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Today In GOP Minority Outreach

[ 84 ] January 25, 2014 |

It’s a “joke,” but it reflects the very real belief that the only problem with race in America is white people being falsely accused of racism.


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  1. aimai says:

    Well, it is kind of funny–especially if you realize that the left half of the picture perfectly captures the reality of every kind of accusation of bad behavior on the far right. The key issue is “do I like him” or not. They could very easily rewrite the chart so the chart reads

    Is he on My Side or Their Side
    | |
    Innocent Guilty

    This is true for basically everything.

    Chris Christie
    / \
    My Side? Their Side
    | |
    Not Guilty Guilty

  2. Wapiti says:

    They could rewrite their flowchart to end with “do you think this chart is amusing?” (Y)> “You might be a racist”.

  3. MAJeff says:

    So, JenBob’s business is communications consulting for the Iowa GOP.

  4. MAJeff says:

    This week, I used the Pager/Western/Bonikowski article about low-wage job discrimination to illustrate an attempt to perform an experiment under real world conditions.

    It’s really fascinating. In short, they sent out job testers with fake resumes to test combined impact of race/drug conviction on job applicants. Key takeaway:

    1) White applicants: positive responses change from 33% w/o drug conviction to 17% with drug conviction.
    2) Latino applicants: similar change from 25% to 15%.
    3) African-American applicans: Similar change from 15% to 13%.

    Yes, white applicants with a drug conviction did better than black applicants without. This is not an anomalous result.

    As the Iowa GOP understands, though, the real problem of racism is unpopular, unliked whites being unfairly accused.

    • DocAmazing says:

      The fact that you broke down the applicants into racial categories means you’re the real racist, or something. I can’t read the cue card from here.

    • Tom Servo says:

      Funny-African Americans suffered the lowest drop (still significant). So a white applicant with a drug conviction is more likely to get a job that an African American with no drug history. And a Latino with a drug conviction is as likely as an African American without.

      So, basically, this shows that if you’re African American, drug convictions don’t matter that much-you’re already screwed, because people don’t want to hire you anyway. That’s depressing as fuck.

      • Tom Servo says:

        So, being black is as bad or worse to some people as/than drugs? Or do people assume all black people do drugs anyway? For some reason I thought there would be a sharper drop.

        • MAJeff says:

          The authors hypothesize that the effect of drug war stereotypes is sort of built in to the lower initial positive responses for African Americans. (one of those “more research is needed” things)

          • Tom Servo says:

            Christ that’s horrible

            • MAJeff says:

              Honestly, it shouldn’t be surprising, even though it’s horrifying. It’s basically the ongoing institutionalization of white supremacy. Michelle Alexander makes a highly compelling point when she refers to the “war on drugs” as the most recent version of systemic white supremacist domination.

              • aimai says:

                I’m kind of curious about the kinds of jobs people were being considered for in the study. I’d like to see the financial/social/skills breakdown for the actual job. Because I think there are probably lots of jobs where a drug conviction or two doesn’t count against you because they are so low paying and so difficult to fill that the employer prefers a damaged resume, like some employers prefer an illegal worker, because they will be easier to control. My feeling is that the anti black racism is so high that people are basically being pre-rejected for most ordinary jobs and that leaves only a tiny reservoir of bad jobs that will even consider that 17-13 percent and that the drug conviction simply isn’t dispositive for those jobs because everyone they want to employ has a conviction anyway.

                • Hogan says:

                  For both teams, we sampled employers from job listings for entry-level positions, defined as jobs requiring little previous experience and no more than a high school degree. Job titles included restaurant jobs, retail sales, warehouse workers, couriers, telemarketers, customer service positions, clerical workers, stockers, movers, delivery drivers, and a wide range of other low-wage positions. Each week, we randomly drew job listings from the classified sections of the New York Times, Daily News, New York Post, Village Voice, and the online service Craigslist. . . .

                  Employers appear to have strong views about what kind of person is appropriate for what kind of job, based either on their own assumptions of worker competence or assumptions about what their clients expect or prefer in the appearance of those serving them. Consistent with the testers’ field notes, employers appear to apply more stringent hiring criteria to minority workers, preferring whites for jobs that require greater skill or responsibility. In addition, minorities are disproportionately channeled out of customer service positions, consistent with other research in which employers view minority applicants as lacking communication skills or otherwise as discomfiting for customers. Although our testers presented highly effective styles of interpersonal communication, the cursory review process for these jobs often leaves group membership more salient than any individuating characteristics.

                • aimai says:

                  Thanks Hogan. I appreciate your pulling that up for me and not making fun of me for not using the google appropriately.

                • Hogan says:

                  No prob. It’s an interesting question, and the article is behind a paywall to which my job provides a key.

                  As far as felon-friendly employment goes, I doubt you can find it in the classifieds; the very bottom probably resembles the very top in that those jobs get filled through informal networks, equal opportunity be damned. That would be a very different kind of experiment.

                • MAJeff says:

                  As far as felon-friendly employment goes, I doubt you can find it in the classifieds; the very bottom probably resembles the very top in that those jobs get filled through informal networks, equal opportunity be damned.

                  There’s something to that. I’d love to see some research in that area. Teaching at a CC, a LOT of my students are former convicts, and many of them have spoken about either the importance of informal networks in connecting them to employment or of programs that specifically link ex-convicts to employment opportunities.

                  The issue I have is that those employment networks/opportunities are extremely limited, and that those limitations often drive folks back into the informal economy (OK, the drug trade).

                  There are a lot of processes involved, and I think the take-away from the literature is that the CJ system and mass incarceration may not cause increasing inequality, but that they definitely play a role in reproducing the same inequalities that influence them.

                  Poor, uneducated, people of color are the more likely to enter the system, and the system, as a whole, has a negative impact on their already limited life chances.

          • DrDick says:

            I would argue that the whole drug war (on some kinds of drugs used by some kinds of people) is a reflection of stereotypes about African Americans ( they are all out there getting high and robbing and raping white people). What this shows is the persistent power of discrimination against African Americans.

        • Hogan says:

          Or do people assume all black people do drugs anyway?

          That’s my guess. No conviction just means you haven’t been caught yet.

      • MAJeff says:

        But whites are the real victims of racism….that’s what we must remember in the current world, data be damned.

      • Barry says:

        “Funny-African Americans suffered the lowest drop (still significant).”

        Probably a floor effect.

  5. Mike Schilling says:

    It was an extremely successful GOP operation: it pissed off a bunch of liberals.

  6. Andrew says:

    Silly liberals.

    Everyone knows that the only legitimate accusations of racism are when conservatives accuse Obama of being anti-white.

  7. wengler says:

    The Iowa GOP. Are you a Republican in Iowa and not scared of black people?

    • efgoldman says:

      Are you a Republican in Iowa and not scared of black people?

      Hell, most of them have never even seen a ni[clang], except on the teevee or playing hoops or football as a scholarship ath-a-lete.

      • MAJeff says:

        You have no idea how much….

        My grandparents, in Sioux County, became fans of Iowa State because both my dad (DVM) and I (BA) went there. I still remember her saying, “I’m so glad they have numbers on the back of their uniforms because I can’t tell any of those darkies apart.”

        It was just one of those moments when you have no idea what the fuck to say.

        • efgoldman says:

          It was just one of those moments when you have no idea what the fuck to say.

          Yeah, if it’s just some random asshole,you can walk away. But your grandparents? Damn.
          At my daughter’s wedding rehearsal dinner, the groom’s grandfather (a bit older than I – mid 70s – and from NC) started telling a Polish joke. I just said “we don’t find that funny in our family.” Because I have a big mouth.
          We were cordial the rest of the weekend.
          [Son in law not like that at all, or daughter efgoldman would never have married him.]

          • Tom Servo says:

            You know what? Good for you. You don’t have a big mouth. I heard enough of that kind of shit growing up. It’s just not reasonable to grin and bear bullshit like that.

            The most irritating comeback to being called out on racism or any bigotry or just plain old obnoxiousness-“You have no sense of humor!” After years of putting up with that kind of shit from my father I finally snapped and let him have it. We didn’t speak for a month but it sure beat bottling it up. We’re ok now. Fuck people like that. If they think less of you or are cold to you because you don’t appreciate their racist joke, they can go to hell. I should’ve known better than to call my wife’s grandmother out. Now passed, back in 08 she said she wasn’t going to vote for el morenito. Why the fuck should I have to listen to that shit? It’s ugly, and it makes me angry. The woman hated me anyway, and now she’s dead. I would’ve regretted allowing her to speak that way to me without saying something more. And my mother in law was more pissed than my wife, who is the person who actually matters to me

            • Robbert says:

              Also, too about those kind of jokes; they’re just not funny. There’s never any actual humour there, they merely appear to be a way to say something crass whilst retaining plausible deniability (“i’m not a racist, I was just telling a joke.”) Which makes the “you have no sense of humour” quip doubly annoying, because not only are you well within your rights not to want to listen to that offensive crap, there’d be no reason to laugh even if it wouldn’t be offensive.

    • DrDick says:

      I think you could apply that to Republicans anywhere.

  8. Bitter Scribe says:

    They left out the box that says “YOU’RE the REEEEAL racist!!!!!”

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