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More Cosby Victims


I’m beginning to think there might be a pattern here.

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  • Manju

    If Steven Wright wanted to pull a Hannibal Buress, this is what he’d say.

  • Even one case would be hugely distressing but the scope of his rape activity is overwhelming. 41 women have come forward thus far?!?!?!? Horrifying and beyond horrifying.

  • SgtGymBunny

    A pattern, you say? Well, yeah. He found what worked and kept right on keeping on. Why would he have stopped????

  • ThrottleJockey

    Jezebel and Gloria Allred, with sources that strong you might as well have linked to the National Enquirer.

    • Malaclypse
      • There is the Guardian as well. (Well, it’s a Reuters’ article.)

        What’s at issue? I mean, what is unreliable? That these women have accused Cosby? I presume that’s not in doubt, right?

        • And…Gloria Allred is a lawyer representing many of the accusers. So…again, what is the doubt? She is clearly biased in favour of the accusers (being the legal representative of many of them), but so? There is doubt about them being accusers?

          • The Temporary Name

            The danged lawyers never did anything for anyone’s civil rights…

            • Indeed!

              I’m still perplexed at ThrottleJockey’s claim here: You have a news outlet and a lawyer. I believe the lawyer announced that she has more clients accusing Cosby of (at least) sexual assault. That makes 41 women who have come forth, with around 17 being represented by this lawyer. Scott says, “There’s a pattern” which refers, I believe, to the consistent pattern across all the accusations.

              Now, ThrottleJockey says, “Given the outlet and the lawyer, you have nothing”. But this is incoherent at many levels. My guess is that if ThrottleJockey cleans up the incoherence we’ll just have his standard denial of the accusations.

              • dilan

                Schwarzenegger, of all people, had a decent response when the groping stuff came out about him. He referred to the number of people who made allegations, said some of them he didn’t remember or were false, but “where there’s smoke, there’s fire”, and admitted inappropriate groping.

                And that’s the thing here. There’s a ton of smoke, and there’s got to be a fire. A lot of allegations bubbled up independently 10 or 20 years ago, people told friends, etc., which basically makes the probability of a McMartin Pre-school situation or a parade of publicity hounds completely impossible.

                Obviously, if this were to go to court, Cosby would have the opportunity to defend against these allegations. And it’s always possible that not all of them are true, given the passage of time and the media frenzy at this point. But some of them ARE certainly true. The man is clearly a rapist.

  • brad

    Oh, it’s not the link that gets my reply stuck in moderation, it’s the repetition of a block of text saying he said versus she said (times 41). Buzzkill autosystem.

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