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Demographically Symbolic



I was far too kind to Wayne LaPierre.

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  • divadab

    Do you deny that the Presidential elections are largely symbolic, consisting of a beauty contest between pre-vetted corporatist candidates? Even the actions of the “Justice” Department are so random and unequally-applied that they too are largely symbolic.

    I don’t think this was the point this guy Lapierre was making – isn’t this the idiot who proposed to put armed guards into schools? Who but a moron would propose to take money away from teaching, already severely under-funded, and spend it on some guy with a gun standing around doing not much?

    • JB

      Clearly all politicians are the same. Nader ’16.

    • Sly

      I don’t think this was the point this guy Lapierre was making

      But its nice that this didn’t stop you from shoehorning his statement into an irrelevant “partisan politics is for suckers” post.

      • joe from Lowell

        For some reason, it is vitally important to True Progressives to do this whenever someone is overly-critical of a right-winger.

        • Malaclypse

          You know, if this were an education thread, BothSidesDoIt would not be completely moronic. But when the topic is a main who once said “Meanwhile, President Obama is leading this country to financial ruin, borrowing over a trillion dollars a year for phony “stimulus” spending and other payoffs for his political cronies. Nobody knows if or when the fiscal collapse will come, but if the country is broke, there likely won’t be enough money to pay for police protection. And the American people know it.” it is extra-special stupid.

        • tsam

          No criticism of this useless piece of shit comes anywhere near “overly”. Most of it, I think, falls way short of being fair.

        • The Lorax

          This same discussion is happening at Metafilter. It’d be awesome if JfL et al. showed up.

    • sibusisodan

      Do you deny that the Presidential elections are largely symbolic

      Why is the obvious answer to this not ‘hell no’?

      I cannot think of a single Presidential election in my lifetime which would have been without real, often large consequences if the ‘other guy’ had got in.

      • DrDick

        My thought exactly. Frankly, anybody who seriously says shit like this should never talk about politics.

      • StellaB

        I was taking a Spanish conversation class when a woman said there was no reason to vote because Bush and Obama were the same. A Swiss woman and a Greek woman simultaneously came up out of their chairs because they were so upset by that statement. Not only does voting matter, it matters to the whole world how Americans vote.

        I would add that politics can be safely discussed in language classes because it’s startlingly rare to have a righty in class to learn a language.

      • matt w

        Nitpick: the obvious answer is “Hell yes (I deny it).”

      • dilan

        A lot of it has to do with prefernce ordering and ideology.

        If you are a Marxist who thinks the US government is hopelessly corrupt and corporatist, the difference between the two parties is much smaller than if you are an ordinary liberal who thinks this is generally a pretty good country.

        And to pick a less extreme example, if you are a member of a significant political faction whose views are routinely ignored, such as foreign policy doves, you are going to play up the lack of serious differences on the issue important to you.

        At bottom, what these debates boil down to is people who are invested in the system getting pointlessly pissed off at people who are not.

        • divadab

          @dilan – Thanks for the thoughtful non-abusive answer! IMHO the lesser of evils is still evil – and the federal system is systematically evil – corrupt, its highest “virtue” greed, utterly dishonest, dominionist, and waging dumbass “wars” in every direction including on its own people.

          Everybody has to make a living, compromise is necessary, but even if you’re invested in the system if you will not admit your own mercenary motives fuck you.

          Babylon will fall. Count on it.

    • ThrottleJockey

      “Demographically Symbolic” is the new “Nigger”. Like Orange is the new Black. Well I guess that is progress.

  • I’ll take him more seriously after he rehinges his jaw, a process that is difficult for him if I judge by the photograph.

    • Sarcastro The Munificient

      I was surprised to see him eat that litter of puppies whole on stage, but his audience really seemed to go for it.

      • Jackov

        Do not trust the Visitors. Join the Reisistance

  • LeeEsq

    I suppose LaPierre is looking forward to eight years of white bread wing-nuttery.

    • DrDick

      Totally not an example of “demographically symbolic” tokenism toward a rapidly diminishing demographic.

    • KmCO

      Actually, I think that LaPierre secretly wants nothing more than a Democratic presidential victory in ’16–the amped-up paranoid demagoguery will continue to line his coffers nicely. And if Hillary is the victor, then all the better for him as he sells the country as a literal nanny state in which the manly man males need to defend against with their manly guns.

  • LeeEsq

    Its progress that racists and sexists have to use some really weird phrasing to express their ideas in public. The best thing is that its really difficult to say things like this and not come off as evil.

  • Derelict

    “Now listen up, NRA members! Obama is coming to take away all of your guns–ALL OF THEM!!!!! He’ll be signing that secret legislation any day now. Really. He will. And Hillary will also be taking all your guns. And your bullets!! She really, really will! And Obama is an ultra-extreme far leftist who makes Pol Pot look like Ronald Reagan! Just THINK about how much farther to the left Hillary is going to be!”

    “So listen up, NRA members! The only way you can remain free is to do exactly as I tell you. First, buy more guns. Then, buy more ammo. Then buy more guns. And more ammo. And don’t forget to stock up on the Teflon-coated rounds that pierce body armor! And then stay tuned for further instructions!”

    • NonyNony

      When I point out to NRA gun nuts in my area that in the 6 years that Obama has been president there hasn’t even been an attempt to take their guns I get one of three responses:

      1) “You’re lying – of course he’s tried to take our guns. Argle-bargle”

      2) “Of course not – that’s because the NRA was able to stop him. But right after Sandy Hook if the NRA hadn’t been there they would have taken all of our guns.”

      3) “It’s all a plot to lull people into complacency so the NEXT Democratic president can take their guns.”

      (The real lesson I learned out of this is that I know far too many gun nuts and the older they get the scarier they get.)

      • Andrew

        The older they get the more scared they get, and the more scared they get the angrier they get.

        • ThrottleJockey

          With the unfortunate progress of medical science the nuts will be around longer than ever now. Too bad there’s no pill to cure gunnuttiaphobia, a truly horrible disease which robs its victims of the only 2 brain cells they have.

      • Just_Dropping_By

        Well, there was the ban on foreign countries selling surplus arms into the United States, which was widely portrayed in gun nut circles as gun grabbing, but I actually think that represents free market economics by preventing government subsidized sales of a product from undercutting private manufacturers: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2013/08/29/obama-announces-new-gun-control-measures-targets-military-surplus-imports/

  • Lee Rudolph

    I’ve forgotten that German word for “face that demands to be punched”. Perhaps someone who hasn’t could refashion it into “head that demands to be piked” for me?

    • cackalacka


  • I flew with one guy who thought it was a point of pride that the had 1000 rounds of ammunition in the trunk of his car.

    And he was convinced that Obama would confiscate every gun in the country if he thought he could get away with it.

    I work with some weird people.

    • gertrudesays

      Hah. That’s the sort of thing that could get him some serious heel-cooling time in some places.

    • Warren Terra

      I suppose it’s good for traction, assuming a rear-wheel drive.

      It’s fascinating, though: barring the zombie apocalypse, what possible use could he have for so much ammunition (and ready to hand at almost all times)?

      • Malaclypse

        I suppose it’s good for traction, assuming a rear-wheel drive.

        If you google the weight of bullets, you will find that 2,000 rounds of .22 long rifle bullets are only 15 pounds, which means that there are horrible horrible people on scary boards that think this is the perfect amount to keep with you at all times.

        • Warren Terra

          Ah well. Every little bit counts. Heaven knows, that little bit of extra traction is doing him a lot more good than the bullets are doing qua bullets, especially the last 990 or so of them.

        • weirdnoise

          You think this guy would settle for .22 cal? It’s all about firepower…

          • Hogan

            Two thousand 350-grain bullets for, say, a Desert Eagle (.50 caliber) would run about a hundred pounds. With decent tires that should get you out of any snowbank, which is good because actually firing those bullets would probably sprain your wrist and dislocate your shoulder, and you don’t want to be pushing your car after that.

            • This explains how Max Payne was able to run around with 200 rounds of Desert Eagle ammo – and a dozen other assorted weapons – and still jump like a mofo.

    • Barry_D

      “I flew with one guy who thought it was a point of pride that the had 1000 rounds of ammunition in the trunk of his car.

      And he was convinced that Obama would confiscate every gun in the country if he thought he could get away with it.

      I work with some weird people.”

      And I’ll bet that he hated unions with a deep and abiding passion, while insisting that every single union-derived benefit was something that he’d have gotten due to his own merit in a ‘free market’.

    • Brutusettu

      You work with/around/near weird people?

      How about someone that indolent and complains about doing something that requires a slight amount of physical activity at work, leaving others to do an easy but should have been unnecessary task. And then almost daily mentions the workouts they do at the gym?
      He’s a racist and possibly a Jew Hater so I guess that makes it even more on topic.

  • Peterr

    We need eight more years of Ideologically Idiotic!


  • Andrew
  • joe from Lowell

    Electing a straight, white Protestant man would, of course, carry no demographic symbolism for anyone. Certainly not for the people who applauded LaPierre’s line.

    • Hogan

      It’s good to be unmarked.

      • So…straight, white Protestant men are the Crown Victorias of the human race?

        • Hogan

          With the extra antennae, yes.

          • ColBatGuano

            My Favorite Martialan

  • Aaron Baker

    Madman talking.

  • Todd

    One brief mention of the 2nd amendment in a vague way in the beginning. Then just a hack cookie cutter right wing stump speech.

    Someone took the rifles out of the NRA.

  • KmCO

    But of course. Black people and women, not being the proper human beings that (straight) white men are, are merely “symbols.” Since Hillary Clinton is a woman and therefore not a person, electing her to the presidency would simply be a social experiment, and LaPierre is dead tired of social experiments. Oh, and it looks like he has lockjaw.

  • Alexander OConnor

    The NRA is a domestic terrorist organization; and Wayne LaPierre is one of the leaders and most odious public persona of that domestic terrorist organization.

    18 U.S. Code § 2331 ….

    (5) the term “domestic terrorism” means activities that—

    (A) involve acts dangerous to human life that are a violation of the criminal laws of the United States or of any State;
    (B) appear to be intended—
    (i) to intimidate or coerce a civilian population;
    (ii) to influence the policy of a government by intimidation or coercion; or
    (iii) to affect the conduct of a government by mass destruction, assassination, or kidnapping; and
    (C) occur primarily within the territorial jurisdiction of the United States.

  • tsam

    The Thesaurus writers have to be working overtime to get all the new synonyms for n***er stuffed into the new editions.

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