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Far be it for me to ask you to read something about Donald Trump, however!


I’m inordinately proud of what I can accomplish when I have more than 10 minutes to collect my thoughts — or in this case, the Donald’s — and do something like this to them.

Remember when that’s what blogging was like? We are so old, and so broken now.

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  • efgoldman

    Not ONE comment? Is everybody that hung over?

    • Nobdy

      Reading about Donald Trump was fun when he was just an over-the-hill businessman hurling insults into the wind like Abe Simpson shaking his fist at a passing cloud.

      Now that he’s a somewhat serious threat to be our President it’s depressing and scary.

      Also, as stated below, Salon.com is possibly the worst website I visit somewhat regularly, and that includes websites with…adult…content.

      It is slow to load and constantly has memory leaks and other issues. When my browser is running slow my first question is generally whether I accidentally left a Salon.com tab open. It is absolutely terrible and inexplicable, because it’s not like the site has any advanced functionality. Management at Salon must be either totally incompetent or asleep at the wheel to not have fixed these basic issues of web design and coding that have been solved elsewhere for many years.

      I’d call it amateurish, but amateur sites are almost universally much better.

      • CrunchyFrog

        I sometimes visit Salon when Digby links to it and yes it’s become very difficult to deal with. But so have many other sites. I disable Flash and most sites have done better as a result.

        Having said that, I haven’t directly visited Salon since the days of Ask the Pilot and Greenwald.

      • weirdnoise

        Even though I’d avoided the worst by using ClickToPlugin to block Flash, I’d pretty much given up on visiting Salon until I installed AdBlock+. I’d not saying it’s pleasant to visit — as often as not I don’t click on a single article — but it’s no longer a test of patience and forbearance.

    • BlueLoom

      I read it for a while, then couldn’t stomach any more. Really clever concept tho, SEK: The Year in Trump Tweets. (Trump’s spewings, among many other reasons, are why I’m not on Twitter.)

    • c u n d gulag

      Not hungover.

      My niece and nephew came over yesterday afternoon, and I ordered a whole bunch of Chinese appetizers for me, them, and my mom, to enjoy, before they went off to their respective New Year’s Eve parties in NYC.

      And when this posted, I was in the john, taking a big “trump.”

      And after that great big trump, I felt a lot better!

      Hey, we might as well put that POS’s last name to good use. ;-)

      Oh, and Happy New Year, to one and all!

      • Nobdy

        Happy New Year.

        Hope you manage to keep avoiding that gulag for the next 366 days.

        • c u n d gulag

          I’m worried about GULag’s right now.

          If the Republicans win in 2016, I’ll start worrying about ending up in one, then.


  • advocatethis

    I don’t have the time to wait for the Salon article to finish loading and quit dancing around on the screen of my mobile device.

  • petesh

    SEK, that’s one for the time capsule. Our future overloads will never believe what carbon-based life forms could get up to. I look forward to part deux, as Miss Piggy might say.

  • Hogan

    It is, after all, damn funny that Trump undermined the integrity of his own source by questioning his credibility via scare-quotes.

    Maybe that’s how he identified himself? “Mr. Trump, there’s an ‘Extremely Credible Source’ on line 3? Something about a birth certificate?” “I’ll take it, Madison. You’re beautiful. Mr. Source, what have you got for me?”

  • Did I see a Sesame Street reference in there?

    • SEK

      You most certainly did. I put a lot more work into it than I should have, just because reading the tweets as a single narrative instead of a developing story was — admittedly, a bit horrifying — but also really edifying in the “journalism is the first draft of history” way. We’re not even a year removed, and going through those my understanding of the Trump phenomenon is far, far different. That’s for Part II, though.

  • rdennist

    That sir, was epic. You clearly think you can do a thing. And to all the loser columnists out there, being stubborn is a big part of being a winner!

    • rdennist

      Grrr. My extra spaces were removed!

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