry!

        • efgoldman

          The Rams have some talent, and the Chargers will have Rivers for a couple more years. I could see one of them catching lightening in a bottle (or just getting good in the Rams’ case)

          Coach: Jeff Fisher. ‘Nuff said.

          • Denverite

            I’m just saying that if you fast forwarded to 2019 and the LA Rams (that sounds comfortably familiar for this 1975-born individual) had just seen some free agent or third-round reach blossom into a legit NFL QB, I would be shocked to see a really good 13-3 team.

    • Incontinentia Buttocks

      I’m just pissed off that my A’s need to share their shitty stadium with their asshole NFL neighbors for the foreseeable future. Getting the Raiders out of there was one of the few really viable pathways to a new stadium

      • pianomover

        Hear hear!
        The klan Leandro sub-set of an already despicable fan base are the worst.
        Once the Warriors are gone I think you’ll see the A’s high tail it out of town not to soon after.

    • cpinva

      i’ll give Jack Kent Cooke credit, he may have been an all around prick, but when he wanted a new stadium for his team, he built it with his own money.

      • efgoldman

        i’ll give Jack Kent Cooke credit, he may have been an all around prick, but when he wanted a new stadium for his team, he built it with his own money.

        As did the Krafts, and i haven’t noticed them in line for a gruel ration at the poorhouse.

      • EliHawk

        I read somewhere Kroenke is doing this too, and that he actually picked LA over St. Louis (even after the latter made a huge public funding play) because him building, then owning this whole complex makes him more money than getting the public subsidy. So, yay, I guess?

        • Joshua

          Kroenke is a jerk in a lot of ways, but yea. He’s leaving St. Louis after 20 years, but he is doing it because he wasn’t happy with the way the city kept up the stadium. It’s obvious he has grander visions and felt like he needed to leave Missouri to do it. We’ll see how it pays off, but at least he is putting his money on the line.

  • I read the transcript of the speech and thought it was fine with occasional moments of brilliance. Then I went to Gawker and they’re calling it the worst speech Obama ever gave and getting salty about his calling for closing Gitmo. I didn’t know there were still people who think Gitmo still being open is something Obama can fix unilaterally.

    • Incontinentia Buttocks


    • drwormphd

      It’s hard to tell if they’re being snarky or serious with their liveblog, but frankly no matter which it doesn’t bode well for their supposed new focus on politics.

      • I really do wonder if the more hostile tone is related to the editorial shift. Their political stories in general have been less humorous in tone recently. It’s like Hamilton Nolan got made editor instead of Alex Pareene.

    • cpinva

      “I didn’t know there were still people who think Gitmo still being open is something Obama can fix unilaterally.”

      being intentionally ignorant has become burned into the DNA of people with a certain ideological bent.

    • Docrailgun

      It’s Gawker. Do you expect anything that makes sense from them?

      • Well, I like Alex Pareene a lot, and he’s supposedly in charge over there these days.

        • Halloween Jack

          “Supposedly.” It’s still Nick Denton’s show, and in Nickland, no click is too lowly to be baited.

    • Redwood Rhiadra

      I hear bitching from leftists about Guantanamo still being open, and directly blaming Obama for it, at *least* twice a week.

    • kayden

      Are the good folks at Gawker also angry at the Democratic Senators who voted against closing Gitmo? It’s not all up to President Obama to fix all of America’s problems. He’s not a dictator or a fairy godfather.

      • joe from Lowell

        Most of the Democratic senators who “voted against closing Gitmo” never got a chance to vote on the issue, and were presented with an up-or-down vote on that year’s omnibus defense authorization bill. The ones who really deserve blame are the Democrats on the defense committees who voted to put that language into the larger defense bill.

        Ike Skelton, “Democratic” Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, is at the head of the line.

    • slothrop

      There are good constitutional arguments that Obama always had the power to Close Guantánamo. This argument has been made for years by Cliff Sloan, among others.

  • Moondog

    A talking point we’ll surely be hearing more of: “unrest in our cities”

    (Obama’s fault!?)

  • pianomover

    What did she wear?

  • pianomover

    I’m imagining something nice from Walmart eatable underwear banana flavored Low heel shoes (nothing slutty I’m a married woman) knee high stockings my husband likes it it wooly up there. Clean bandages on my fingers where I bit myself eating dinner. Woo hoo thank you round on both ends and tall in the middle government guy.

    • Manny Kant

      [never mind]

  • pianomover

    I was close.

    • Cheap Wino

      Ugh. That photo. “Tokens over here for the photo op!”

    • Karen24

      I know I lose feminist points for criticizing her clothing, but DAMN that’s hideous. If they’re going to make a public figure out of her, at least the Republicans could have taken her shopping and to the hairstylists. I’ve worn nicer outfits to clean the garage.

      • Hogan

        Kay: On a more personal note, Beatrice, Edgar ran off with an old girlfriend. You’re gonna go stay with your mom a couple nights. You’re gonna get over it and decide you’re better off.

        Jay: Well, yeah, you know, ’cause, ’cause he never appreciated you anyway. In fact, you know what – you kicked HIM out! And now that he’s gone you’re gonna go into town, you go to Bloomingdale’s and find some nice dresses, get yourself some shoes, you know, find somewhere, maybe you can get a facial. And, uh, oh – hire a decorator to come in here quick, ’cause… DAMN.

        • Rob in CT

          I love that scene. The whole movie, really.

      • N__B

        Still better than how husband number 2/4 dresses.

    • tsam

      stacyinbeanBrendan O’Connor
      1/12/16 9:25pm

      Why is she always wearing an undershirt?!


      Reply30 replies

      1/12/16 9:28pm

      Unrelenting meat sweats

    • Doesn’t she have a gay friend who can give her fashion tips?

  • cpinva

    Ms. Davis wears her stupid with pride, as though it was a prize won in some kind of weird contest. the woman creeps me out.

    • MAJeff

      Welcome to conservative America!

  • JDM

    I’m standing up to Putin!

    (psst! don’t tell him it’s me, though.)

  • Philip

    Judging by Twitter, Teddy said something idiotic about New York?

  • Jake the antisoshul soshulist

    While we are complaing about our reps, I do not have one who represents my values. Baby Doc Paul, the turtle, and Brett Guthrie.
    Guthrie is not a bad as either King, but he did run against the “liberals” in Washington. My thought was what about the leftists at home.

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