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More Workplace Voter Intimdiation


This time it is casino plutocrat Steve Wynn pressuring his 12,000 employees in Nevada to vote Republican up and down the ballot.

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  • c u n d gulag

    Maybe this will backfire.

    Most people hate their feckin’ bosses.
    And it’s still, technically, a ‘secret ballot.’

    Until they put bar-codes on ballots (which I’ve heard has either already happened, or is in the planning stages), and they can figure out who voted for whom, people are still very, very capable of “stickin’ it to the man!’

    I know when I worked for a huge telecommunications company, if they told me to vote one way, I’d seriously have considered voting for the other candidate. Especially when I knew how morally and ethically corrupt the company was.

    • Julian

      Unfortunately, everyone knows that Steve Wynn is a paragon of scrupulous virtue, and will likely vote as he directs them.

    • GFW

      I think a backfire is likely, because it seems the sorts of industries and individuals that are doing this are the most likely to be resented/hated/despised) by their employees.

      There are many types of bosses, and this is classic for the “bully” type – the most hated.

    • Bruce Vail

      It will backfire, in more ways than one.

      Nobody likes to be pressured on how to vote – especially by the boss.

      And legal pushback very predictably right around the corner.

  • There was an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal this morning (paywalled, so who gives a fuck?) specifically complaining about liberal objections to bosses telling their employees how to vote. It’s about an “informed electorate”, don’t you know, and certainly not meant to be intimidating in the least.

  • Anonymous

    pressuring his 12,000 employees in Nevada to vote Republican up and down the ballot.

    Except that if you actually look at the voter guide in question (linked in the linked article), or even just read the linked article, it doesn’t actually recommend voting Republican up and down the ballot. For a large number of races (including all federal races) it makes no recommendation at all. For others, it tends to recommend the incumbent, whatever the party: by my quick count it flags 13 Democrats and 6 Republicans as candidates Wynn supports.

    That’s of course not to say these kinds of voter guides are a good thing regardless of who they recommend voting for (that’s none of an employer’s business), or that Wynn isn’t putting other pressure on its employees. But I don’t see how this document could be viewed as pressure against voting Democratic.

    • laura

      This is a quite a new phenomenon and it’s not surprising bosses who want to intimidate their employees start off with something that offers plausible deniability as to intent. There is zero reason for employers to be interfering or trying to influence their employees’ private voting behaviour, includng the decision not to vote. Thin end of the wedge.

  • Jim Lynch

    What’s particularly appalling about these various threats to peoples livelihood is that it’s obviously an orchestrated campaign. Moreover, it’s likely one that Romney has personally approved. Surely, had he insisted the threats cease and desist, they would have stopped by now.

    • Henry

      Romney recommended this to be done.

  • Rhino

    Bit of a threadjack here, but does anyone want to suggest a platform for the food blog i am thinking about starting? Blogspot?

    • I’ve got experience with both WordPress and Blogger, and WordPress is hands down better. More options, easier to use, easier to customize, and you’re not dangling off the ass end of Google’s empire if you need help or support.

      Also, if you’re on Windows, I can’t recommend Windows Live Writer enough. One of the best things Microsoft has ever put out (and it works with WordPress), it handles images and graphics with ease and lets you see exactly how things are going to look after you hit the publish button. Bizarrely, it still doesn’t seem to have an equivalent on Mac or Linux, though others here may have suggestions on that front.

      • Rhino

        Mac here, and unlikely to switch back…

        • Manju

          …to home of the whopper.

      • Holden Pattern

        I enthusiastically second Mr. Sweatpants’ (Sweatpants’s?) recommendation, and suggest wordpress.com as a hosted service run by the WordPress people — they handle all of the security upgrades, etc.

  • Njorl

    I can see the Koch brothers trying to pull this off, but Wynn? What’s he going to do, outsource his casinos?

    “I’m sorry my beloved employees. I just can’t make a profit running a casino in the US with the Democrats in charge. I’m moving my casino to China where I won’t have such high labor costs or environmental restraints.” WTF?

    I guess we’ll have to move the Bureau of Engraving too, ’cause there’s just no profit in printing money.

    • rea

      I’m moving my casino to China where I won’t have such high labor costs or environmental restraints

      You laugh, but Sheldon Adelson did exactly that.

      • Njorl

        He may have opened a casino in China, but I doubt he had to shut one down in Las Vegas to do so. If you can’t make money running a casino in Vegas, it’s because the other people running casinos are doing it better, not because of any politicians. No casino worker needs to worry about his boss’s inability to make a profit. If his boss is going under, someone else is hiring.

    • No, but if he can prevent increases in minimum wages, or making it tougher to unionize, or continue the weakening of employee rights, he stands to gain quite a bit.

  • laura

    Romney in July:

    “I hope you make it very clear to your employees what you believe is in the best interest of … their job … in the upcoming elections.”

    I’ve been pulling my hair out for the past few days wondering why this is not a HUGE SCANDAL on par with the 47% comments.

  • During the 1992 referendum on the Charlottetown Accord (to amend the Canadian constitution), staff received individual notices that a NO vote would limit “health care education.” This was at a provincial training institute. I complained to the electoral commission and got no help. If public institutions can do this in Canada, I don’t expect American private bosses to act differently.

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