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“Yo, word up: shit’s getting Riehl up in this house, shorty.”*


Dan Riehl’s so cute when he’s being racist:

Put directly and too harshly, the tragic reality is that Trayvon Martin got, not only what he deserved, but what he sought, with or without realizing it, on the night of his encounter with George Zimmerman. Less bluntly, thug-life and even wannabe thug-life is not a good life, rarely a long life and never a life that any young man — or woman — of any color or race should want to pursue.

Now, I know he’s saying that no person of any “color or race” should want to be a thug, but we all know that Dan Riehl has a long history of cowering in corners:

Dan Riehl recently encountered some black people who “were technically thugs.” What did these “technically thug[gish]” black people do? “There was no confrontation,” Riehl informs his readers, but “there were maybe ten or so” of them in the bus, which is about nine or so more than is required to trigger a flight-or-flight response in folks like Riehl. Somehow, he managed to keep it together long enough to hear what these “pretty young, not that big” black “kids” were saying.

Re-reading that post, I’m struck by the similarities: a white man’s confronted by “pretty young, not that big” kids who he considers “technically thugs,” but luckily for all involved, “it [by which he means, not insignificantly, the black kids] went on but not really to a level that was so loud, or so confrontational that it needed to be addressed.” The implicit question is, of course, “Addressed by whom?” In the wake of Trayvon Martin’s death, for Dan Riehl the answer is “By the likes of George Zimmerman.”

Because Zimmerman’s going to become a folk hero in the style of Bernard Goetz, someone white people call out to in their moment of desperation when a black kid approaches them on a sidewalk, armed with concrete. Or maybe he’ll become an Arthurian figure who will rise again in their hour of greatest need when the kids behind the counter at McDonald’s have tattoos and wear their caps crooked. Or maybe the next time Dan Riehl finds his ass on a bus with some black kids it won’t be so clenched because, like his hero, he’ll be carrying concealed heat.

Because maybe next time those kids won’t “get away” with threatening Riehl with their youth and blackness, but will get “not only what [they] deserved, but what [they] sought, with or without realizing it, on the night of [their] encounter with [Dan Riehl].”

*Actual quotation from the article: “That’s life in the big city, or just another day in the hood if you prefer, bro. Deal with it.”

UPDATE: According to Robert Stacy McCain, “Nobody is saying Trayvon Martin ‘deserved it,’ and it is astonishing that the Tampa Bay Times would employ a reporter who would write such a dishonest sentence, or editors who would let that lie appear in print.”

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  • TT

    It is not humanly possible to make people like this up.

    • cpinva

      “It is not humanly possible to make people like this up.”

      what human would want to?

  • Snarki, child of Loki

    Riehl informs his readers, but “there were maybe ten or so” of them in the bus, which is about nine or so more than is required to trigger a flight-or-flight response in folks like Riehl. Somehow, he managed to keep it together long enough…

    It’s totally amazing that under that kind of assault Riehl managed to maintain bladder control.

    Or perhaps he left out one little detail of the confrontation.

    • Well, that Depends…

      • efgoldman


  • Obama On Trayvon Martin Case: ‘If I Had A Son, He’d Look Like Trayvon’

    Right. But I doubt he’d be [. . .] discussing buying illegal guns

    And thank goodness Martin didn’t actually have a gun. A person may have been killed that night!

    • Warren Terra

      Oh, but he discussed having a gun, a notion that has never before occurred to a teenage boy who watches action films and sees television shows.

      • DrDick

        Or to wannabe action heroes like Zimmerman.

      • JL

        I have to wonder if some of these people have ever interacted with teenagers. I have a (white) teenage brother, and the stuff he and his (also white) friends will say to each other, including in public places on the Internet, is pretty absurd.

        • Karen

          I have two sons, ages 15 and 11. I constantly remind them to avoid ever using any words that could be interpreted by anyone, including senior citizen Sunday School teachers, as violent. No “hate,” nothing remotely suggesting hitting, killing, attacking, or shooting, (including hoops or pool). While very few teenage boys are thugs, almost all thugs are teenage boys, and they will NOT be given the benefit of the doubt.

          • This makes an odd counterpoint to the continual cries from the right about the “pussyfication of the american male” and the “criminalization” of boys will be boyish behavior in schools. When repressive, school marmish standards are enforced on white boys its shrieks of “come see the repression inherent in the system” from the dung clad Rielh’ists but when black teens act like teens everywhere its shrieks of “kill them before they kill us.”

            • Barry Freed

              That’s a really good point well made.

              • bill

                Well, not really well-made. Needs moar punctuation. And less apostrophes.

                • mxyzptlk

                  Well-stated if not well-formed?

                • Fewer apostrophes.

      • bow&arrow

        I had a mini-arsenal by age 12. Pretty sure one of the modified .410s violated NFA so I was, in essence, an armed felon before hitting my teens. Good thing for the concerned citizens that I was rural and white.

  • Dear God is this diseased dog’s scrotum still trying to explain why some cheeky school kids caused him to soil his seat on a Metro train (not bus)?

    “See, they are too scary! They are so scary that one of ’em got shot! Excuse me I’m going to change my pants again!!”

    • Warren Terra

      I believe there’s a word, or at least an insinuation, for someone who’s frequently found wriggling out of their trousers in front of schoolchildren.

      • Marek


        • zombie rotten mcdonald

          Marc Foley?

    • Sharon

      My guess is that Dan barely missed a beat-down from those thugs who attend The Duke Ellington School for the Arts.

      The terror of the Red Line!

  • The Wrath of Oliver Kahn

    There are many boats that I’ve gotten out of in the past, but no way am I getting out of this one.

  • Hogan

    You have it backwards. It’s Riehl that’s got shit.

    • SEK

      Well played.

  • Duke

    The whiff of Riehl’s excreta was present during this visit to the urban jungle, too no doubt.

  • rea

    I give up. I just don’t fuckin’ understand how people can be this hateful.

    • DrDick

      He is scared to death of all those people of color that he has been oppressing all his life.

      • The millions who wouldn’t recognize him if they had to step over him as they crossed the street or the few who know him and think he’s a joke?

      • delurking

        Yes, this.

        Fred Clark, over at Patheos, has a great post about this.

        • cpinva

          Tolstoy wasn’t the first to realize this, Lincoln & clemens both had similar comments, with respect to slavery.

    • Malaclypse

      I’m trying to come up with a distinction between The Racist McCain on Emmett Till, and the entire right-wing blogosphere on Trayvon Martin, and I’m coming up empty.

      • MAJeff

        The glee with which these folks approach suffering is astounding.

      • Ronan

        He’s arguing, 60 odd years later, that Emmett Till got what he deserved? Wtf. Is this McCain character a fringe figure on the right or..

      • efgoldman

        Wed ought to note that this is a different McCain from Grandpa Simpson Walnuts.

    • zombie rotten mcdonald

      I have felt fear; I have even felt The Fear.

      But the fear these people swim in, it’s like a shallow pond that they could stand up and walk out of; but they insist that they lie face down in it, constantly near-drowning.

      • I’ve felt fear–from teens and from adult men. But its never been because they were one race and I was another. Its always been because I’m female and because they are acting out maleness around me or other women. I’ve certainly felt conspicuous, as a white person, when I’m in a majority non white setting. But I’ve never felt more threatened there, or more fearful there, than in majority male settings, at night, alone, when people are acting agressive towards me or towards each other and I’m afraid it might spill over.

        • Anonymous

          Adding in another female voice, the sheer cowardice of these supposedly “tough macho conservatives” is astounding. When I was a teenager in the 60’s, I faced down thugs with knives, armed only with a scream.

          Women negotiate dangerous encounters (elevators anyone) every single day with nary a whimper. Now I use a cane, so at least I have a weapon.

          • Paula

            Yeah, pretty much.

          • The Pale Scot

            I prefer the ones that have a liquor reserve, but I’ver always thought These are cool.

          • zombie rotten mcdonald

            One of the women sitting in for Rude Pundit this week is named Susan Schorn; she’s a black belt who teaches self defense.

            She also does a column at McSweeneys, and she links to a video showing some simple self defense techniques where her husband is the guinea pig.

            She’s not a big woman by any means, but as a fellow black belt who volunteers in a self-defense class as the Big Assailant and been on the receiving end of those techniques, I will say that GZ is damn lucky he didn’t decide to harass her.

            Also, Anonymous, my TKD instructor, a fifth-degree black belt, is also an expert in the use of the cane as a weapon.

            GZ started a fight he couldn’t finish, and rather than be beaten by someone half his size, took the coward’s way out.

            • Shakezula

              Susan is the awesome with extra awesome sauce topped by the crispy onions of awesomeness. If you stuck these he manly conservopuds in a room with her, her mere presence would have them whimpering and scratching at the door in five seconds.

              • firefall

                No, no, I dont believe you, they are MEN. We definitely need to try this out to disprove your thesis. Repeatedly.

            • Anonymous

              Thanks for the heads up – checking out her McS columns now and they’re awesome.

            • john

              “GZ started a fight he couldn’t finish”

              Unknown and unknowable. Six jurors obviously thought it was at least reasonable the Trayvon started it, but we will never actually know for sure.

              • I don’t know if they thought it was reasonable that Martin started it. Initiating the fight is irrelevant for self-defence, so the defence didn’t need to establish the initiation, just that, at the time of the firing, Zimmerman reasonably feared great bodily harm.

          • mxyzptlk

            Hey, with that cane you could always practice the same martial art as Sherlock Holmes.

    • David Hunt

      I just don’t fuckin’ understand how people can be this hateful.

      To give a serious answer, years of training and practice. I suspect that he was taught these attitude from a very early age and has been practicing and refining them every since.

    • Hudson

      I just don’t fuckin’ understand how people can be this hateful.

      There are other people that do pretty much the same thing. The only difference is you agree with them so it doesn’t seem so bad.

      • Malaclypse

        Yes, because they are chortling with glee over a dead kid, while our side is something mumblety something, so Both Sides Do It!

  • DrDick

    So exactly when is Dan Riehl not being a racist? I must have missed that half second. Somebody needs to drop him off in Englewood or South Central with Klan robes and swatstika tattoos.

    • firefall

      When he’s asleep maybe?

  • Pat

    I still have fond memories of seeing a large, tattooed, thuggish looking Hispanic man leap to his feet on the LA subway to give his seat to an elderly abuela.

    • Yeah, or the burly black guy who walked my friend off the El one night, when she was limping in her leg cast because “no one would leave you alone up here.” For fuck’s sake the world is full of wonderful people-even noisy teens can be wonderful as a linked story at dailyKos reminds us after a teenage black kid and his friend patrol a neighborhood and find a kidnapped five year old white girl.

    • One of my closest friends is — well, let me put it this way: he’s about as dark as they come. He’s also about 6’7″ and weighs about 350 pounds.

      To put it in perspective, I’m not small at 6’3″, 220, and he’s one of the few people who makes me look normal sized.

      He’s also a former state trooper and currently is a Federal DoJ employee who flies around the country giving sensitivity training to police forces.

      You heard me. One of the nicest, sweetest men you’ll ever meet. Even after Trayvon died and I knew he was seething with rage, he was on Facebook discussing with his crazy-ass cracker friends their opinions on the death and verdict and altho I could read between the lines, no one else caught how he was starting to slowly regret some of his friendships.

      All that said, he would regularly drive women home from parties at college, scooping up carloads, especially if they lived in tough neighborhoods. He felt, as I did, that a woman alone on the city streets late at night was a woman in danger.

      Sadly, that hasn’t changed much in thirty odd years…

    • Lee Rudolph

      Well, of course, Those People “stick together”. If that had been a granny instead of an abuela, goodness knows what might have happened to her!!!

    • This reminds me of the scene in the first season of The Walking Dead, where Rick and the group confront a bunch of gang-bangers over some guns and a member of their group. Turns out, they were there protecting a bunch of people who had been abandoned in a nursing home.

      • Nice scene in the Good Wife where the “good” lawyers hide a gun by telling some presumed gangbanger (i.e. black) kids where its lying only to discover that they assumed a leetle too much about black kids down by the lake on a hot afternoon and they were, in fact, honor students at the local highschool. Of course they went, found the gun, and turned it in to the police.

    • mxyzptlk

      Y’know, when I lived abroad, I met some American ex-pat basketball players who were plying their trade in Europe. They dressed like Martin (not all of the were black), and I saw them every day at the train. I first recognized them as American by the way they dressed, and in a foreign country, that was a comfort. I looked forward to seeing them at the platform in the mornings and making stupid small talk. Funny what context does.

  • Put directly and too harshly, the tragic reality is that Trayvon Martin got, not only what he deserved, but what he sought, with or without realizing it, on the night of his encounter with George Zimmerman.

    Without the bolded clause, the paragraph is repugnant but not grotesque (and, of course, racist). But WTF. Martin deserved to be shot?

    • He sought it, with or without knowing it. Neat trick, that. Otherwise its just another riff on Obama made me do it.

      • As I understand it, the “he sought it” is a variant of “blacks have a broken culture”.

        The idea that he *merited* being shot seems rather more extreme.

        • Because the entire US culture hasn’t been immersed in hero worship and war worship and military worship since the get go? Black culture is so different from white culture with its gun worship?

          BTW to the extent that its even true that there is a violent streak in modern AA culture it is attributable to its roots being in the South where white culture is also extremely violent and honor fixated. The very concept of “dissing” and “disrespect” which white observers forced onto Trayvon’s behavior is a Southern White and Black concept.

          • It’s obviously indefensible and racist.

            I still find it somehow less horrific that the “he deserved it” bit. Perhaps it’s the prevalence of “Oh, that’s a bad kid chasing a bad end” line. My impression, however, is that in those cases it’s regrettable that the kid has gone wrong.

            I don’t know. Perhaps I’m just fixating on random bits. It’s all horrible.

            • I find it worse than “he deserved it” because it makes Trayvon rhetorically complicit in his own death–he not only “deserved it” but he “asked for it” and even, spritually, “wanted it” and therefore his murderer just gave him what he was literally asking for/desiring. Its sicker.

              • Uncle Kvetch

                And if that weren’t enough, Riehl knows that Martin was destined for the nasty, brutish and short life of the thug — so he can rest assured that Martin would have ended up either splattered on the pavement or serving a life sentence in Supermax within a couple years anyway. So meh, right?

                Sometimes I think “sociopath” is a term that gets tossed around a bit too easily. This isn’t one of those times.

              • zombie rotten mcdonald

                I find it hard to believe that Martin sought such a death, when he had some excellent snack foods to enjoy! Who buys skittles when they want to die?

                • Diabetics

                  We do.

    • Warren Terra

      As has been noted, the trial in Florida delivered the expected verdict: the executed Mr. Martin was found guilty.

      • zombie rotten mcdonald

        PRE-executed. In the interest of efficiency.

  • I’ve been thinking how much the generic white hysteric response to the entire Trayvon…provocation…has resembled people who think they have PTSD from serving in a permanent black/white war zone. My apologies to the many people who have real PTSD from really traumatic experiences, btw, for this comparison.

    First: they tell war stories, their own (manufactured) or those of others.
    Second, they appear to have flashbacks to experiences or visions from another time and place (the conviction that there would be riots and the ready acceptance of the manufactured image of the riot.
    Third: They are all filled with a sense of injury, as though they had served in a war and had not been rewarded with enough goodies and accolades on their return.
    Fourth: like returned soldiers they seem to need to repeat warnings like “never again” and “if you only knew what I knew/had seen.”
    Fifth: they excuse their violent tendencies and fantasies as natural and realistic, the product of their real world experiences when obviously, in the case of many of them, they have never encountered an actual black person in their lives.

    • Hogan

      And if you want to know what actually happened, think of Penny Pingleton’s mother walking through the “ghetto” in the original Hairspray.

    • I had the same thought below.

    • cpinva

      the strangest darn thing is, I grew up mostly in the south, with people of color all around me, almost as if they lived there. the only time I can ever remember getting into a violent confrontation with one of them was on a football field, which was kind of what we were expected to be doing.

      go figure.

  • Sly

    Because Zimmerman’s going to become a folk hero in the style of Bernard Goetz

    I still remember the horror I felt when my uncle told me he was sending his entire Social Security check to “poor Bernie Goetz.”

  • Barry

    Oppression needs excuses.

    • How are you going to keep people down in the gutter if you don’t get down there with them, preferably with a gun in your hand to keep them there?

      • efgoldman

        The kick is, even if Riehl was packing, he’d likely still pee his pants and never draw down.
        Or he’d just start shooting randomly and without aiming on the bus, and kill the drive and some nice Irish grandma on the way to/from mass.

  • Jay B.

    I’ve really tried to not pay attention to this, especially after the verdict (which was depressingly predictable), but having been drawn into it, I’m just sick to my stomach. That the new twist is “that he deserved it” just makes it that much worst. We live in a diseased country filled with monumentally awful people. And, in lieu of a belief in hell, karma or even that these assholes have a soul, it makes me want to be awful too. But I know that’s part of the problem.

  • That’s a really interesting parallel you bring up, SEK, and I wonder if maybe it doesn’t explain an awful lot of the knee-jerk “kid had it coming” we saw this weekend. These men, to use the term loosely, were in situations where they perceived¹ they were in danger from a gaggle of young black men (“gaggle” anything upwards of zero), and so when Zimmerman lashed out, they relived their own Deathwish fantasies?

    ¹ Said young men, meanwhile, probably took no note of the sweating old white guy quaking in the corner.

  • Shorter Dan Riehl: “I’m still shaking from watching the Wire.”

    • Warren Terra

      More like, still shaking from watching Fat Albert. The thuggery!

      • Bill Murray

        or Get Christie Love

        • Oh my god I loved that show!

          • Bill Murray

            You’re under arrest, Sugah!

      • mxyzptlk

        He thought Hey, Hey, Hey! was a call for help, not a greeting.

  • Aaron Baker

    Ugghhh, Dan Riehl. You need to shower after visiting that site.

  • sharculese

    Did he really put italics on bro, because that’s lame even for him.

    • Lee Rudolph

      Standard style for a brief phrase borrowed from a foreign language!

  • delurking

    This is Rod Dreher’s take on the great tragedy, as he puts it:

    “If Zimmerman, whose neighborhood had been plagued by criminals who looked and dressed like Martin, hadn’t confronted Martin, none of this would have happened. If Martin hadn’t overreacted and beaten Zimmerman, none of this would have happened. Now, one man’s life is gone, and another man’s life is ruined. No good can come from this.”

    (I read Rod so y’all don’t have to.)

    • So, lets ask Mr. Zimmerman if he’d trade places with Mr. Martin. No? Then the analogy is somewhat spoiled, for me.

    • The Wrath of Oliver Kahn

      So it’s “overreacting” to fight back when a strange man with a gun comes charging at you?

      That’s an odd world Crunchy Rod lives in.

      • DrDick

        Some crazed cracker with a gun starts following me at night like that and I am going to do my best to beat the shit out of him if he overtakes me.

        • The Wrath of Oliver Kahn


        • mds

          Some crazed cracker with a gun starts following me at night like that and

          you say “Good evening, Congressman.”

          • Barry Freed


    • Still, its classic Rod. He doesn’t even have the courage of his lack of convictions and doesn’t want to admit, publicly, that he sides with Zimmerman.

      • delurking

        Yes. This exactly.

  • Steve


    Good news everybody! Lord Saletan has weighed in to let us silly people know that the Trayvon Martin case had nothing to do with race, guns or our “pet issues.” He hasn’t actually been following the case but he watched some videos last night and discovered the elusive truth we were too blind to see. I am so glad we have Lord Saletan to inform us how to think about the world.

    • Uncle Kvetch

      Those mangoes look every bit as repulsive as the ones Riehl is peddling…but in their own special contrarian above-the-fray way. Not venturing into that jungle, either.

    • The Wrath of Oliver Kahn

      If you do venture over there, do not read the comments. Which is good advice for almost every site on the entire Internet.

    • Hogan

      Good news everybody! Lord Saletan has weighed in to let us silly people know that the Trayvon Martin case had nothing to do with race, guns or our “pet issues.”

      Of course not. It’s about his pet issues.

      • Imagine a little gif of a pacman like emoticon jumping and laughing, and then crying and barfing.

      • Shalimar

        Since one of Saletan’s pet issues is the inferiority of black people, I’m not even going to bother seeing why he doesn’t think it was about race.

    • DrDick

      Lord Saletan can kiss my hairy white hillbilly ass, with or without his white robes.

      • firefall

        I wouldnt actually want him that close to any of my tender bits, tbh

  • This is the first time I have vomited from getting OUT of the boat. What an incomprehensible piece of sh*t Riehl is.

  • calling all toasters

    It’s amazing how those illiterate street thugs grew up and bullied their way to controlling the entire Federal Government as well as the media. But there’s no other explanation for the complete lack of white people in American public life.

  • Matt Stevens

    Dan Riehl recently encountered some black people who “were technically thugs.”

    They were strangling him for the glory of Kali?

    Because Zimmerman’s going to become a folk hero in the style of Bernard Goetz

    At least Goetz victims were (probably) trying to rob him, and at least they survived the experience.

    • brad

      I don’t think Bernie fucking Goetz can be redeemed as the lesser of any evils. Not to jump on you, but I just can’t agree. Goetz went out looking for an excuse, I truly believe that. The intent of his victims was immaterial in more than one way. Zimmerman was a racist asshole without multiple iq points to rub together. No arguing the differing results, but Goetz’s intent was actually worse, fucked as it is to have to say. Goetz meant for many to die, he just lacked the firepower, Zimmerman meant to hide from awareness of being born stupid and utterly without value to the rest of humanity.

    • They were strangling him for the glory of Kali?

      Oh, if only.

      Mola Ram would probably have trouble finding the coward’s shriveled little heart…

      • firefall

        it’s in a box, somewhere

    • Pliggett Darcy

      They were strangling him for the glory of Kali?

      This is awesome.

  • Zamchastah Style

    To turn this affaire into a *racial* debate ignores where the real issue lies : a young black that ended in his death as a direct consequence of his actions.

    “No Limit Nigga” seeking to demand “street cred”, swaggering, furtively walking in the shadows in a rainstorm and confronting someone who asked him “what ‘ya doing?” when he appeared to be in a place and at a time that made no sense given the totality of the circumstances.

    Trayvon Martin attacked Zimmerman.

    A verbal challenge by Zimmy (who had every right to be where he was) does not give rise to violence in a civilized society — whether the challenged person has a good reason to be present where he is or not. The fact of the matter is that walking between buildings, not on the sidewalks and not obviously heading to or from any particular residence in a driving rainstorm is per-se suspicious.

    A reasonable person would conclude that something odd is going on — whether the person in question is simply upset, in some sort of trouble or up to no good: the fact is that : this is highly unusual behavior. In the context of a neighborhood that had suffered with escalating break-ins including break-ins to occupied dwellings, this is all the reason that anyone who lives there needed to ask questions of someone who they did not know and was behaving in a manner that was odd given the totality of the circumstance at the time — which Martin was.

    • Dude. Like, we all appreciate the effort and everything, but everyone already knows you’re a racist sack of shit. Point made! You can ease up a little at this point.

    • brad

      Why is it that racists who invariably include “English only” among their many demands to be catered to in life are utterly incapable of communicating in that language using sentences longer than 5 words or about 30 syllables?

      • DrS

        Anyone that’s saying something to someone else that I can’t understand is clearly having a joke at my expense.

        What you call “English”, they don’t call “English”. That’s that fancy talk.

        • DrS

          But, its a tough thing to lay it all on bubba. There’s whole industries devoted to making him think that way.

    • DrDick

      Dumb ass cracker needs to haul his diseased racist ass back over to Stormfront.

    • You are right! Trayvon reasonably concluded that he was being stalked and attacked by a man who had “no reason to be there” walking since he had a car, no reason to be talking to Trayvon since he was NOT A POLICE OFFICER and no reason to be interfereing with someone else’s teen since he was not Trayvon’s parent. Too bad Trayvon wasn’t, in fact, armed and couldn’t defend himself against his armed attacker, the loser zimmerman.

    • cpinva

      pancakes and syrup. poisoned.

    • grouchomarxist

      And a reasonable person would have let the police handle it, instead of playing fucking Paul Kersey.

      Really, I don’t mind the idea of a Neighborhood Watch, but the key concept here is “watch”, not “drive around armed and looking for trouble”.

      This country is so irretrievably screwed.

      • Uncle Kvetch

        Really, I don’t mind the idea of a Neighborhood Watch, but the key concept here is “watch”, not “drive around armed and looking for trouble”.

        And on that note, a statement from the National Sheriffs’ Association, shortly after Trayvon Martin’s murder:

        ““The Neighborhood Watch Program fosters collaboration and cooperation with the community and local law enforcement by encouraging citizens to be aware of what is going on in their communities and contact law enforcement if they suspect something – NOT take the law in their own hands,” continued Executive Director Kennard. “The alleged participant ignored everything the Neighborhood Watch Program stands for and it resulted in a young man losing his life. Our thoughts and prayers are with the family of Trayvon Martin during this terrible time.”

        • Good for them. I wouldn’t have expected such a weasel-free statement.

          • zombie rotten mcdonald

            They are probably fully aware of the kind of volunteers they get for Neighborhood Watch, and don’t want THEM to be armed either.

        • Clearly this means the NSA has been infiltrated by them.

          • zombie rotten mcdonald

            the Wobblies?

          • Bill Murray



            • joe from Lowell

              I had no idea that song was recorded by giant ants.

        • StacyJeans

          Good on the Sheriff’s Association with that statement. I hate being cynical, but I wasn’t expecting that.

        • Man, when the people who “hired” you walk back any association with you, you really are guilty in the public forum.

          I hear that Martin’s parents are considering suing the gated community for letting this nutbag loose.

    • The Kenosha Kid

      “No Limit Nigga” seeking to demand “street cred”, swaggering, furtively walking in the shadows in a rainstorm and confronting someone who asked him “what ‘ya doing?”

      Trayvon Martin was both “swaggering” and “walking furtively” – at the same time! He confronted someone by having that person come up to him and ask him a question! Trayvon Martin bends all the rules of time and space and that’s why he had to be eliminated!

      • Shakezula

        The described mode of walking would mean Zimmerman shot a kid who appeared to be disabled.

        • If he’d have been shambling, all hell would have broken loose.

    • joe from Lowell

      when he appeared to be in a place and at a time that made no sense given the totality of the circumstances

      The bolded part requires the victim to be black, doesn’t it?

      Absent that circumstance, Zimmerman doesn’t harass the kid.

  • Zamchastah Style

    Race pimps like Loomis and SEK forget that if Trayvon Martin had decked Zimmerman and then walked off (instead of mounting him whilst hammering him with punches) then Zimmerman’s shot would have been at least (and probably) manslaughter. You probably couldn’t get to “depraved mind”.

    • Time is what keeps everything from happening all at once.

    • Okay go out and murder a random black kid in your neighborhood since that seems to be your goal

      • Uncle Kvetch

        Okay go out and murder a random black kid in your neighborhood since that seems to be your goal

        No, I think it’s clear that we’re dealing with an armchair warrior here. He’ll cheer the killing on from a safe distance. Oh, and by the way, you’re the real racist.

        • Malaclypse

          Dagney doesn’t even see race. He just sees thugs with gold teeth, mounting innocent white men, shoving their gangster lifestyle down his throat.

          • zombie rotten mcdonald

            HAMMERING their gangster lifestyle. PILE DRIVER style.

          • Hogan

            And what can a poor white man do in that situation, other than shoot his load?

            I’m sorry, what were we talking about?

  • Zamchastah Style

    Zimmerman had no choice but to shoot his swaggering, dope smoking, gold teethed attacker, once the thug was mounting him, transforming a fight into a beating, and giving reasonable reasons for Zimmerman to think : “omg, that Black’s goin’ to kill me”.

    • Hogan

      But race had nothing to do with it. Gotcha.

      • Jeshua ben Joseph

        You didn’t pay attention to anything I said or did, did you? Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me. Get behind me, Satan.

        • Jeshua ben Joseph

          My reply was meant for the Dagney, not Brother Hogan. I weep.

          • The Irish are used to your mistakes by now. I think they forgive you.

    • brad

      “mounting him”

      I think you keep coming back to the events of that night and images of “scary” black men for different reasons than you want to admit.

      • brad

        Which is fine, just to make clear. The only one with a problem is you.

    • Weak.

      I mean, you’re not even shocking at this point. Just kinda “Look at me, look at me, I’m scandalous!” — and that makes for really weak trolling. You haven’t done anything to up the ante.

      You won’t make the big leagues. You’re weak.

    • Ok. You’re a racist. We get it.

      • zombie rotten mcdonald

        No, no, b. YOU’RE the racist, for calling him one.

        After all, he has an Oriental (!) Canadian Girlfriend!

      • Zangchestah

        When you see the world via the sole perspective of identity politics, anyone who disagrees with you is a “racist”.

        • zombie rotten mcdonald

          Scott’s right, this is pretty damn weak.

          This “You liberals are the REAL racists” has been in the official talking points for a decade now.

          I gotta say this about white supremacist trolls; you don’t let the ineffectiveness of a strategy stop you from using it. Kind of like the Republican Party is tripling down on the minority and women hating, hoping to magically sprout enough angry old white men to win elections.

          • DrS

            I’d put the liberals are the real racists at closer to two decades than one. I remember some of that from teh college days in the 90s.

            Prop 209 in CA was 17 years ago.

  • Zamchastah Style

    Zactly. The logics hold no matter the so-called race. Were the roles reversed, Martin would have thought “omg, that Latino’s going to kill me”, and would have had the NATURAL RIGHT to defend his own life.

    • The roles were reversed, you moron. One person was walking home, minding his own business, and the other was stalking him with a gun.

      • Uncle Kvetch

        With all due respect, aimai, I don’t see any upside to feeding our white supremacist sicko troll.

    • Matt

      Um, yeah: that’s the point. You’re walking home, and a random d00d chases you down, points a gun at you, and then what the FUCK do you do?

      • zombie rotten mcdonald

        He wasn’t a random person. He was a thug with low self-esteem and a history of violence who wouldn’t even have HAD a gun, if we had gun control laws worth a dribbly shit in this country.

  • Zamchastah Style

    How could Martin have known that Zimmerman had a gun since the gun was concealed?
    I’d think that had Martin known Zimmerman was carrying, he wouldn’t have walked back to physically attack him— hitting Zimmerman and knocking him to the ground, to mount him and pound his head into a concrete sidewalk.

    • Malaclypse

      Subtext remaining text, Dagney.

    • Brian

      Too bad that Trayvon didn’t have pancakes instead of skittles.

    • Warren Terra

      You’re absolutely right. If Mr. Martin had been better informed about his killer’s weapon, he never would have dared to defend himself against the apparent psychopath twice his size who had been stalking him from his oversized SUV in the dark of night and then taken off in pursuit of him.

      Alternately, if Mr. Martin had known the nutball pursuing him through the darkness came armed to kill, he might have realized the peril he was in, and he might have been much more violent.

      All we really know is that if Mr. Martin’s killer hadn’t been a racist profiling paranoid self-aggrandizing insecure fnckwit, out patrolling the neighborhood seeking to gratify his fantasies of curb-stomping some punk, both he and Mr. Martin would still be alive. If Mr. Martin’s killer had stayed in his car as the operator asked him to, both he and Mr. Martin would still be alive. If Mr. Martin’s killer had instead of a handgun carried a camera, or pepper spray, or an air horn, or spray paint, or almost anything other than a machine designed for the sole purpose of killing human beings, both he and Mr. Martin would still be alive.

      If Mr. Martin’s killer wasn’t such an archetypal product of the gun-worshiping, young-black-male-fearing, vigilante-hero society that you so celebrate, both he and Mr. Martin would still be alive.

    • zombie rotten mcdonald

      There’s no one but the survivor, whose story has changed several times, who claims that Martin came back to confront him.

      Cool story, though, bro.

  • Zamchastah Style

    Yeah, I’m such a white supremacist that I’m married to an Oriental and I’m an active Zionist.

    • Brian

      Oooooo….kosher pancakes are good too.

    • Malaclypse

      an Oriental

      Of course you are, sweetie, of course you are. Did you meet him or her in Canada?

      and I’m an active Zionist.

      Nobody cares that you want to immamentize the Eschaton.

      • Woodrowfan

        In other words he’s also a misogynist who imported a bride from Asia because American women were too “uppity” (in other words, they all saw him for the creep he is.)

    • Joey Maloney

      Enjoy your moo shu and blintzes.

    • Warren Terra

      Speaking as a Red Sea Pedestrian, and a believer in the importance of Israel, may I just say how thoroughly much I loathe the modern Conservative non-Jewish Zionists, a bunch of assh0les who proclaim their Zionism to express a toxic mixture of (1) antisemitic longing for Armageddon and the extirpation of the Jews; (2) hating Arabs; and, as here, (3) a dishonest defense against accusations of racism (or especially Naziism) because they like that model ethnic group that’s conveniently off in their own land thousands of miles away, embattled with our perceived enemies and dependent on our support.

      Although, from your self-description: are you acquainted with Brett Bellmore at all? I’d never have accused him of the crudeness you display, but the self-biographies (and defenses against the imputation of racism) are strikingly similar.

      • Uncle Kvetch

        Although, from your self-description: are you acquainted with Brett Bellmore at all? I’d never have accused him of the crudeness you display, but the self-biographies (and defenses against the imputation of racism) are strikingly similar.

        Ah yes, that brings me back to the days when I used to frequent ObWi: Brett “My wife is a Latina, therefore I can despise black people without being a racist” Bellmore. Good catch.

    • zombie rotten mcdonald

      Are you a Secret Agent and a Millionaire also?

      Because I remember you from Sadly, No.

      • I’m not sure he’s the same one. There seems to be a factory somewhere that takes in toxic waste and spews out these guys…I’m thinking in Texas.

        • zombie rotten mcdonald

          (psst. N__B, I was joking. All the Internet Tough Guys read from the same scripts. I was about to make a joke about his Canadian Girlfriend, too)

    • delurking

      An Oriental? Do you call her that to her face?

      Wow, son.

      • Zangchestah

        since when that word is pejorative? i haven’t received the memo from the PC brigades.

        • zombie rotten mcdonald

          I would have expected your Canadian Oriental Girlfriend to have alerted you.

        • PhoenixRising

          Here’s the memo: Head down to 12th and Cherry in Long Beach and call one of the teen boys you see ‘Oriental’. Make sure you have first-dollar-accident coverage before you set out, okay?

          • Anonymous

            I thought you were talking about some Harry Potter/China Mieville magic-moving-disappearing street with this “12th” business, and then I figured out it was Anaheim.

            I wouldn’t use the word “Oriental” (except about a rug) anyway – cuz it’s offensive – but I definitely would not do it to the rude boys in that neighborhood, between, say, Cherry and Atlantic.

    • Oriental? Good grief.

      • Possibly he first imagined met her in the noodle section of the supermarket.

    • joe from Lowell

      You married a rug?

      Nice tell, nitwit. Go order some oriental food.


  • Zamchastah Style


    The factual scientific evidence not only documents the time frames involved, it also shows that Trayvon Martin struck Zimmerman as he had lacerations on his knuckles consistent with hitting someone with his fists (where Zimmerman did not), and in addition, Zimmerman had injuries consistent with being struck by Martin’s fists.

    Trayvon Martin consumed four minutes not walking the 100 feet (or so) from where Zimmerman asked him what he was doing — back to where he was staying, — which would have ended the confrontation with no harm done to either person, but instead did contemplate, then doubled back and ATTACKED Zimmerman.

    • Again, this is weak. You’re not being shocking. You’re being predictable. It’s clear you want to shock, but you’re just so far away from being able to do it. Sure, you’re getting a little engagement, but it’s for the same reason a cat bats a mouse around — because you’re weak, and everyone’s having some laffs knocking you about.

      If this is your A-game, you’re going to have to go back to Lemonparty and ask for more lessons.

      • zombie rotten mcdonald

        Also, there was a thug there that night, but it wasn’t the dead one:

        In July 2005, he was arrested for“resisting officer with violence.” The neighborhood watch volunteer who wanted to be a cop got into a scuffle with cops who were questioning a friend for alleged underage drinking. The charges were reduced and then waived after he entered an alcohol education program. Then in August 2005, Zimmerman’s former fiance sought a restraining order against him because of domestic violence. Zimmerman sought a restraining order against her in return. Both were granted. Meanwhile, over the course of eight years, Zimmerman made at least 46 calls to the Sanford (Fla.) Police Department reporting suspicious activity involving black males.

        • grouchomarxist

          [O]ver the course of eight years, Zimmerman made at least 46 calls to the Sanford (Fla.) Police Department reporting suspicious activity involving black males.

          Yep. No racism here, nosireebob.

        • ironic irony

          I believe one of those black males was a seven year old boy.

      • zombie rotten mcdonald

        I’d like to see him work Obama into his cool story. And maybe something about chemtrails, if he REALLY wants to be inflammatory.

        • zombie rotten mcdonald

          Also, perhaps he should come back when he’s worked out the “reply” button.

          • Zangchestah

            no ‘reply’ button for the mobile format.

            • Wrong.

              • Zangchestah

                not in the version i was using.

        • Malaclypse

          I’d rather see him kick it old school, as the kids these days are wont to say, and blame it on fluoride.

          • zombie rotten mcdonald

            Good choice.

    • zombie rotten mcdonald

      Wow. I thought there were no witnesses to the murder. Perhaps you should contact the police.

    • DocAmazing

      Gonna tell us about the severe head injuries Zimmerman had? I always love that stuff–people inflating injuries less impressive than shaving cuts into life-threatening lacerations.

      If the guy was in fear of his life and that’s all that he had to show for the contretemps, I’d hate to see what his response to dental work might be.

  • Zamchastah Style

    I just can’t stop thinking of Tyrone Martin X mounting George Zimmerman and thrusting his huge coffee colored … Is it me or is it getting warm in here?

  • PSP

    I shouldn’t have followed the links. Is there some poor bastard that monitors this stuff and sends out notices, or do you go slopping through the cesspool?

    On the other hand, I found this line from McCain wonderfully ironic.

    the proliferation of kooks and zanies is becoming a serious social problem in America.

    • the proliferation of kooks

      Ed’s finally dead. It’s David and Charles we have to worry about.

  • Zamchastah Style
    • Malaclypse

      I can see Adult Undergarments will be a good investment with you around. Does your Canadian Oriental Imaginary girlfriend know karate so she can protect you? Or will you be packing?

    • Say, can I get the name of your meth dealer, cuz it sounds like he sells primo stuff.

  • Ken

    Completely off-topic, but the title has to be the loosest translation of “Ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtagn” I’ve ever seen.

  • Riel offers as evidence that Martin was a thug-in-training 1) that he was suspended from school and 2) he was posturing on his cellphone. If the first is true, I was also a high school thug, having been suspended for fighting. I’ve kept my thuggin’ ways a secret from my unsuspecting employer, cleverly pretending to be a librarian for the last 28 years. As for the 2nd, if posturing were reality, all the pro-war bloggers would make up the toughest fighting force on earth.

    • Warren Terra

      Are you unfamiliar with the 101st Fighting Keyboarders?

      Someplace on the internets (alicublog, maybe?) there’s a great story, about a brave veteran of the Keyboarders lamenting his fallen comrades and honoring their sacrifices. There’s also apparently a documentary, but I can’t watch it at the moment so I don’t know if it’s any good.

      • jim, some guy in iowa

        a documentary? Is Ken Burns going to stick to the 101st Fighting Keyboarders or will he do a segment on trolls, too?

        • PhoenixRising

          Oh yeah, we need that. I’m picturing the soundtrack, opening shots of Chee-to stained fingers in a florescent lit basement…lots of material. Like grizzlies in the wild, or Jazz Age bootleggers.

      • Warren Terra

        The short story I’m thinking of, or another similar to it, is here.

        The Ken Burns style documentary is here. Needs better pictures and sound quality, but the bits I watched were on the right track.

    • Joey Maloney

      The company name is the 101st Chairborne; “Fighting Keyboarders” is just their nickname. I know how much of a stickler our bloghosts are for proper military terminology.

  • Aaron Baker

    According to Robert Stacy McCain, “Nobody is saying Trayvon Martin ‘deserved it,’ and it is astonishing that the Tampa Bay Times would employ a reporter who would write such a dishonest sentence, or editors who would let that lie appear in print.”

    Robert Stacy McCain makes you appreciate the subtle brilliance of Dan Riehl.

  • Ronan

    Well at least this has opened Mark Steyn’s eyes to the fact that the US criminal justice system is deeply flawed


    against rich white men, obviously (look for obligatory Conrad Back reference)

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