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I know who was in those Republican focus groups

[ 17 ] November 12, 2012 |

These people:

“We focus-grouped it to people and realized pretty quickly that viewers wanted debate,” hot-shot First Take producer Jamie Horowitz told Men’s Journal. “In particular, they wanted to see Skip [Bayless] debate.”

Given how legitimately great his younger brother is, I’m sure he’s nicknamed “Skip” because his parents wish they had.


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  1. witless chum says:

    The links are unclickable.

  2. c u n d gulag says:

    So that’s it!
    This explains why I don’t watch ESPN much anymore!

    The continuous Skip Baylessing and his Tim Teabowing over at ESPN, a loudmouth and a backup QB – AT BEST! – will hurt the network.

    I never forgave them for hiring Radio Rushwanda back in the early 00’s!

    If you lose a 54 year-old sports junkies like me, because all you do is focus on the new Radio Rushwanda of sports, Skip, and a Dominionist Evangelical Christian 3rd stringer, Teabow, your network is in trouble.

    They should thank goodness that people like me still occasionally tune in for PTI and The Sports Reporters, otherwise I’d never watch the network anymore.
    I rarely stay up to watch a prime time Football or Baseball game.
    Though I may watch the Giants v. Packers game on the Sunday after Thanksgiving.

  3. fasteedie says:

    I had no idea they were brothers! Skip is a blowhard, while Rick is a genius. Xoco in Chicago is AWESOME.

    • SEK says:

      That blew my mind too. I learned it listening to an interview with him in which the interviewer noted that he mentioned a certain pepper almost as much as his brother talks about Tebow. I damn near had to pull the car over and take a breather.

    • Thlayli says:

      I own one of Rick’s cookbooks. There’s a lot of autobiographical stuff in it. Skip gets one mention — and not even by name: “my sportswriter brother”.

      I’ve heard they don’t get along.

    • Chilango says:

      Bayless is an important figure for popularizing Mexican cuisine in the US and his tv show and cookbooks are very good. He is however a commercializer not a creator. RB’s genius is in the boardroom more so than the kitchen.

      • wengler says:

        He won Top Chef: Masters for whatever that’s worth. I assume he’s a pretty good cook.

        • The Dark Avenger says:

          He’s just a wannabe when it comes to Mexican cooking:

          (Jonathan) Gold(a well-known food critic who now writes for the LA Times_ said Bayless was a “good” chef who knew his way around Mexican recipes, but he sneered at Bayless’ nerve in coming to Los Angeles and opening a restaurant–Red O–that presumed to introduce Angelinos to “authentic” Mexican cuisine. In particular, Gold zeroed in on Bayless’ inclusion of chilpachole (a glorious seafood soup from Veracruz) as some rarity; Gold said the soup was easily available in the Southland, alongside dozens of other Mexican regional specialties. Very true: I saw Red O’s menu, and you can purchase nearly every meal he offers somewhere in Southern California (most of them in Orange County, even). Gold also said the décor of Red O made the restaurant seem as “if it survived a nuclear blast,” much to the delight of the crowd, who snacked on Argentine- and Spanish-inspired appetizers offered by the ever-flexible, ever-impressive Marché Moderne team.

  4. Mole says:

    You apparently missed the locals skewering the other Bayless when he was promoting a restaurant he was involved with in LA. Assholery seems to be a family trait.

  5. BW says:

    First Take is to sports analysis as the WWF is to sports. 20% of people who find it sometimes entertaining do so with the full knowledge that they’re watching a deliberately theatrical, over-the-top simulacrum of real debate. And then there are the 80% of fans who think it’s real…

  6. I would rather shit in my hands than listen to Bayless for 10 seconds.

  7. Has anyone else seen this?

    Mark Cuban vs. Skip Bayless. Apparently, it’s the sequel to Bambi vs. Godzilla.

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