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Richard Sherman: A Traitor to Conservatives


It’s entirely unclear to me why The Free Beacon would name Richard Sherman its Man of the Year in 2014. But it has rescinded the “honor” because Sherman has recorded an ad, or “a government propaganda video” according to the site, to get people to sign up for Obamacare. Which of course means you should all be rooting for the Seahawks to win another Super Bowl.

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  • Vance Maverick

    This has to be a joke:

    Richard Sherman betrayed America—and, more importantly, the Free Beacon

    Pretty heavy wink there.

  • carolannie

    I’ll bet Sherman is feeling soooo hurt (as in Free Beacon? What the hell is that? And how did I get to be their MOTY?) I fail to see what obligation he had to them…

  • c u n d gulag

    The Free Beacon must have gotten a hold of the remnants of the brown-acid from Woodstock before they made their decision to make Sherman the Man of the Year for 2014!

    • LosGatosCA

      It was definitely the bad “brown” acid.

      If you get their drift.

  • Owlbear1

    He was just asking for it with that “Sweating with The P.Funk” vid he put out.

  • patrick II

    The Free Beacon saluted Sherman for the passion he showed in a post-game rant early last year. His passion, however, is clearly misguided.

    When he got himself labeled as a loud-mouthed out of control thug with his post-game rant, it was an example of how the Free Beacon wants you to think of black men.
    The award was taken away when he showed, in a less emotional moment, that he is empathetic and rational and really a pretty good guy. Not what the Free Beacon wants to hold up as an example of a black man.

    • The full text of their “Man of the Year” post doesn’t do them any more favors, in terms of tone or coherence:

      UPDATE Friday Jan. 9, 2015: Richard Sherman has been removed as a Free Beacon Man of the Year for his involvement in an Obamacare video.

      Richard Sherman talked a bigger game than anybody last year, and he backed it up by winning himself a Super Bowl ring.

      After beating the rival San Francisco 49ers, Sherman delivered an epic post-game rant.

      The rant will certainly go down as among the best tantrums ever performed on the gridiron, and it won’t be the last the world hears from Sherman.

      This year, Sherman has the Seahawks back to their winning ways and the defense is leading the way. Over the eight-game span leading up to week 17, Seattle has let up an average of just 12.6 points and 233.3 yards per game.

      Sherman is still on top of his trash-talk game as well. Before romping the Arizona Cardinals 35-6, he told reporters that if he allowed as many touchdowns as star corner Patrick Peterson that he would get benched.

      The fuck? (And just in case anyone doesn’t get it, they put a big red X over his picture.)

      • Manny Kant

        Did they actually name Sherman their man of the year? Is it possible they just created the whole thing retroactively so as to be able to attack him for making an Obamacare video? Not that that makes much more sense.

        • mark f

          They named him one of several “men of the year,” most of them choices made in very practiced irony. The WFB’s a site of affected insouciance, trying far too hard to make boring old neocon Republicanism into something like The Man Show.

    • Shalimar

      They saw the rant and decided a) he was an asshole, and b) he was yelling at a woman. Sounds like a conservative hero to me. I’m not surprised they got confused.

  • Nobdy

    Sherman “Betrayed America” by trying to get people to sign up for healthcare? Look, I understand not agreeing with Obamacare, sort of, but why are these groups always such melodramatic babies?

    Betrayed America…it’s just so absurd…

    • cpinva

      “but why are these groups always such melodramatic babies?”

      probably because their demographic has the emotional level of 10 year-olds? just a guess.

    • timb

      You guys are sounding like grumpy old men. The only thing serious about that post is the they don’t like Obamacare.

  • TrexPushups

    I don’t follow football but I have been rooting for the seahawks ever since last year soley because Richard Sherman is awesome and the flak he got last year. Now I want him to repeat even more.

    Go Hawks!

    • benjoya

      same here. i prefer football played with the foot, but that press conference made me a hawks fan. plus seattle is full of pinkos and has a 15.00 minimum wage.

  • fledermaus

    He’s also done an ad for some cancer research center in Seattle that’s been in heavy rotation for the last year.

  • The Free Bacon is run by people who are too freaky for the Washington Times or the Examiner:

    About Us

    “How stands the city on this winter night? More prosperous, more secure, and happier than it was eight years ago. But more than that: After 200 years, two centuries, she still stands strong and true on the granite ridge, and her glow has held steady no matter what storm. And she’s still a beacon, still a magnet for all who must have freedom, for all the pilgrims from all the lost places who are hurtling through the darkness, toward home.”

    —Ronald Reagan, Farewell Address, January 11, 1989

    • JustRuss

      Interesting. Judging from that Reagan quote, they must favor a a very lenient immigration policy.

  • Deggjr

    Well, I think All-Pro Stanford graduate Richard Sherman is still worthy of being the The Free Beacon MOTY.

    People who end their retraction article with ‘Go Panthers’ might not have the best judgment.

  • Tom Till

    Here’s Matthew Continetti reminding us all to take a moment and remember the REAL victims of the terrorist attacks in Paris: conservatives in America! Try not to wretch.

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