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Twitter Fight Club Round 2

[ 13 ] March 25, 2013 |

Last week I barely escaped the clutches of the perfidious Ali Gharib, squeaking into the second round by a very slim margin (popular vote counts for half, judge assessment the other half). Now, I face a much more serious challenge in the form of Dr. Laura Seay of Morehouse College. Seay has significant advantages in intelligence, charisma, tact, number of followers, and apparently hotness:

It is my intention to offset these advantages by shamelessly pandering to the judges,  waging a vile smear campaign against my worthy foe, and by pointing out that Ezra Klein once praised my “rugged good looks.”

Vote early.  Vote often.

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  1. Erik Loomis says:

    I am amazed and outraged at your lack of hotness votes at Rate My Professor.

  2. Stop this now–you’re both pretty!!

  3. Balu says:

    How can she make this claim? I write this without looking through Morehouse College’s Dept. of _____ faculty ratings. The claim is that only she received chili pepper in the entire department (?). Or, that she and not R. Farley received a chili pepper? From my understanding of RMP, the Prof. gets a (one) “hot chili pepper” or no pepper at all. Or…?

    Or: I just wasted my time: 17 profs with peppers in Dept of PoliSci at Morehouse.

  4. N__B says:

    I refuse to discuss hotness until pix are provided. As an enticement, I may be able to throw some beads your way…

  5. ploeg says:

    Hotness is overrated. Ask David Johansen.

  6. cpinva says:

    you might also want to mention your great humility. judges go for that sort of thing, or so i hear.

  7. merl says:

    If you’re drfarls, you got my vote. If not, sorry.

  8. Karate Bearfighter says:

    Yes, but who has more hattitude?

  9. congeniality says:

    Perhaps Farley can overcome his looks during the talent
    portion and with his answer about world peace through naval supremacy.

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