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Shorter Dianne Feinstein: Oversight Is Fine, As Long As It’s Toothless


With Lieberman about to retire, would that officially make Feinstein the most useless deep-blue-state senator who caucuses with Democrats? Hard to think of another candidate with her credentials.   While I’m still upset with Ron Wyden for handing Paul Ryan a massive political gift in exchange for nothing, conversely, he’s been very good on this.

Of course, Obama could veto this until the Senate actually attaches some serious overs…sorry, I can’t even bother finishing to type such an implausible scenario.    The War on Terror’s successful bipartisan war on the Fourth Amendment will continue at full speed.

…(Erik): Let’s not forget Feinstein’s bizarre war against the National Park Service, particularly when it tries to do anything in California. Here’s one of the latest chapters.

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  • John


    Carper is kind of irritatingly middle of the road. Schumer’s utterly awful on some issues, and frequently rhetorically problematic. But there’s not many obvious candidates. Angus King may turn out to be a giant pain in the ass.

    • Murc

      Any Senator you get from NY is probably going to be owned in part by Wall Street.

      It’s sort of how Joe Biden is otherwise a fine man, but people weren’t joking when they wrote things like “Senator Joe Biden(D-MBNA).”

      • pothole

        Two of the last four Senators from NY were not beholden to Wall Street. Perhaps WH experience makes it easier to resist the filthy lucre.

        • Sly

          I don’t think a credible argument can be made that Senators Clinton and Moynihan were not “beholden to Wall Street.” The financial sector has been central to the donor base of any New York Senator going back as long as disclosure laws on campaign finance have been around. They certainly weren’t as anti-Wall Street as Sen. Robert Wagner, and he wasn’t really all that anti-Wall Street.

  • Alan in SF

    Feinstein definitely fills Lieberman’s shoes as leader of the “Even the Democrats…” party.

  • Sashaundercover

    I’d put some cash money on Joe Donnelly. And I’m not nearly as kind about Ron Wyden as you are … can’t trust him with a spoon.

    • SamR

      Indiana: not a deep blue state.

  • somethingblue

    On the contrary, Lieberman and Feinstein have been exceedingly useful to certain parties.

    While I wouldn’t call Maine a deep-blue state, I agree with John above that we can look forward to a great deal of tiresomeness from Angus King.

    • mds

      Yeh, for an open seat, Rep. Pingree might well have managed a win for the Dems without having to go the independent prima-donna route. Though it certainly made sense for her to bow out when faced with King’s ego. Three-way races have a way of making raging teabagger assholes into statewide elected officials.

  • Jim Lynch

    Dianne was born a Pacific Heights matron. In fact, she was probably reincarnated with the soul of a recently deceased Pacific Heights matron. Except for the assassinations of George Moscone and Harvey Milk, she would never have been elected mayor of San Francisco (and she knows it, too). She registered democratic for ambitions sake, because in San Francisco the republican party is the proverbial third rail, in and of itself.

    • DocAmazing

      She also loves her some spying (SFPD notoriously spied for the FBI during her tenure as Mayor) and firmly believes that there is no such thing as law enforcement overreach.

      For this she is beloved of the DLC.

    • John

      I don’t see how Milk’s assassination had much to do with it.

  • Definitely Feinstein as the new Lieberman. Very few politicians show as little ability to grow and change as she does–for her, it’s always 1988, where Democrats have to constantly worry about being too weak on defense and crime. I was really hoping she’d finally retire this year, as Kamala Harris would have made for a terrific Senator, but no matter.

    Though, to be fair, Feinstein is a vast improvement from Joe Lieberman as the most irritating Democrat. I guess things are getting a bit better?

    • Genki

      I don’t get the love for Harris as a potential legislator.

  • yup

    It is time to declare war on the Democrats and Republicans who have declared war on the Constitution and the people of the United States.

    • Vance Maverick

      I want their heads rolling on a stick!

      Seriously, DiFi should retire yesterday.

  • Tybalt

    John, King will almost certainy be a huge pain in the ass, but no Democrat could possibly defeat him.

    • John

      Certainly true. But he is still an annoying senator from a deep blue state (Maine hasn’t voted for a Republican for president since 1988, and has never even been a battleground) who caucuses with the Democrats.

  • Semanticleo

    It was suggested on another blog, that Obama might want to create a special cabinet position for BoxFein, to free up their seats for someone liberal.

    I suggest Boxer be Secretary of the Inferior; Feinstein could be Secretary of Bore.

  • kindness

    C’mon. That oyster farm in the bay above Point Reyes was fine. In all honesty I was for keeping it as they were good stewards and I loved the oysters. Suggesting it didn’t belong is bullshit. They cut trees in National Forest. They graze cattle in National Forests. They hunt critters in National Forests. Now I can’t walk my dog on Ocean Beach and I can no longer eat local oysters.

    Sucks to be you.

    • The thing about that oyster farm is that the last owners of it knew it was going to be put out of business when they bought it on the cheap in the 2000s.

    • rea

      Note the distinction between a National Forest and a National Park.

  • mark

    Well, lets primary her wrinkly ass. Too late?

    • Scott de B.

      Mickey Kaus to the rescue!

  • cpinva

    sen. feinstein is, and has been from conception, part of the 1%, so her acting like it comes as no shock. her academic background gives her no standing to opine on matters of science, and i tend to err towards conservation, when it comes to public bodies of water & land. she’s really just a west coast blue-dog dem, with a much nicer wardrobe.

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  • Craig

    She’s my Senator, she was my Mayor, and she has never represented me or anyone in my city or state unless it lined up with the wishes of her MIC bosses/partners. Fuck DiFi, she’s the antithesis of public service.

    • rea

      Ask not what you can do for your country; ask what your country can do for you.

  • boba

    Feinstein has been and always will be concerned with DiFi first and foremost. Hubby R Blum’s portfolio is more important to her than your petty problems. Unfortunately, the CA Democratic party never saw fit to propose a better candidate, and were fearful that another P Wilson (who easily defeated her for governor) would take the seat. The evil of two lessers once more.

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