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Good Timing


John Kerry’s bumbling tenure as Secretary of State continues, as he spends the 40th anniversary of the Pinochet coup talking to Henry Kissinger this afternoon.

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  • LittlePig

    I’ve been surprised lately. I didn’t think Kerry was that damn stupid, but it is getting quite clear that he is that damn stupid.

  • Lev

    It is pretty amazing. The Obama Administration made some calls I strongly disagreed on during the first term, but at no point did I question the principals’ basic competency and professionalism. At no point did I think that Hillary Clinton/Bob Gates/Leon Panetta were in over their heads. You don’t know what you’ve got and all that, I suppose.

    Maybe that Biden-Clinton switcheroo wouldn’t have been a bad idea after all?

    • Johnny Sack

      Wait, what difference would that have made? You don’t single out Biden for criticism, and yet you think replacing him with someone whose competency you criticized a sentence earlier would have been a good idea? Might need to expound a bit further.

      • Lev

        Read more closely.

        • Johnny Sack

          I did misread that. I’m still not clear on why either Biden’s role in this has been so terrible or that Clinton (really overrated in her tenure I think) would have been better as VP here.

      • Lev

        Do you seriously not remember the rumors last year to the effect that Obama might have made Hillary Clinton VP and Biden as Secretary of State?

        • Johnny Sack

          This is nonresponsive. I do remember, I’m just not clear on why you think it would have been desirable

  • Alan in SF

    It’s like he’s still running his Presidential campaign.

    • Reporting for Duty!

      • JoyfulA

        He drained any enthusiasm I had with that nonsense.

        Then I still worked more than a hundred hours for his election because the alternative was worse. Sigh.

  • DocAmazing

    I wonder who’s Kissinger now.

  • joe from Lowell

    Last I checked, Kerry’s “bumbling tenure” was on the cusp of achieving the administration’s most important foreign policy goal: the elimination of Syria’s chemical weapons.

    Moar bumbling, pleez.

    • Mr Rogers

      Ah, but he didn’t do it the right way! Or it wasn’t worth achieving anyway! Or that wasn’t _really_ their goal even though they stated it was their primary objective. Or something.

    • Warren Terra

      I devoutly hope you’re right, though even if you are the degree of planning involved will remain an open (and arguably an important) question.

      Still: meeting with Kissinger at all is unwise. Meeting with him on September 11 is unthinkable. It’s just deeply, deeply wrong.

      • joe from Lowell

        Note that I didn’t dispute that second part.

        You know, I may be going out on a limb here, but I think that John Kerry might not have the best head for symbolic politics among high-level Democratic politicians.

    • Lev

      Twelve-dimensional chess, I take it.

      In any event, I’m skeptical that this all works like clockwork. Where are the troops to protect the weapons going to come from? How long will they have to be there, there being in the middle of a civil war? How do the U.S. and Russia/China resolve the fact that they don’t fucking trust each other on Syria, and put in a workable enforcement mechanism? There are an awful lot of issues to be resolved. Acting like this thing is just a hop and skip away from being signed is premature at best.

      • joe from Lowell

        Nope, just good, old fashioned, working-the-problem diplomacy – which most assuredly does not resemble the inside of clock.

        It’s amazing what diplomacy can accomplish when there are consequences for failure.

        The details are a thorny technical problem, but so was UNSCOM’s mandate.

    • Stag Party Palin

      Oh brother. That’s the admin’s “most important foreign policy goal”? Well, whatever you say. I say their goal (right now) was to wiggle out of a sticky dick-waving wedding-party bombing run and with the KGB’s help, they may just have done it.

      Vladimir Putin – my hero.

  • José Arcadio Buendía

    Yes, because John Kerry is just like Henry Kissinger because Barack Obama is just like George Bush and Iraq is the same as Syria because they’re all Arabs and Republicrats. Vote Nader.

  • The Sheriff’s A Ni-

    The center-right Chilean government remembered today with a ‘Both Sides Are Bad’ announcement denouncing the Pinochet regime as well as saying it was Allende’s fault anyways. Either Kerry’s truly tone-deaf – and I won’t rule that out – or he drew the short straw in making nice-nice with the ruling party in Santiago.

    • Johnny Sack

      It was totally Allende’s fault that Pinochet refused to return the government to civilian authority!

  • jkay

    He’s Romney’s clone, eager to serve, bwahaha… ;-)

    His idea’s gotta be OBAMA’s, or anybody else’, get it straight, for Russia’s help’s rather obviously needed for the UN.

  • Malaclypse

    I support spending every September 11 calmly and rationally discussing war crimes with Kissinger, all while kicking him in the jimmies, hard and repeatedly. I’m a reasonable man, so I know that is what Kerry did.

  • Johnny Sack

    You mean Henry Killinger?

    That man made it to 90 years old. All the proof I need that there is no god.

  • jon

    Now, here’s a fellow who’s never met a good, old fashioned South American torture chamber and firing squad. He might learn a thing or two. Twit.

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